I'm an ardent reader. I have read lots of spirituality, LOA, Mind Power etc.

In 2008, things came my way nicely. But since then, till now, issues have been cropping here or there. Its either my job is not regular, or I work here in three months and I don't like the place or they ask me to go.

I'm 36 yrs, single, male with strong spiritual awareness. Please someone help what I can I do to reverse this fortune and become very successful and bring good fortune my way always so that people I don't even know will help me. Thanks

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I think that your view is greatly impeding your " progress". When you say that these things are bad, why do you see them as bad? Jumping from job to job is often seen as a "bad" issue. Well if you start looking at it like this" well I have made new friends; I have learned different things ; I am highly qualified in many fields; I have a place to live and a computer to use :-); I have more references from these jobs". Often how you perceive good and bad will greatly change how you experience it. That is why the L.O.A. does not work for most people, they refuse to see this ! I think if you start using the parts of you that see things in this negative way to start seeing the better, it will help you so much more. That is what I have had to do as well ok? love n light to you!


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What are you willing to give back in return to the people that are willing to help you?

What do you have to offer these people for helping you to live your dream life successfully?

If you can sincerely answer these questions truthfully, then consider your self successful, and what you have to offer in return for your own success, will be your success.

Do not be like the blind Bat, who cannot see with the day light. Use your talents, and gifts to create, and manifest your desire to be successful in life. Good luck!


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your answer is very wise Vee.

(06 Apr '11, 06:20) evelyn
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