I am starting to choose my beliefs for myself. Before using LOA I always thought I had to prove myself to others and to some separate enitity out there. I've now come to realize that there is no separate entity or out there. It's all me and everything is a reflection of what's in me.

Realizing this has been very empowering and life changing and I'm sure that many others feel the same. I'm starting to realize that I don't need to prove myself to anyone or anything. I believe that we create our own rules and our own beliefs and even our own meaning and value.

I was thinking that if there is nothing to prove in life, then maybe we can bless ourselves and reach that next level without taking much or any action at all.

Before I knew about LOA I've noticed that blessings and desires used to manifest and I would grow after I accomplished something such as graduating high school or college or getting to a better position at work starting from the bottom.

I was wondering if you could be rewarded or reward yourself and reach new levels in life without having to accomplish much or anything at all. A promotion at work would be nice but maybe I don't need one to reach higher levels of understanding, personal growth or anything else.

I don't know if I'm explaining this in a way that's understandable, it's kind of complex. In other words, I would like to know how to measure success and boost the direction of my life without putting in much effort or any effort at all. Maybe I'm just complicating things. This might sound crazy to some, but those who've been at this LOA stuff for a while might know what I'm talking about.

Would love to hear your ideas

Thank you again

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Yes what you are saying is possible, but it is probably too difficult for most people at their moment. I understand what you are saying, basically you want to feel like you don't have to work at all to get what you want in life right ? Like money is just going to drop from the sky in front of you. Or a promotion is just going to be given to you out of nowhere. Or like maybe your starting pay for a job is $2,000 and a job with a few years' experience is $5000 but you just want to get to that $5000 job with 0 experience. You don't want to have to work from the bottom to reach that kind of pay, you just want it right away! YES that is possible but also not possible at the same time. I have always been feeling this way too and the only answers I have gotten from this site was to "follow your inspired actions so that it doesn't feel like work" which doesn't really answer this question at all. Until I came across this video by Bashar:


The summary of the video is basically this: Stop needing it to make sense to make dollars!

He says that if a person gets into an aligned state where he would be receiving more cheques in the mail, the logical mind would kick in and try to reason the "How". The mind would find any reason to think of how the cheques are going to come to the person, what kind of work and effort the person would have to do in order to receive the cheque. If the person received a cheque in the mail by a total stranger, the mind would say "But I haven't done anything to earn this cheque!" and so on.

And that is the main reason why it's difficult and not possible for most people to be receiving cheques in the mail from a total stranger, unless the person is able to let go of the "How" and just trust that it will come. Bashar also says that logic and reasoning only happens in the 3rd dimension, and if you want to live as a 4th dimension being you have to learn to let go of the how and that it just is.

The same goes for the examples up above - let's say if you want a promotion at a job for doing nothing at all - the mind will say "But I haven't done anything to earn this!". If you found a blank cheque for $10,000 on the floor and you could just fill in your name and the money is yours , your mind would go "But this money might be someone's else who needs it! It isn't mine." and you would try to find that person who dropped that money. If you just started out in the workforce and someone just says he will hire you for $10,000 a month, your mind would go "But I have no skills and experience! I don't deserve this kind of money straight away!". If some unknown entity like Abraham or Bashar says you are going to receive $500,000 tomorrow out of nowhere, your mind will think of ways how the money would come even before it has come. Will it come from a lottery? Will it come from a past project? etc.. and all of these how only prevents the things from happening even more. Even though some of these happens subconsciously, it still happens.

Therefore, it is indeed possible to do what you are saying but it will not be easy for someone new to manifesting as your whole belief system will have to be shaken up and thrown away and replaced with new ones. You would also have to throw every kind of logic and reasoning out of the window and just "trust" or "know" that it will come.

Which is why sometimes the "taking inspired actions" way would work better, because you are still doing some kind of work and it doesn't shake up the logic and reasoning of your mind that much.

Well of course talk is easy but putting this in practice is another different issue altogether. :p

EDIT: just came across this http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/10362/am-i-resisting-my-alignment-with-abundance-by-thinking-of-ways-it-might-manifest#10365 which explains more simply what I am trying to say. Well I guess the answers were around here all along :)


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I Enjoyed watching the video. Thank You.

