Latley, it seems like i'm almost predicting things that will happen. Nothing major. For instance i'll think of a song. It will literally just pop into my head. It won't be anything popular at all. As a matter of fact I will just think of it out of nowhere and think to myself.."I remember that song!"

It will be very old and havn't heard it in years and years. Within a few hours, I will be floating around youtube and click on a totally unrelated video of someone just talking and the song will be playing in the background. Or, I have walked into a take out place and waited for my food and heard another really old (not at all popular)song that I thought of the day before. Or the other day an older song was in my head all day, and someone on a tv show that night started singing it.

I also seem to predict things that happen with famous people (divorces, arrests etc.) One time in the car I was wondering what ever happened to a specific celeb that dropped off earth. Not really a big celeb at all, and no one I would ever follow or ever be interested in. Just popped in my head. When I got to my destination just happened to look at my twitter. One of the people I follow made a joke abt that celeb.

Also, I will be watching a show like Dr. Phil and he will start asking a troubled guest questions. I will actually answer along with the guest or just before they give their answer. Even with my friends..we start thinking the same things at the same time. Way more "connected" than ever before. One of my friends is a complete skeptic, and I really have been freaking her out. Almost to the point that she is pulling away from me a little.

Am I attracting these situations to me? Or am I predicting?

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@believer1, hi dear.., ur not alone..,xactly same things have happened with me..,but i thought its cos of LOA. neways, thanks for this question. now evn my concepts regarding this are qquiet clear. love,light,smiles n blessings on ur way.

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You are discovering latent abilities that you always had; it's just that you are starting to pay attention & retaining the incidents and connected memories better now.

As you are reading this you will most likely say to yourself "But I know that I am not paying any attention "deliberately" towards it, it is just starting to happen".

Awakening towards the existence of the magical qualities of reality are not within the grasp of the forceful and deliberate intent towards their discovery.

The magical is found in the most subtle and insignificant details within one's consciousness & their corresponding counterparts in reality.

You are starting to awaken from the constraints of logic and reason and choosing to retain information that "doesn't fit" within the mental vocabulary of your surrounding.

By your question it is clear that you are trying to find a "reason" to explain what you have noticed into some category of understanding.

As you awaken further, you will realize that this "need to understand" stands in the way of the natural process that your soul is going through.

Sometimes you just have to observe, acknowledge, and let it be.

What you learn now through your experience will become the "language of understanding" for those who have chosen to remain in spiritual slumber.

You are the leading edge.


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The Traveller

You have tapped into what I call "the psychic stream". It is like tuning into a radio station and picking up a clear station. It does scare people, but there is nothing to be afraid of, but if it freaks out your friends, then don't mention what you predict. A compulsion to show your abilities to those who don't understand will only result in uncomfortable situations.

I happen to know a psychic channeler, and she never talks about her abilities and is extremely humble. She has unbelievable skill, but never even talks about what she can do. Her healings happen by word of mouth, and she never charges for a healing or channeling.

I personally can see angels and demons...If I told people what I see, they would lock me up. I can also see auras, and can tell when someone is sick, angry, or even dying. I never tell much about what I see, except to Wade (Casaldi)(my fiance) or his mom. I am not a circus act. :)




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Your clue is in your words.....

Notice how you say you "think" of something then it appears in a short time,

You're not predicting it....

You're "Creating it"


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