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Go Here to this Link, and take the Jungian Personality Test (Jung Typology Test™). Find out if you are the Rare INTJ Type like Jai, or Rare INTP type like Wade...LOL! When I saw that my score was rare, I had a thought that many on IQ would have rare scores as well, so I offer it to you if you want to see if my hypothesis is correct that we are a group of rare people.

We found this to be very revealing and a wonderful site as well. Enjoy!

Of course, this is a Community Wiki Question, but is worth quite a look. Be sure to comment and post your results..sometimes, the results within one relationship can be hilarious!

Have fun, and be honest!

Blessings, Jai

(includes a good idea for an edit from Fairy Princess!)


asked 22 Jul '11, 01:26

Jaianniah's gravatar image


edited 22 Jul '11, 16:44

Why does being rare mater?

(22 Jul '11, 02:24) you

Who said that I said that being rare mattered at all????>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(22 Jul '11, 02:39) Jaianniah

Find out if you are the Rare INTJ Type like Jai, or Rare INTP type like Wade...LOL! I was wondering to myself if EVERYONE on this site will turn out to be the "rare" types like INTJ etc!!! You just might be proving me right!

(22 Jul '11, 03:05) you

sounds like it matters

(22 Jul '11, 03:06) you

I MADE it sound like it mattered ONLY as an advertising gimmick; this is the honest truth. YOU are making it into something that matters much more seriously than that by your persistence with your comments...>>>>>>>>

(22 Jul '11, 03:14) Jaianniah

Jai, I'll leave youth this last comment. If you wanted to post about the test OBJECTIVELY you might have not mentioned your score and how rare it is. Mentioning rare infers exclusivity. Which is a favorite tool of the ego. And to defend such view points is yet another tool of our ever present friend the ego. I asked a simple question. And even if it was a gimmick to sell the site, what is in it for you? Maybe recognition to you that the site is col. I have done this many times here. Promote thyself. We all do it all of the time. I just tied to point that out. Living in objectivity is very hard

(22 Jul '11, 03:35) you

This is interesting. I used to belong to another group, which I felt compelled to cease, because the MEN of the group seemed determined to point out to me all of my ego's deficiencies, all of my mistakes, all of my missteps, to the point where I felt so picked on that I stopped going. Now it is happening again. You might say to me that this is all for my own good, that I need to grow, etc. etc. I say that if you wanted me to grow, you would have left it to God to show me where I was wrong. But no! It makes you feel superior to show me where I am wrong. Now who has the ego?

(22 Jul '11, 06:30) Jaianniah

Go pick on somebody else, and leave my ego and my life's lessons to be learned in my own way. All of you, just stop this! I say that 100% of the corrections I get are from men, and the gals here RARELY have this need to tell me what is "for my own good". Even if I AM wrong, so what? Who cares? This is not a website of perfection. I say that YOU are finding it hard to live objectively. I say that it made you feel good to harass me. You people always then say, after you rip out my heart, that it was "necessary for my growth". Baloney! God and life and Wade are teachers enough.

(22 Jul '11, 06:51) Jaianniah

Thanks so much for making feel this way. I have had it with these "corrections" that make me sad and make me sorry I ever even posted the material in the first place. I did it to make people happy. That was my motive. Jai

(22 Jul '11, 07:19) Jaianniah

Here is how I see this, Jai gave a nice fun gift and stated some facts about our type we found out we are. Next along comes (US) whom looks at the gift with suspicion and scorns Jai for finding out her type is rare then scorns her and tries to put her in submission. His ego causes him to question the motive judge and condemn her thus turning a fun wonderful gift into something ugly that she is seriously considering deleting if it wasn't for the appreciation of Liam and Fairy Princess I'd be inclined to tell her yeah go ahead your gift was refused delete it. thanks to those that appreciate.

(22 Jul '11, 07:37) Wade Casaldi

I think the 'rarest' person is the one who realizes how 'ordinary' they are :)

(22 Jul '11, 13:40) Michaela

My prediction would be that most of us are in the Idealist and Rationalist categories.

(22 Jul '11, 14:01) Fairy Princess

So that would mean we all have N's

(22 Jul '11, 14:02) Fairy Princess

Jai, I enjoyed taking the test and had fun with it. I liked seeing my results and those of others. Thanks....

