I haven't heard it in a long time, but people used to say they were on cloud nine when they wanted people to know they were very happy. Is cloud nine the same as heaven? If cloud nine is heaven, then wouldn't the vortex be heaven? The Bible says to store up your treasure in heaven. The thought the Bible tells us to avoid are at the bottom of the emotional guidance scale and the thoughts/emotions the Bible tells us to think on and feel are at the top of the EGS. So is that what heaven is, being in the vortex?

I had asked this question and it led me to this new question. Thanks

Edit: The Bible also says to store up your treasure in heaven. According to Abraham, the vortex is where are manifestations are. Is that not the same thing?

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Good observation - it all comes down to the emotional scale in the end.

Yes, your Heaven (and Hell too) are always in the moment...those concepts are representative of your state of alignment with your broader self.

When you think a thought that your broader self agrees with, and thereby also focuses upon, you feel the full force of that self flowing through your physical side and you experience incredible joy...that's Heaven..."The Vortex".

When you think a thought that your broader self refuses to join you in, that energy flow diminishes greatly and you feel empty and disconnected...that's Hell.

The rest of the associated "dogma" relating to these ideas is human-made, some of it through misunderstanding the ideas and some of it through deliberate manipulation for reasons of controlling the masses.

You can deduce from this that both Heaven and Hell are transient states depending on the thoughts you think in any moment...and each is necessary to the existence of the other (and representative of the duality underlying this particular universe).

By that I mean, how would you know what Heaven (as defined above) feels like if you didn't occasionally take a peek into Hell? :)


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Thank you, Stingray. This is exactly what I have come up with. Jesus gave a couple of lists. One list told of thoughts and emotions and behaviors that create that sense of being on in heaven, while the other list told of thoughts and emotions and behaviors that create a life of hell. I think that's what He meant when He said, "The power of God is at hand." We have the power of choosing a life filled with the fruit of the spirit or one of weeping and gnashing of teeth.

(27 Mar '11, 02:46) Fairy Princess

The vortex, for me, is a feeling that comes to me while meditating and I know that while I am within it I can tap into anything I want. I can have the answer to any question, view any past life, look into the future, specific dates.........

For me, heaven is a feeling of utter joy where you feel so light you can fly and makes you feel at one with all that is.

thank you, namaste


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I can appreciate you associating Vortex with being in cloud nine, but I would be hesitant to believe that it is the same as being in heaven, since none of us humans have been to heaven!

I agree that we can visualize and imagine what heaven can feel like, or look like, but if you have experienced the Vortex, then it is not a fair comparison, since you yourself have not experienced heaven in the same way, and every spiritual experience is very different for each of us!


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The Bible also says to store up your treasure in heaven. According to Abraham, the vortex is where are manifestations are. Is that not the same thing?

(29 Mar '11, 16:17) Fairy Princess

@ Juniper: Yes, I agree with the Bible saying, but do you believe that the Vortex, and heaven is the same thing?

(30 Mar '11, 06:12) Inactive User ♦♦

This is interesting. Actually I wondered the same thing. Is the vortex heaven? I searched on Google and found your question. For me personally it is. I have been so connected to source lately the my world around me has changed. The world became extremely beautiful. Lovely people appearing everywhere. Flowers lighting up. When I see my self in the mirror I can see my face look differently. Like it is glowing. When I walk it feels like I am floating. Suddenly a strong feeling of love hits my heart and I feel so happy. This is the best thing ever happened to me and I have cried and cried. Heaven on earth. :)


answered 06 Aug '13, 17:16

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