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hi everyone! do we have many psychics here in our inward quest community? i am new here, and interested in knowing who are the 'clairs' among us. clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience - are there a handful maybe?

i am a clairsentient and realize i have had abilities since i can remember, it wasn't until recently that someone (a spiritual healer) had confirmed that i am.

i can sense other's feelings or emotions as if they are my own. when someone asks me a question, i feel as though i have taken on their feelings. i often just have an answer even though i don't actually 'know'. it's as if the words come through me. i have so much to learn but notice a steady learning curve as i have been meditating every day.

my heart tells me this is just part of my life purpose. my path is paved for me and i feel joyous and also - overwhelmed.

who are the other clairs here?


asked 27 Mar '11, 00:16

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we are all psychics (wether one will admit it or not lol ) and yes . i do believ there are several channelrs ( like me) and several mediums, and see-ers, whatever they choose to call themselfs. i am a channeler but i am new as well so i can only speak for me,, love n light, rob

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answered 27 Mar '11, 01:36

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TReb Bor yit-NE

Welcome fellow newcomer Brent (anagram of capital letters)! I agree with you and have had the similar experiences. I just wish I could experience my gift more consistently--kind of "on demand." Meditating, prayer, fasting--these things do help "tune in, turn on and drop out," as it were.

(27 Mar '11, 03:46) jmw

i never seen this earlier my freind, hello i was new whn i wrote this

(24 Apr '11, 03:37) TReb Bor yit-NE

Welcome soybliss,

We live in a very spiritual world, and in this spiritual world we humans share with each other; naturally, we are all born with psychic ability so that we can function both as spiritual beings, and as human beings. Indeed we are given different gifts, and talents, and indeed that is what makes us unique in our ability, and talent!

Some of us are very in tuned with our spiritual gifts, and have worked towards developing our specific psychic ability through meditation, exercise, education, and other such spiritual teachings, and New Age Consciousness!

Since the body is capable of taking care of it self twenty four hours a day round the clock, and healing it self collectively from various illnesses through out our life time, this is enough reasons that our psychic ability is always working for us in every way, even if we do not recognize that it is our psychic energy that keep us alive, and well!

Your psychic ability along with everyone here on Inward Quest is a part of the whole and same energy that is available to you and to us equally. Now, the difference is some of us are opened to developing our gifts, or talents, while some of us are just happy with what we already know, and are comfortable with our life!

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answered 27 Mar '11, 03:56

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Inactive User ♦♦

thank you. i agree that we are all born with psychic ability, maybe i worded things incorrectly. sorry... the energy around us is definitely all in one and the same.

(27 Mar '11, 06:11) soybliss

@soybliss: Your question was perfect, and I enjoyed reading it!

(30 Mar '11, 06:18) Inactive User ♦♦

we all have those gift some know it and experiance it and try to learn more and some do not! every one as free will and are at different level of counscience and experiance but that is life!

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answered 24 Apr '11, 03:23

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white tiger

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