i do vibrational work every day since one week extensively (meditation, focus blocks, eft etc.). and so far i managed to feel good most of the time during the day. i get into the vortex at least 1-2 a day. in the past i would feel bad most of the time. so it is a huge progress. but before i had nightmares once or twice a year at most.

although i appreciate this progress i wonder why i now always seem to have negative dreams. i wake up 2-3 times at night feeling bad and exhausted.

do you know what the reason can be?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I would say this is a result of us human beings having a fixed emotional range. It's nothing to be concerned about and will settle down in time.

To explain what I mean by fixed emotional range, take a look at this picture of a slide rule below.

Slide Rule

Notice how the glass slide is fixed in size. You can move it to the left or to the right along the rule but it is always fixed in size...it has a fixed range.

Our emotional systems work in exactly the same way. Instead of there being a numerical scale with numbers on, it is a frequency-based vibrational scale.

Instead of us having a glass slide to move up and down our vibrational scale, we have an emotional slide.

Here is Abraham's version of our "emotional slide"...

Emotional Scale

You can think of one end of the "emotional slide" as having the emotional indicator of Fear, Grief, Depression etc (#22) and the other end of the slide having the emotional indicator of Joy, Appreciation, Love etc (#1).

As our personal general habitual vibrational frequency "increases" or "decreases" in our life, the emotional slide moves up or down the vibrational scale (equivalent to left and right on the slide rule picture). The center of our emotional slide represents our average vibrational frequency, which we perceive as the Boredom/Contentment point (#7 /#8)

Let's say that someone is generally miserable in their life and that miserableness has eventually become habitual. For the purposes of our analogy, we can think of the emotional slide in the top picture as having moved to the left (down) the vibrational scale so that it is now centered on their misery. The center point of the emotional slide indicates (feels like) Boredom/Contentment (#7 /#8) so, in other words, the emotional slide now indicates (feels to us) that misery has become contentment.

Let me emphasize that last sentence because it contains such an important point to understand :) ....

Misery to someone else now feels like contentment to you!

But also notice that, despite being a long way down the vibrational scale, the emotional slide still only lets you feel emotions ranging from Fear, Grief, Depression etc (#22) to Joy, Appreciation, Love etc (#1).

Once you have got used to it, you can't feel any worse than those extremes just because you are further down the vibrational scale...your fixed emotional range has simply shifted to bring your full set of emotions with it

Now consider a situation where you start feeling generally happier in your life (your vibrational setpoint has moved up the scale) and you start to make that happy feeling more habitual. Your personal emotional slide now moves to the right, carrying your fixed emotional range with it, and centers itself on the frequency that corresponds to your new habitual feeling.

Now we have the reverse situation where the happiness just feels normal...

Joy to another person now only feels like contentment to you!

As before, the emotional slide still only lets you feel emotions ranging from Fear, Grief, Depression etc (#22) to Joy, Appreciation, Love etc (#1) but it is now centered further to the right (higher) on the vibrational scale.

Now here is the interesting bit - and also the answer to your question...

Let's assume that your emotional slide is, during the day, mostly over to the right (higher up the vibrational scale) because of the deliberate vibrational molding you have been doing, and you have almost habitually centered it there.

But because we still haven't reached the point of habit with it, the position is unstable because you still have remnants of your previous "lower" (over to the left) vibration active.

It is quite possible that these remnants are getting activated as you fall asleep so then you are going to feel even worse than you did before when you go back there to that previous vibrational setpoint even though you are now feeling generally better in your life.

How dreams feel are dependent on your conscious habitual vibrational state. If you have not yet habituated to a better-feeling setpoint, it is possible for your dreams to reflect that instability through, for example, a nightmare. See How can a nightmare be consistent with being reconnected with Source?

In case I've confused you, let me make this idea even clearer.

If you look at the top picture of the slide rule and notice that it is centered on the number 20 (look at the bottom of the glass slide). You can also see that the right of the fixed range of the glass slide reaches up to about 35 and the left of the glass slide seems to reach down to about 14.

In this example...

  • 20 feels like Boredom/Contentment (#7 /#8)
  • 35 feels like Joy, Appreciation, Love etc (#1)
  • 14 feels like Fear, Grief, Depression etc (#22)

But let's also imagine that when you were in your previous bad-feeling state, your emotional slide was centered on 14. So 14 used to be where 20 is now.

That means that what once felt like Contentment now actually feels like Fear, Grief, Depression

I hope I've managed to get this point across. It's a fairly subtle idea to grasp but once you get it, a lot of things in life that previously might have seemed confusing now make sense.

