Some things it takes hours, some a few days or weeks, but there are a couple of things that I go through everything I am supposed to do (visualization, meditating & just raising my vibrations regularly) and I can't help but feel hopeless from time to time. I do feel like they are so incredibly close. I get signs...a lot of them, which they do keep me going. I just want these things more than anything in the world, and I'm getting antsy. It's not so much impatience at this point. I mean I have waited this long already. I think that it's just that I am so excited to start my life with my dreams come true, and just thinking about them I want to live it NOW!!! lol!
I try to tell myself that it's desire but then I think ....well maybe I'm being desperate or focusing too much on lack. I have manifested before with ease SO MANY times. I almost know the way I have to feel about something to manifest almost instantaneously. Doing it on purpose is a different story. Every time I have done it, it has almost always been an accident. To the point where I wonder if I just have some psychic ability and i'm just predicting these things happening.

Could it be that I'm just trying to hard with these particular things that I want so badly? I guess I'm just looking to see if anyone out there has a specific way or method they use that has worked well for them in manifesting things that you want so badly. I appreciate any input!!

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when I feel overwhelmed I pray. I pray usually a lot anyway ,however when I feel as if I am unable to even do a process I pray for the ppl around me and myself. I pray to feel better about things. At least I do start to feel peaceful quickly.

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Care little less, drink little more. And when there's nothing to want, you'll have it all.

(28 Mar '13, 06:56) CalonLan
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one great question to ask is - If i am at where i am and nothing else happens am i ok with it? If the answer is NO, then while its ok to have the desire to reach somewhere its a good idea to work on softening it esp if you think thoughts of hopelessness.

I love the way Seth says to get out of the Official Line of Conscisouness esp. if its hopelessness or other limiting beliefs. You can either face it directly and handle it, if your flow is good. Or otherwise its best to focus on something you love and amplify it whereby you remove focus from your hopelessness. Meditation with intention that you are connecting to Divine and whereby that Divine brings its influence into your life is one way. And creates magic in your life. Or if you have any activity where you can get immersed like dancing, singing etc When you enjoy that w/o thoughts and judgements then also you get out of the Official Line of Consciousness. And you find that life is magical.

YOu asked if there is specific method. The method i think is for you to be in touch with Source Energy. And let that lead your life. There are different tools to get in touch with Source and you need to see which one fits you. and go with it. Its ok to try different ones and see what appeals to you. For me meditation in small doses daily was great. choose something you love/ enjoy like a hobby you can enjoy it like on a daily basis. That will raise your vibration and life will change. I chose dancing and i go to classes and do team performances etc and that changed my life. So this is the message you need to follow.


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