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The pseudonym that we choose for this site is probably very symbolic. What are your comments?

I was given my name by my spirit guide- he told me it meant "Heart of God" or something close to that. Do you like your name? Why did you pick the name you did for Inward Quest (if it is different than your real name, that is...)? Do you even think about how important your name is?

Blessings and Ever so Much Love>>>>>>>> Jai in PA!!!

asked 26 Mar '11, 06:35

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I am ursixx online ursixx is the cyber me when you google ursixx you get 1600 hits and most are me, there are 5 pages of images but only 1 of me.(guess which) Ursixx is from the term *got your six*and is a reference to covering some one's back .a phrase used by a wingman among others.
I enjoy in being a wingman to many. watching their 6

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answered 26 Mar '11, 07:25

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