(03 Jan '15, 07:13) EnlightenedOne

@EnlightenedOne thanks. I enjoyed this question too as it made something "click" in me. But being an analytical and logical person by nature, I am still trying to find ways to forget about the "How" and learn to just trust

(04 Jan '15, 22:30) kakaboo

You are absolutely right actually but people need to unlearn their effort based conditioning. In fact, that is why you even think such an idea is crazy. Although only parts of the Bible should be taken seriously there are some important truths there: Jesus said "Consider the lilies...they toil not". Ever see the seed strain to become a plant, flower or anything or an embryo to become a baby. Nope - just does so very simply. If you are in alignment with your Self and existing in a state of perpetual appreciation i.e. staying in the good feeling zone all or most of the time, then the natural movement of the dream (: that is caused by you because you want to avoid getting stuck :) will carry you to the next "new" thing in the good feeling zone. You're always moving because of your own decision to keep the dream moving so it's just a question of where you move i.e. to a new state in the good feeling zone or in the bad feeling zone. Stay in the GNERAL zone of good feeling most of the time and use your imagination (: including your observation :) to this effect and you will move to the next level automatically in that zone.


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well all part of the bible should be take seriously when they are in truth and understanding. the problem is when they are not understood and not in truth. what happen when something is not in truth? it is in error or mistake. then they say crucify him, simply because they cannot understand or accept the truth. if I ask any of you today if someone that took a plane and went to another country could know more then you and understand stuff that you don't? you would probably say yes. yet when you-

(04 Jan '15, 22:00) white tiger

say: he that comes from above is above all,(http://biblehub.com/john/3-31.htm) people do not understand it or do not want to accept it. yet: He testifies to what he has seen and heard, but no one accepts his testimony. and it is written born of water and spirit. the flesh is flesh and the spirit is spirit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbBmpaDBizA so of course it is not in this world it is even more away then any one tasking a plane to go to another country.

(04 Jan '15, 22:06) white tiger

so you see you can take any path you want you are still learning and growing in this world until the last day. Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.

(04 Jan '15, 22:11) white tiger
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How can I reach the next step in life without having to accomplish anything?

simply by walking and experiencing and enjoying life.

a journey of a thousand mile start with a single step after all. and if you are not experiencing and enjoying life then you are not accomplishing much. even if on the outside it might look other wise.

everything on the outside will pass away after all.

as for measuring success it is not the same for every one. and how can you measure someone else success if you have not experienced is life?

in this world some are rich some are poor and some look rich and are poor and some look poor and are rich if you measure only by the outside thing and view the one with the most material possession as the one that is successful then you might deceive your self.

if you are putting to much effort would mean that you are doing something wrong, you are trying to hard or you are new at something and did not catch how it works or someone is giving you to much to do in a small amount of time. what ever the case is it is not good for you on long term.

who can add a single hour to is day by worrying?


Let there be light, be the light that you can be , experience and enjoy.


answered 03 Jan '15, 05:16

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white tiger

is it by chance one is here
or to fulfill a purpose
the riddle of the one and
the many may be the goal


answered 03 Jan '15, 04:45

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I think we are the literal souls that are creating us. We are THEIR quarks and atoms of light. While these souls must imagine us and then we are here, still if we were to try to create one of us with the imagination we have now, would we exist? According to the idea that we are physical, then how could we create anything about ourselves? To most "people" we can't create ourselves. Once we have black hair, could we create brown hair instead? Most people say no to this. I have read that we ARE these souls creating us. These electrical energy field souls are so much smarter than us, yet reaching for what they have gives us more. I imagine that my soul vibrates and pulsates into the being I am constantly, this soul being a faster vibration that is creating me - a seemingly slower vibration. It takes a lot of energy to spin into these intense, light bodies. So intense, so focused here are these souls that we don't see through ourselves. We ARE this intenseness, this focus, so we ARE the accomplishment of the souls creating us. Would YOU know how to take light and then spin and pulsate it into one of us? We are the faces of these souls. We are THEIR images. We DO accomplish creating these bodies, these light bodies that are constantly spinning/vibrating/pulsating as light. AND they heal. In a world that thinks it is physical, healing is a miracle. AND we heal without even thinking about it. We ARE able to go back to that perfection creating us. Perfection is our template, our home. We are worth more than the most expensive machine on earth. WE HEAL !


answered 06 Dec '21, 02:08

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perhaps condensed filaments
of light earmarked in a plan to evolve unlimited
conscious awareness

(06 Dec '21, 10:51) fred
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