  • This idea explains why, for example, regular meditation makes you feel worse if you don't improve your habitual vibrational setpoint along with it.

  • It also explains why, for example, some people are capable of acts that might seem "horrendous" to others, murder and killing for example, but it just feels normal to them...it's because their emotional slide is centered further down the vibrational scale. They don't feel as bad, if even bad at all, as the onlookers who are judging their behavior from higher up the vibrational scale.

  • It also explains why for people who are consistently happy in their lives, just the tiniest bit of discomfort (as viewed by others) causes them huge emotional pain and suffering. Their emotional slide is far off to the right so what for most people might be joy, for them might actually feel like irritation :)

No analogy is perfect and I am sure this one has plenty of holes in it :) But it's the simplest way I could think of for expressing these general concepts so I hope it makes clear this very important idea of the fixed emotional range.


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@stingray thank you very much. i get the idea of the fixed range and in retrospect it makes perfect sense. often i wondered in my life why every time after restarting with meditation i feel so sensitive to all things after a while.

other people now can bring me out of balance easily sometimes with trivial things. even my skin is now more sensitive than before although it is probably just my perception. maybe i'm now interpreting physical contact on my skin with my new shifted fixed range.

(28 Oct '12, 19:30) releaser99

@Stingray- Brilliant answer Stingray, that does explain a lot. Thank you. :)

(29 Oct '12, 05:14) Satori

@Stingray- I notice that consistantly doing vibrational work keeps us in the top half of this Fixed Emotional Range. No wonder we have to check to know were in the Vortex. I suppose this is a good thing though.:)

(29 Oct '12, 05:52) Satori

@releaser 99 - You're welcome

@Satori - Yes, and the idea also explains why we can't really make quantum leaps with vibrational molding. We can only incrementally shift that vibrational slide within the limits of our fixed emotional range. We can only pick an emotion within our range and then re-center the slide on it until that vibrational setpoint becomes habitual and then from there, again, pick another emotion within our range and re-center the slide...and so on

(29 Oct '12, 08:06) Stingray

@Stingray- Very interesting. This recentering process must become subtler and subtler the further this Fixed Emotional Range moves upward. The Advanced Focus Block Method feels like just a fine tuning the more I use it :)

(29 Oct '12, 18:04) Satori

@Satori - I think that when you are lower down on the vibrational scale, the differences in the upper parts of the scale (relatively speaking) seem almost too subtle to discern. But I think also your ability to discern vibrational differences also improves as you move up the scale. It's like when you get "up to speed" with those vibrations, it doesn't feel that subtle any more - just feels normal...like flying through the air in a jetplane at 500 mph doesn't feel fast to someone sitting in it.

(30 Oct '12, 06:31) Stingray

@Stingray- Thanks for highlighting this answer again :) Every few months I seem to hit "new" resistance after a period of good vibrational stability. When this happened I thought I was going downwards and caused me a lot of confusion. But I now see what is actually happening is I'm moving upwards and that resistance is just me stabilising to a new higher vibration:) I think?.....

(16 May '13, 13:06) Satori

@Stingray- The fixed emotional range seems to have vague similarities to the plateau effect http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plateau_effect Ah well it only took me 7 months to hear this answer. I wish you knew how much this has helped. Thanks:)

(16 May '13, 13:08) Satori

@Satori - "When this happened I thought I was going downwards" - The added bit of complexity to the above answer, which I left out to avoid confusing people, is that the "slide rule" is always growing in size - because the upper end of the rule represents alignment with Inner Being, which is always expanding. In other words, as you move the "slide" up the scale and feel better, your constantly expanding Inner Being naturally extends the size of the scale so "standing still" can lead...

(17 May '13, 07:53) Stingray

@Satori - ...to you apparently seeming to go back down the scale :) So this "new" resistance you may be hitting is very likely not something you are doing "wrong" but just that your Inner Being is expanding quicker than you can keep up with from time to time. It's a good thing though...if you stopped expanding, your eternal nature would cease to be eternal :) I like to think of it as chasing the next leaving bus :)

(17 May '13, 07:57) Stingray

@Stingray- Thanks for that. So I'm just continuously playing catch-up with my Inner-Being. When you sometimes say just clear enough resistance daily to get back in the vortex. I can really see the wisdom in that now as it seems to be the best and most efficient way to keep up with this eternal expansion. I appreciate your reply:)

(17 May '13, 13:42) Satori

@Satori - Yeah, you got it :) In my experience, just having the single simple goal of "touch the Vortex daily" using whatever method you prefer and then just living life gets the balance right between playing the continuous catch-up game and the "experiencing of physical life" game. More than that and you'll probably ditch the process when life gets busy, less than that and you may end up so far away from the Vortex that you get trapped in Stupid Mode :)

(17 May '13, 15:13) Stingray

@Stingray "just having the single simple goal of 'touch the Vortex daily' using whatever method you prefer and then just living life gets the balance right between playing the continuous catch-up game and the 'experiencing of physical life' game." When I skip a few days of vortex alignment, I often feel the need to align myself often in the first 1-2 days again. It's not enough to be in the vortex once a day. I also experienced that the first time I started with Abe stuff.