(22 Jul '11, 18:31) LeeAnn 1

LeeAnn, your words are doesn't help that it is so hot here in the USA that you can fry eggs on the sidewalk...(105 F in the NE USA which NEVER gets that hot...)Thank you so much for your PEACEFUL, LOVING presence on this site. Blessings, >>>>>>>>>>>>>

(22 Jul '11, 19:06) Jaianniah

How nice of you to say Jaianniah; you made my afternoon! : - )

(22 Jul '11, 21:17) LeeAnn 1

well jai i have air conditionning swimming pool and boats and i do not experiance the heat in the same way as you. you should try this. experiance and enjoy.

(22 Jul '11, 22:48) white tiger

the test was fun the question alittle strange and just yes and no so it gives what it gives. well thanks jai for the test.

(22 Jul '11, 22:51) white tiger

Yea pool party at White Tiger's! lol

It does sound nice White Tiger, I had thought myself of buying a small rubber dinghy and some paddles and taking it over to the lake here but there are no shade trees when you are out in the water. That sun direct would be scorching! I'll think of you cool though at least I'll know a friend is cool if I am not. :-)

(23 Jul '11, 00:26) Wade Casaldi
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Mine is:

Introverted (70%), Intuitive (50%), Thinking (12%), Perceiving (67%)

Now Jai's is:

Introverted (89%), Intuitive (62%), Thinking (1%), Judging (44%)

This is a bit embarrassing on the thinking part! lol

It actually refers to thinking vs feeling.

Added my experience with the test.

Jai said to me I have to try this test that she enjoyed. I started taking it and going slowly down the list really analyzing each question and even seeing that depending on interpretation this or that question could mean two entirely different things. "Always" and "never" should never be put in a question, it should be "most likely" or "rarely."

This was one thing that kept stopping me at different questions I would find myself saying this depends on what the situation would be, sometimes it would be this answer and sometimes it would be that answer. But after all was said and done I was reading my results and telling Jai I may have missed some important piece of critical data. I may have misinterpreted something and should have answered differently. Then upon reading the results, the test results said I would be most likely to say I missed some important piece of data, and may have made a mistake. I find this very funny that the test results predicted that I would do this. LOL

Jai is here by me doing what her test results said she would be doing: jumping to the end results and coming to a conclusion about my results before I could think it over and analyze it myself. (Very annoying for me.) But mine says as (I am really) I am more likely to think things over carefully and obsess for hours on if it could be the correct choices. Now we see a very huge difference in how we think and solve problems...

Jai says I suffer from "Analysis paralysis..." I like taking everything in, really observing everything, checking and rechecking until I feel ready to act. lol

In a disaster situation, I am sure Jai would say we have to do this or that act now! I would be more likely to say wait lets think this over what our options are and the possible ramifications of those options. Jai says in the mean time it starts to rain and Jai's ark saves our lives... LOL

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answered 22 Jul '11, 01:39

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

edited 22 Jul '11, 20:51

Now I have "Analysis Paralysis"...Wade's excellent analysis has, for the first time in my life, rendered me completely speechless....I think....<giggle> (My father used to say that NOTHING could EVER render me speechless....hahahaha...)P.S. It has taken me an hour to compose this comment. Love,>>>>>>>>>>>>

(22 Jul '11, 21:22) Jaianniah

I've done these before, always tend to alternate between INTJ and INFJ. I used to be primarily INTJ...the last two times I've done it (over the last couple of years) I've been INFJ.

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answered 22 Jul '11, 02:00

Liam's gravatar image


I was wondering to myself if EVERYONE on this site will turn out to be the "rare" types like INTJ etc!!! You just might be proving me right! Thanks so much, Liam!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(22 Jul '11, 02:04) Jaianniah

I believe we'll find out most of us here are those rare types, we just see things differently and I see nothing wrong with that. We should be happy for those differences rather than ashamed so I congratulate you Liam! :-D

(22 Jul '11, 08:00) Wade Casaldi

My Type is ENFJ Extraverted-44% Intuitive-62 Feeling-25 Judging-11

Teacher 2% of population

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answered 22 Jul '11, 04:45

Fairy%20Princess's gravatar image

Fairy Princess

edited 22 Jul '11, 18:40

Watch out (US) will attack you for being happy you are in this 2%. I congratulate you and celibate this find with you, good for you way to go! :-D

