Hello all, I have come up with some problems with trying to meditate.

I dont think I have ever managed to successfully meditate before on the few odd occassions that I have tried, but from today I am going to try every day. I have been trying today by sitting cross legged and lying down to see what will work best for me, before I knew it a few hours had passed. I really strongly desire to get this right.

Basically what happens is I am trying to focus on my breathing/counting/concentraiting on a musical note, whatever technique I am attempting but I find that it syncs with my breathing pattern for example I count breaths in and out so in is one and out is two then in is three etc. Or the note seems to go with the breath as if I'm actually making it with my mouth so that when I'm breathing out the note is on but as I start to breathe in the note stops and then becomes an inward variety of the note such as when you make noise by using your vocal chords by drawing in air rather than pushing out.

Another thing that hapens is that thoughts come into my mind and I dont even realise that I am thinking about something until I catch myself doing it, on top of all this I have two or possibly more layers of thought at different volumes than the main voice in my head. Could that possibly be my conscious and subconscious or is it the case that thought is just split into many voices in our heads.

I have always wondered whether other people think the same way as me and this is the closest I can come to describing it, the thought of it makes me feel like my whole body is screaming and tearing it self in two as it feels like there is no way to know what someone elses thoughts sound like. Very frustrating.

Is this correct or am I doing something wrong?

Thank you for any answers or thoughts you may have.

asked 28 Sep '12, 11:30

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On every occasion you catch yourself thinking praise yourself. Catching yourself thinking is the Awareness:). Meditation is really an act of non-doing. Try to keep it simple. Here is a good explanation by Abraham on Meditation in @Stingrays answer :)



answered 28 Sep '12, 11:52

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Thanks for your reply, so is it correct in thinking that the awareness is what ultimately leads to being able to think "nothing" ? Yes I had previously read that description and is where I found the idea of holding a note. Unfortunately I dont have the greatest understanding of the explanation.

(29 Sep '12, 05:39) lastplacefavourite

@Lastplacefavourite- Think of it more like experiencing gaps in your thoughts instead of thinking about Nothing

If the object of focus in Meditation is your breathing,focus on that.

Then as soon you become aware that your thinking:

1) Thank yourself for catching yourself thinking.

2) Welcome the thoughts, don't judge, let them be.

3) Then Gently return your awareness to the the object of attention, your breathing.

4) Repeat

(29 Sep '12, 06:16) Satori

@Lastplacefavourite- That's basically the essence of meditation. In those moments your focusing on your breathing you will be experiencing gaps in your thought. 

Your may prefer guided meditations. Check out Abrahams guided meditations:


Or Shorter meditations like One-moment Meditation:


Hope this helps you:)

(29 Sep '12, 06:25) Satori
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I'm beginning to practice meditation as well. Maybe this could help.



answered 29 Sep '12, 11:14

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Angelfire 1

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learn from those though and put them to rest,many make the mistake to not listen and dismiss them, the truth is that you cannot stop a though until it is solve for you. some put ignore paint on their though and eventually in their live the though comes back and they say i do not know where that though comes from or they say i though that i add solve this by ignoring that though. i tell you again if that though would have been understood in its full meaning it would have been solve and would not have come back.


answered 29 Sep '12, 10:58

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white tiger

If a few hours go by then you are already doing something right. Most would have given up long before then, so you have the discipline, that much is very oblivious.

As for random thoughts (Did I put away the laundry? I need to remember to shop for groceries later. I wonder what we should have for diner? Oh that new show is coming on television tonight! What was the name of that show again?) that you start thinking about, do not fight those thoughts but dismiss them. Say in your mind to each thought, "Now is time for meditating, I'll get back to that thought later." This gently guides the thought back to what you were meditating on.

The easiest way, is to meditate on something instead of trying to make your mind blank. This could be a Bible verse or an object like a candle flame or relaxing your body one part a time.

I also found very helpful listening to Mind Tek Ultra Meditation tracks. Download the Brain Super Charger demo to see what these are like, that was my first CD I owned and it was amazing. But the Ultra Meditation WOW and the X Series, but start slow like I did with the Brain Supercharger first.


answered 29 Sep '12, 10:33

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Wade Casaldi

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