(17 May '13, 20:07) releaser99

Because the vortex spits me out almost immediately. I think this is because I collect lots of limiting beliefs in the days before. So it's harder to get the vortex alignment that you are talking about where you just live in that blissful state almost all the day. Do you skip a few days sometimes? And what's your experience? Thanks.

(17 May '13, 20:12) releaser99

@releaser99 - Yes, if you slide a bit and skip a few days, you may well have a mini "All Hell Breaking Loose" type event as you readjust again...especially if you are "expanding" quickly during that period of your life. It's often when we most need that (preferably morning) Vortex-touch that we feel most inclined to skip it which is why setting up a morning ritual for it (like in Wake Up Productive) is valuable because it makes it automatic.

Regarding myself, I have found over the...

(18 May '13, 06:33) Stingray

@releaser99 - ...past year, I am getting periods of days when I skip it but I've noticed that it's for a different reason. I've been at this stuff for a while now and my life has re-condensed itself around me into mostly good feeling, often thrilling, activities. To that end, I'm often out of bed at absurdly early hours (like 4am) just to do the stuff that makes me excited. This week has been especially like that where I'll follow an inspiration as I wake and, the next thing I know, it's the...

(18 May '13, 06:36) Stingray

@releaser99 - ...end of the day and I haven't done any "vibrational work". After some days of this, I might find that the "thrill wave" has dissipated and it's time to get back to the vibrational routine again. It can be tricky to get started again then because the morning habit can be a bit shaky. I've not noticed, however, that I need to realign more often but that's because there's enough good-feeling stuff manifested in my life to keep me "on track". I think that's a key point to...

(18 May '13, 06:41) Stingray

@releaser99 - ...bear in mind: The hardest part of this game is at the start. After that, you are manifesting more and more "positive" stuff around you that it's relatively difficult not to keep yourself in a good-feeling place :) It's the inherent momentum of the Law of Attraction working for you, rather than against you. Hope that's clear.

(18 May '13, 06:47) Stingray

@Stingray "my life has re-condensed itself around me into mostly good feeling, often thrilling, activities." Okay, this must be the missing piece for me. Because my life is still for the most part grounded on old limiting beliefs from my "no pain, no gain" times. So I really need constant daily vortex alignment. I actually set up a morning ritual like in "Wake Up Productive".

(18 May '13, 11:58) releaser99

But as soon as things start to become really thrilling, I somehow skip the morning habit...and the drama begins. Maybe I like the drama :). Also because I think to myself: "just follow your excitement from now on. Don't be rigid about morning rituals etc.". And while writing this, I realize the conflict in my belief system. Wake Up Productive says to push through resistance. And Bashar and Abe say that you should be easy about everything.

(18 May '13, 11:59) releaser99

Though Abraham hint that practicing vibration is key which implies pushing through the resistance of wanting to take action first. So maybe the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

(18 May '13, 11:59) releaser99

This is a wonderfully clarifying discussion for me. Thank you, @satori, for bringing this one to our attention again! Great stuff.

(19 May '13, 14:10) corduroypower

@releaser99 - "Abe say that you should be easy about everything" - To be strictly accurate they actually say Get Into The Vortex First, Whatever Way You Can. In other words, if you define thinking thoughts deliberately as taking action (which I personally do) then they are saying that you should push through whatever resistance is there, no matter what it is, to get into the Vortex and then take it easy i.e. follow your inspirations. So rigidity in Vortex-alignment is a good thing :)

(19 May '13, 15:56) Stingray

@releaser99 - Bashar's approach is simply to take physical action, not for the purpose of ever achieving anything, but just for the purpose of following the "golden thread" of excitement...which again has the destination of Vortex alignment, though Vortex is not a term that Bashar uses. Whatever way you look at it, all roads lead to the Vortex :) In case you are interested, there's an analysis of Bashar vs Abraham vibrational methods here: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/17322#17349

(19 May '13, 16:05) Stingray

@Stingray "So rigidity in Vortex-alignment is a good thing" This sums it up for me. And your link clarifies many things that I had in my mind tremendously. Thank you very much!