(22 Jul '11, 07:39) Wade Casaldi

celibate eh? :P

(22 Jul '11, 07:55) Liam

@ Liam yes we all should, we should be happy to walk that different road, to not go along with the crowd but be seekers. If we all were to be ashamed of being different then this site wouldn't exist we would all just be "Another brick in the wall." to quote Pink Floyd it just seemed to fit this. But I do thank you for injecting some needed lighthearted levity here. :-)

(22 Jul '11, 08:11) Wade Casaldi

I am glad to be different. I feel different, so it is fitting for me to look different on paper too. I am surprised that everyone else so far is introvert.

(22 Jul '11, 11:49) Fairy Princess

I have taken this at least once before with the same results. Some of the introvert vs extrovert questions change for me from time to time. But I still got extrovert.

(22 Jul '11, 11:57) Fairy Princess

I found out I was an ENFJ a couple of years ago and was so thankful to find I was not alone.

(22 Jul '11, 17:07) you
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I've done this in the past and am INTJ

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answered 22 Jul '11, 13:34

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Introverted 22%

Intuitive 62%

Feeling 50%

Judging 11%

I am :

slightly expressed introvert

distinctively expressed intuitive personality

moderately expressed feeling personality

slightly expressed judging personality

Interesting, thanks for the link! Also interesting to see how other people's come out!

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answered 22 Jul '11, 14:29

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LeeAnn 1


Introverted (89) Intuitive (50) Thinking (12) Judging (22)

EDIT: After some research I am sure I this is not my type. My type is INFJ (Counselor).

Some interesting links:

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answered 22 Jul '11, 17:30

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edited 23 Jul '11, 11:36

well it seams i am infj less then 3 % of population. counselor very mysterious that stay in the back ground and affect the way things go. experiance and enjoy.

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answered 22 Jul '11, 22:37

white%20tiger's gravatar image

white tiger

Apparently I am ESFP. Extroverted 11%, Sensing 25%, Feeling 38%, Perceiving 33%. I could not find where the others found the other info as to what this means.

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answered 22 Jul '11, 23:49

Roy's gravatar image


just google ESFP!

(23 Jul '11, 00:07) you

To the right are the combinations in groups that you can click on to learn more about them.

(23 Jul '11, 01:58) Fairy Princess

Yours specifically

(23 Jul '11, 01:59) Fairy Princess

Thank You both for your help.

(23 Jul '11, 11:51) Roy
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INFP,no real surprises... Introverted 46%, Intuitive 42%, feeling 42% and perceiving 11%.

Ideal careers counsellor or psychology. Thank you :)

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answered 23 Jul '11, 02:31

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I wonder how it applies to relationships. I read that is the best choice to choose your "dual" type, which is the opposite in every factor; for example for INFP it would be ESTJ.

Following this advice, I should choose ESTP because I am INFJ. But I like INFJ/INFP more. My question is about the Judging/Perceiving. Which one should my mate be? If I choose "Perceiver" because I am a "Judger" myself, would that sponaneousity of a "Perceiver" do me good or irritate me?

Judging (J)

Judging is the preference outwardly displayed. Judging does not mean "judgmental". Judging people like order, organization and think sequentially. They like to have things planned and settled. Judging people seek closure.

Judging Characteristics

Good at finishing
Quick at tasks
Likes closure
Makes plans

Perceiving (P)

Perceiving is the preference outwardly displayed. Perceiving people are flexible, like to keep their options open and think randomly. They like to act spontaneously and are adaptable. Perceivers like to keep things open ended.

Perceiving Characteristics

Changes tracks midway
Keeps options open
Dislikes routine

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answered 23 Jul '11, 12:58

Asklepios's gravatar image


You should probably have one or two letters in common so can relate and find common interrests. Rather than finding someone who is oposite, find someone who is complimentary.

