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This is an original piece of sharing by myself, take what you like of it :)

I have come out of the most cold like experience of my life; true heartbreak. Time was a huge factor, but it was almost as this was necessary to happen that I have discovered a somewhat full-proof way (for me at least) of getting into a state of excitement and passion very speedily, and also without crossing the paradox of using a method to try and manifest something.

Dance your way into the Vortex

As the title says. Nothing more to it. Dance for the pure act of dancing.

Now first off, I understand that people who do activites they are passionate about are usually radiating amazing joy and goodness. One could possibly argue that dancing would just be a 'passion' of the individual, and it would have different effects on different people. I argue differently; there is something about dancing that links one to states of love.

To get over my heatbreak, almost daily I would go by the huge park near my river to practise and train gymnastics movements. Whilst some guru like Louise Hay would recommend punching a boxing bag, my remedy was exhausting my physical body daily, taking extreme risks and flips to the maximum as a way of channeling out my sadness.

Somewhere along the way I discovered all about dancing. I watched a few clips on the internet, and then I learned a few of the basic movements. Let me tell you performing these movements to music was more enjoyable and emotionally productive than my original exercise. I have never been into dancing or really aspired to become one, yet just giving it a go seemed to open so many door ways of never ending goodness. I don't really know why, but dancing seems to offer the trick at making me very happy in a short manner of time.

I'm posting this asking you to give it a go. Dance on your own, in your own privacy, and I guaruntee it'll give you a short boost of some sort.

(I have learned that it is better to share advice with the right crowd than to keep it hidden away; please not I'm not really using IQ as my journal.)

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Excellent post. I would also recommend dancing with your eyes closed and imagining the best feeling enviroment you would like to dance in. This can really bring you quickly to a state of joy in time!

(04 Feb '12, 05:32) Benjamin

Have to say; the reason dancing into the vortex works for me, is because it is a package of my personal highest excitement. I getting to be quite the pro dancer now! :)

(18 May '13, 10:01) Nikulas
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Niki, you have sure been through the mill!

I have been following your posts, and know that you have been through hell with regards to your love life. I appreciate your posting very much (about Dancing into the Vortex), but I am concerned a bit about your happiness in general. It almost seems to me that you are "working at happiness" instead of "letting it come".

You are so young, dear! Why are you working so hard at this?

You have years and years ahead of you, and I know that you will find peace and love and happiness in due course. I am happy you are dancing; I'd be happier if I saw you relax a bit, laugh at life a little more, and just "go with the flow".

Take some time to just "be". Take some time to appreciate being young. It goes by so fast!

Love you,



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ok Jai i will impliment your strategies

(05 Feb '12, 05:05) Nikulas

That is good, dear! <3

(05 Feb '12, 05:09) Jaianniah

Hi Nikulas, sure we can dance ourselves into the vortex within seconds whenever we wish, music is good as well, here is a piece of music that i found, the visual effect is dull but the sound is exceptional

However we can't dance all day long, unless of course if you're a pro dancer, sometimes we work and when we do it's great to have a job that we really enjoy ... for me that's the real path to success doing something just for the fun whether it brings in a lot of money or not, so long as you really enjoy it, and sooner or later it'll spark into something a lot bigger ... having said this, going with the flow sometimes incites throwing caution to the wind, in which case take care otherwise this may happen

the joke is of course on me (ref. "can anyone clarify this vision of turmoil?")

have fun :)


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blubird two

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Dancing into the vortex is probably as old as humanity itself. The American Indians have been dancing into the vortex ever since six thousand BC. Here is some history of dance:

We know that people were dancing as early as six thousand BC as I said. They must have felt some great emotions that needed to be expressed with the whole body. Interestingly, musical instruments also date back this far.

So I guess dancing into the vortex has been a pleasurable past time for man for a very long time!


answered 07 Feb '12, 00:43

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Wade Casaldi

A little 70ies T-rex

Is it wrong to understand
The fear that dwells inside a man?
What's it like to be a loon?
I liken it to a balloon

I danced myself out of the womb
I danced myself out of the womb
Is it strange to dance so soon?
I danced myself into the tomb

this song came to mind when I read your question Nikulas,so keep on dancin !


answered 05 Feb '12, 07:54

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When I was a kid, I felt like life was a movie and I looked foreward to going home at the end of the day. At one point, I subconciously decided that if I was living in a movie, then I would make it a comedy or a musical. So, I was the class clown and made jokes. Sometimes, when I felt like living in a musical, I would just dance. If I was sitting, I would just dance my glutes or my feet or my shoulders. Sometimes I would be somewhere and a good song would come on, and I would hope that all of a sudden, everyone would break out in song and dance. They never did though, even if I started singing or dancing. LOL I applied that to cleaning the house too. I stopped when my now ex would say mean things about me dancing while I did the dishes. I forgot about that for all these years. Thanks for the reminder.

And to think, some religions forbid dancing unless it is for God alone.


answered 05 Feb '12, 09:11

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Fairy Princess

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