(19 May '13, 17:04) releaser99

@Corduroypower-Thanks. It has been for me to! @Stingray- @releaser99- Thanks guys:)

(20 May '13, 05:45) Satori

@stingray If someone's slide is on the low end of the spectrum, does the top end of that slide equal to the Vortex for them? In your Focus Blocks Videos, you refer to the emotions #1 to #3 on the scale as the Vortex, but are you implying that the slide has to be at the high end of spectrum? Thank you

(09 Oct '14, 09:54) einsof

Also you mention the gradual vibrational shift, do you refer only to the habitual vibration here? Because I had many, many experiences of being on very high vibrations, but often finding my way down soon enough and before I know it, I could be very, very low (in 1 day). Does that mean that I wasn't as low as I thought I was to have ended up in the Vortex in the first place, or is it what I think it is: habitual shifts are gradual, but it is possible for anyone to wildly raise their vibration? Ty

(09 Oct '14, 09:59) einsof

@einsof - "If someone's slide is on the low end of the spectrum, does the top end of that slide equal to the Vortex for them?" - Yes, because that's the maximum of the emotional range they can reach at that moment. As they begin to stabilize there, the slide re-centers & the Vortex point moves out again. The Vortex is never a fixed, stable place but is ever-evolving, ever-changing...the term "Vortex" implies a swirling, changing mass of energy. So you'll never reach the top of the spectrum.

(10 Oct '14, 06:55) Stingray

@einsof - "before I know it, I could be very, very low" - All that means is that you haven't achieved stability at that vibrational level yet. Something that is only just in balance will swing wildly back and forth. You only need to keep on with the practice of feeling-good and the swings will vanish in time :) See What is the reason for my "Abraham mood swings"?

(10 Oct '14, 07:04) Stingray

@Stingray "Yes, because that's the maximum of the emotional range they can reach at that moment." - But if they express the highest forms of energy, such as appreciation, does that mean that their slide moved up also, as well as them having moved up within the slide; or can appreciation be expressed no matter where one's fixed range is set at?

(14 Oct '14, 13:21) einsof

@Stingray What I am trying to get at is this: for instance if someone has their slide really low, will their happiness be expressed in the way that we know happiness to be? In other words, I experience the Vortex as being really happy; I dance, I talk fast, I am totally buzzing, but can someone on their lower-level Vortex be expected to behave that way (and should I assume that they've moved their fixed range up as well) or can I expect them to be looking quite down from my perspective?

(14 Oct '14, 13:21) einsof

@Stingray I am trying to get my friends and family on board with all this and in the Vortex, and I explain to them how it will feel, sucking them into this whole Vortex idea :) But I explain it based on how I feel when I am in the Vortex, but I suspect they won't feel the same :(

(14 Oct '14, 13:22) einsof

@einsof - "can appreciation be expressed no matter where one's fixed range is set at" - Consider what the slide actually represents. The right edge represents complete alignment with your Inner Being (you feel joy, ecstacy etc. here) and the left edge represents the maximum separation from your Inner Being's energy flow (you feel depression, despair etc). It doesn't matter where you are on the actual scale, you still have the capacity to align in any moment and feel joy, appreciation etc.

(15 Oct '14, 03:41) Stingray

@einsof - The tricky part is that your Inner Being is always expanding so just when you get used to aligning with joy, appreciation etc, new desire causes an expansion of your Inner Being (the scale grows larger) and, at the same time, your slide effectively recenters at zero again as you get used to the vibrational place you currently are. Now your physical self has to move to the right edge of the slider again to experience the same level of appreciation, joy etc. again. All of these...

(15 Oct '14, 03:44) Stingray

@einsof - ...changing dynamics are a personal game that your Physical Self is playing with your Inner/Broader Self. So anyone can feel appreciation at any point on the scale but you can't really compare someone else's appreciation with yours because their Inner/Broader Self may be expanding in faster/slower/different ways. All that they need to do to feel that joy/appreciation is catch up to their own expansion.

(15 Oct '14, 03:46) Stingray

@einsof - If you are going to tell others about these ideas, make sure You are Vortex-aligned first when you do so and then follow your inspirations as to how much information to give, if any. If you try to teach others from outside the Vortex, it's probably not going to be a fun experience for any of you :) Blah, Blah, Blah

(15 Oct '14, 03:49) Stingray
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What are the dreams about? Sit with the fear and then it'll transform into calmness. Running away from fear will keep it alive.

Fear loves fear. If you run away from fear you'll have much of it.


answered 17 May '13, 01:12

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@arpgme This question is from 28 Oct '12. So I don't know it anymore :). Sorry.

(17 May '13, 20:31) releaser99
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