(23 Jul '11, 14:17) Fairy Princess

This chart is Jai and I a lot really she likes getting things done, jumping to the end. I like saying "Wait a moment here lets not rush this because we want to keep our options open." This is why for me the test was hard. I did not want definite answers. That drove me nuts! I wanted open ended answers! That is why a lot of questions I said it depends on the situation what I'd do. Meanwhile she is going nuts I am taking so long to make decisions and saying about every few moments "Forget always! What do you usually do!" lol

(23 Jul '11, 16:20) Wade Casaldi

I would have way preferred MOST LIKELY <<<<<< >>>>> LEAST LIKELY with that 1 to 10 choice and you check which box closer to most or lest or center meaning you are apathetic to this question.

(23 Jul '11, 16:27) Wade Casaldi

Yes and No questions drive me batty they are too definite, too final!

(23 Jul '11, 16:30) Wade Casaldi

I think choosing your opposite in every sense is just asking to find someone that you butt heads with in every way. For Jai and I what keeps us happy is every way we are alike the INT part but when it comes to the J vs P part that is where we both drive each other up a wall.

(23 Jul '11, 16:38) Wade Casaldi

On the plus side she is learning to have patience and I am learning to be more decisive. But I will say it is not easy for either of us to go against what seems so natural.

(23 Jul '11, 16:56) Wade Casaldi

Here is a perfect example I have been looking at a rubber dinghy I might buy since yesterday, I have been comparing it to all the others, checking the price, and thinking about it. But she thinks since I spend so many hours looking and thinking that I should just click buy an be done with it. this is an expensive boat over $100 this does not take snap decisions but much thought weighing the pros and cons and besides maybe if I buy it I'll find a better cheaper one and be kicking myself for deciding too quickly!

(23 Jul '11, 17:06) Wade Casaldi

Amusing comments! Thanks for the tips.

(23 Jul '11, 17:17) Asklepios

I just had an enlightenment! I was thinking what she might think of this. I am happier keeping my options open thinking of the possibilities of what it would be like owning different rafts than I would be if I just picked one and had it! It is the contemplation of the possibility of the probable experiences that excite me! WOW this blows my mind! I am sure if Jai reads this she'll be thinking while you are contemplating we are hot and have no boat! lol

(23 Jul '11, 18:47) Wade Casaldi

I see all the things we could do and get excited thinking of all of the possibilities. While she may be thinking we are doing nothing pick a choice and lets do something! On the other hand I am very random and spontaneous which (unintentionally) has been making it very hard for Jai to learn to drive my area because I have no set patterns of driving. Any way I pick will get me there. She just needs more patience I guess. lol

(23 Jul '11, 19:07) Wade Casaldi

I am very indecisive myself, though I am not spontaneous. It is really a bothersome quality. When I was a kid, my parents got angry because I was choosing an ice cream in the shop for 3 minutes.

(23 Jul '11, 20:24) Asklepios

Yes I know what you mean I did too, even snow cone flavors I chose Tootie Fruity so that I could just get them all in one cone. lol

(24 Jul '11, 01:31) Wade Casaldi

I am indecisive also, I want the perfect piece of fruit, the best deal, etc...

(26 Jul '11, 00:52) Fairy Princess

just go on ebay you save money and will experiance more stuff air conditionning boat pool etc. experiance and enjoy.

(26 Jul '11, 04:12) white tiger

wade i take my time also but i look at all the option balence it all and go for it. then i experiance what i want. this is why i am single i cannot find the right women yet. i do not want to experiance something that i know i will not enjoy. is it so wrong from me to not want to have problem? why should i always have to take other people problem. i solve my problem i expect the same from a women is that wrong?

(26 Jul '11, 04:18) white tiger

i do not mind helping people but it is not always the same person that must do all. help your self and god will help you. if you always help someone they take it for granted, and your help is only a short fix because the problem is still there. and it is not my fault if people do not solve their problem.

(26 Jul '11, 04:25) white tiger

Maybe this indecisiveness is based on perfectionism.

(26 Jul '11, 10:21) Asklepios
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INFJ I've taken this test in the past and I used to be an ENFJ but I think over the years I've become more introverted as I started reflecting on my life.

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answered 25 Jul '11, 23:06

I%20Think%20Therefore%20I%20Am's gravatar image

I Think Therefore I Am

That's what I thought, but it still said ENFJ.

(26 Jul '11, 00:53) Fairy Princess
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