I had been reading this book 'Grow rich while you sleep' by Ben Sweetland.

After reading about affirmations and making subconscious mind inclined to positivity, it took me hardly a few days to attain a stage where my enthusiasm had no limit, I was effortlessly loving everything around me. Problems would not bother me anymore. I had attained "success consciousness".

Then I read about putting subconscious into work. It said when we dismiss a problem to our subconscious mind, it figures out solutions when our conscious mind is absent (asleep) or pleasantly occupied.

Being a student, I wanted to use it scoring better in exams. So before sleeping, I would simply hold onto thoughts like "I am intelligent and have studied enough to score good marks. Tomorrow my subconscious will fetch me enough ideas to solve those questions".

And I slept without any trace of doubt or fear.

But my score wasn't as good as I had expected. I didn't feel any intuition or anything hinting that subconscious mind is trying to help.

This also faded away the charm that I was living in.

But that's not a big deal. I know I can attain that again but I wish to know how to use that positive subconscious to guide myself through problem (esp. related to exams and studies).

Is there something that I'm missing or doing wrong? Simply , "How to put subconscious mind into action once it is predominantly positive?"

Thank you.

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Yes, you're not getting results because you're holding thoughts saying you are intelligent and that you have studied enough to make good marks. Why? Because you don't have a "result" in your statement. Also, if on a deeper level you do feel you are not as intelligent as your statement and a voice inside yourself is saying you are just fooling yourself, well there will be a contradiction in your subconscious therefore neutralizing all your work

Personally, I use to do the same thing! I use to positively say things like "I am a millionaire", "I hold positive energy and my new car will come", "I lay on the beach all summer and get paid." What do you think was the result of my positive statements?......exactly "NOTHING!" I got very discouraged and thought I was wasting my time. Then I found the proper way which worked for me.


Have you ever read a book that you were so engrossed in that you were vividly living in the scene the words were describing? You lost all perception of the chair you are sitting in, the room you are in while you're reading because you are so "lost" in the book? That is the state you need to be in with vivid images of your desire. Living in the scene with your end result realized!

After learning this method, my new car showed up, I was on a beach one summer and got paid, got the woman of my dreams who, at one time, wanted nothing to do with me....and the list goes on!

I vividly (which means with feelings included) imagined what I wanted. For example my new car, I imagined looking at my parking spot and seeing my new car there. I would feel the wind blowing on my face, would feel my hands on the new steering wheel, I would see out through the windshield the street I was driving down, the new car smell. Anything I could think of that would be in the end result of having my new car. Then I would fall asleep. It was less that a month and I received a phone call with a new car. That person called me! I didn't call them.

Some examples I would suggest for you would be to keep the routine of doing what you're doing before falling asleep just change things a bit by vividly putting yourself in the end result. It doesn't have to be complicated. I would imagine holding your final exams in your hand and feeling the paper, seeing the print on the exam paper, seeing your hand holding the paper and seeing the grade you want to see on the paper in the same way the teacher/professor would write it. Whatever you can think of that would be in the final result of you getting good marks.....you will be pleasantly surprised at the results you get!


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Thanks Eldavo. But if you are always visualising and "living in the end" and say there are a number of desires you wish to manifest, wouldn't you become totally disconnected from reality and living all the time in your "fantasy world"? Would other people not find it hard to connect with you and think you must have gone a bit mad or absent as you're not in present reality and focused elsewhere? I'm asking for the purpose of information and learning, not to criticise. :-)

(28 Feb '14, 15:10) Inner Beauty

Lol!!....a little bit of madness is something we all need to practice every once in a while. No, I was just referring to before you go to sleep at night. You always live in the now, "Right here! Right now!" There is nothing else. You are just making your desire show up in your "Right here, Right now."

(28 Feb '14, 18:22) Eldavo

ok thanks! So you're talking about visualising at some specific times. But "living in the end" suggests you're living on a daily basis as if you've received your desire. I guess that should be so in terms of your vibrational state but not necessarily visualising all the time that you have your desire already!!!! :-) It is that balance between living in the now and yet acting as if you already have your desires for the future.

(28 Feb '14, 18:44) Inner Beauty

Which I can see is what Jaz said below.

(28 Feb '14, 18:48) Inner Beauty
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Yes « live in the end » as Eldavo says, live in the now as if you already have what you want.

Here are a few points i'd like to add ;

The subconscious can be compared to your favorite pet dog, once trained it is very docile and will immediately do all that you tell it to do, it will follow exactly your intentions and is completely void of judgment and logic, and oblivious to the notion of time.

It is however an expert in picking up your vibrations, and your vibrations are your moods and feelings. Whether you realize it or not right now you have a mood, a feeling that is causing you to send out vibes, and your dog instantly detects those vibes whether they are pleasant or unpleasant and immediately reacts accordingly.

When you say «I am intelligent and have studied enough to get good marks, tomorrow my subconscious will fetch me enough ideas to solve those questions» it will execute exactly what you have ordered. What you are in effect vibrating is

« that's enough work for now »

so the subconscious obediently remains inert, ready and waiting for the next instructions.

alt text

The best way to instruct the subconscious is to use symbols. You react to symbols and words but there is a considerable difference, Like your dog you react to the vibration of symbols on a much deeper level because they by-pass the threshold of conscious perception and work like subliminal messages. Words are of course strings of symbols arranged in a certain fashion, but non verbal symbols reach a much deeper into your subconscious.

If a policeman came knocking on the door, you open the door and see a man saying «I'm a policeman », you may have doubts and ask to see his badge. However if that man was wearing a police uniform, with gun and handcuffs and a badge

alt text

it would probably immediately start your heart pounding. Symbols are a direct link into the subconscious.


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Subconscious or right brain either way there is a formula to get it to work.

First is the loading of data.

Simple example that we can all relate to...

You are trying to think of some ones name. You keep thinking and thinking, you imagine what the man looks like, you run through all possibilities A to Z.

After all of this "trying" or really loading the data, you give up! At this point you totally release this, so much you don't want to think about it any more.

Next what happens is that as you are doing something else totally unrelated and you jump up and yell "Harry! Harry that is his name!"

This is the same for other things like composing or inventing or solving.

First load as much data as you can about the subject.

Next pass the task to your right brain or subconscious.

Next forget about it and trust.

Simple example to achieve what you wanted. Number one study and learn.

Two command your right brain to bring you all the answers needed.

Three trust this.


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