Consider: And is it possible for you to plan the overall path of your life, before you were born?

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Is your life plan your overall destiny, and can you even use Freewill to change your whole life plan, and would you want to change it, since your inner self is responsible for you remembering your perfect life plan? And do you listen to your inner voice, and follow through on your hunches?

The answer that I am looking for is: Can your physical brain remember your pre-made life plan, can your life plan continue to unfold as time goes by, and is there still plenty of room for Freewill?

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People seem to have freewill, and yet, if destiny exists, wouldn’t pre-destiny cancel freewill? Not exactly. Here’s how it works.

You planned your overall path through life before you were born. That life plan is your overall destiny, but the details of life leave plenty of room for freewill. You could even use your freewill to change your whole life plan, but then, why would you want to change your own life plan?

The fact that your physical brain doesn’t remember your own pre-made plan doesn’t hinder the fact that it continues to unfold as time goes by. Your inner self, your soul, remembers your plan perfectly. One of the functions of your inner self is to give you hunches that you can follow.

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Nice link Stingray.Trouble with your answers is that you put links in them which i cant, for the life of me resist following! hours gone from my schedule. Very interesting stuff thou.Ill save this one for later.

(07 Apr '11, 08:50) Monty Riviera

@Stingary:Do you like to cut, and paste, I was expecting you to answer the question based upon your personal experiences, but thank you for taking the time to research the source of the question, and the answer, but that’s you alright, no surprise to me! Negative, Negative!

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