How come channeled beings never teach Charity like Jesus Christ? Are there any good, humble, charitable aliens are all they all obsessed with power through law of attraction for example?

Jesus Christ said don't be obsessed with tradition (Matt. 15:3).

For example, they seem to like Numerology. They usually like the number 13 which means rebellion against God since 12 represents divine order and 13 means one who is above God's divine order.

They are obsessed with "dimensions" and mythology about history rather than teaching Love.

Some of them even teach that Love is doing whatever you want and having complete control through Law of Attraction. Love is not just appreciation, it is helping another living being in order to enjoy the joy together when you put the smile on their face.

Jesus Christ said love is "Agape" loving-kindness, charity, selfless love, treating others as you would like to be treated, in other words, giving charity and helping them in their time of need.

Most of the people following these teachings seem to grow more and more concerned about their own feelings than others. They even believe that if they just be "happy" and ignore others problems then that is good to do.

Jesus Christ said the most important things is to Love your Neighbor as Yourself because this sums up The Entire Law (Bible) and all of The Prophets (Matthew 22:39-40).

It is important to actually be motivated to give to others. That is even The Spirit of Christmas and how it became so popular. It became popular because people GIVE to others and that has a huge effect.

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@arpgme Really great question arpgme - I read loads of channelled material and it varies greatly in the way it tackles this. Unfortunately, the two most quoted channellers on IQ (Bashar and Abraham) don't stress this aspect (love, charity, kindness) of spirituality very much which has bothered me for a while - other channelled material does and stresses impeccability of character, but this tends to be less well known/well liked ... plus one from me.

(21 Dec '13, 04:30) Catherine

perhaps, they be elementals with much knowledge of Nature yet absent of Spirit

(21 Dec '13, 05:39) fred

IMO, this is not such a good question as it seems to be a loaded inquiry, filled with bias. Akin to asking, "how come no one ever asks about Christ on IQ?" Even while your question is observably asking about Christ. Many channeled books, that I'm familiar with, teach about charity-love, though I'm the type of believer that tends not to make public note of these as I believe best channeling comes from within, where Love, of the Agape version, can sure be found. Knock and the Door shall be open.

(21 Dec '13, 12:34) Jman

One of the best questions I've seen asked on Inward Quest.

(23 Dec '13, 19:04) Vesuvius
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I think that once you are really aligned with your Inner being you see the world in such a different way. You don't see all these problems to fix you see contrast, much-wanted, chosen contrast.

I see the physical plane as a giant video game and the tougher the circumstances you're born into the better it gets from a contrast perspective. Your practiced dominant vibration is likely to be set from an early age in great opposition to your Inner Beings so to figure that out or even just to 'feel good' and catch-up with the other 'YOU' is a tremendous challenge. A challenge that we all wanted and chose.

My practiced dominant vibration is set at appreciation, freedom, empowered with a little contrast now and gain to still enjoy the game. When you feel appreciation and freedom dominantly it's almost impossible to allow thoughts that focus on problems. It's very strange, it's as if you can't dwell there for long. Your mind won't go there and you bounce out from there within seconds if you try to go there.

I can totally imagine going to the non-physical and saying I want another go on the physical plane, make it harder this time, tougher circumstances, more contrast I know I can get passed it to reunite with my Inner Being. I know I can do it!!! Let me have another go on the carousel ride!!! :) I think that's how Bashar and Abraham see 'contrast'. It's why they use lighthearted terms like 'contrast' and 'croak'. They see the bigger picture, the challenge of it, the game. If you live a life with very strong resistance your time in your body will be short-lived, you will 'croak' early and that 'time' in that particular body is so fleeting in the grand scheme of things anyway, as there is no end for us.

That's not to say I don't perform acts of kindness or show love to everyone that I meet. I have to do that, because every person I meet is me, so helping and expressing care for them is very easy to do. There's no trying or fixing or saving. It's just a natural everyday response, for me anyway.


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this place is like kindergarten school. it can be a beautiful place it depends on the children what are they doing? they have free will they are a family come to this world, they revolt against each other and make war with each other to show how good and superior they are when in fact they are blind and do not see what they are doing. it is always to praise the little self that is where it start to go wrong. look at all the waste making war could that money and resource not be used better?-

(21 Dec '13, 08:22) white tiger

how many time can we blow up the world now? could not resource be put to help people the poor, the sick, lower the cost of life for everyone not just for a select fee. healthy and happy people, make a healthy and happy country. maybe eventually people will wake up in this world and make better choice. you see the worst enemy is often closer then you think take a look in the mirror. if you want to change the world take a look at your self and make that change. learn from that game.

(21 Dec '13, 08:28) white tiger

I think the difference between the "charity-mindset" and the "self-centred-mindset" is that they start with different premises.

"The world needs charity and people SHOULD engage in altruistic activities"

  • The world is not a good place to live in. It is broken. It needs to be fixed. People should change. People are doing wrong. They should behave differently. They should think differently like I want them to think, feel and behave... so I can be happy. They should do it my way, the right way... the charity way.
  • There are not enough resources on earth. Scarcity of food, scarcity of ideas, scarcity of innovation, scarcity of money and abundance. Someone should allocate our limited resources in a better way so everyone can have enough (meaning my personal version of "enough" indeed, not what others might think is enough).

"The world is perfect as it is with all the contrast. It doesn't need fixing. Nobody has to do anything for me to be able to feel happy."

  • The world is as good as I personally allow it to be. It doesn't need fixing. Each and everyone can have anything they want.
  • It's not a matter of resources because resources are unlimited. The only thing people need for them to get what they want is personal alignment with their inner being. There is an abundance of ideas, thoughts, abundance, innovation, growth, fun, love...AND an abundance of contrast for everyone.
  • Nobody has to change their way of life for me to feel happy. I don't have to change myself for anyone for them to feel happy. Because happiness comes from within (through alignment), not from the outside anyway.
  • Contrast is what we are here for. It's a luxury to be in this world of contrast and to be experiencing it.

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yep exactly it come from with in the problem is that some does not know that and focus only on the outside. they have free will and are responsible of it. we are passer by in this world, I am happy for my self you should also be happy for your self then you can love the neighbor as your self you are not alone in this world if their is some poor and sick there is something to fix. know your self clean the inside of the cup solve the division, be the light that you can be.

(21 Dec '13, 11:08) white tiger

Depends on whether someone is being charitable because they believe the person needs rescuing from something or whether they are charitable because it is more in line with their divine nature. Maybe arpgme isn't so much talking about saving or fixing anyone as advancing one's own individual spiritual growth through being compassionate and charitable. Some channellers stress this aspect more than others. Is contrast "what we are here for" ... again some channellers suggest other reasons?

(21 Dec '13, 11:45) Catherine

@Catherine Indeed, if you come from "the world is perfect as it is" premise, it is the natural consequence to be charitable from a place of alignment (if you like being it at all, it's not a must or "should"). Having interest in charity then is just another thing that makes you feel good like listening to music or having (or not having) a hobby like baseball. just a personal preference - not a thing you do because you feel worried or depressed about an "unfair world"...

(21 Dec '13, 12:32) releaser99

... "some channellers suggest other reasons" I've applied and "tested" many belief systems/premises in my life over the years. I definitely like "the world is perfect and we are here for the experience of it" better and it comes with good results for me. And that has always been my priority - "do what works". So I'm probably not the right person to know/judge if source/channeler A is more reliable than source/channeler B. I do what brings good results for me even if it's a total "lie".

(21 Dec '13, 12:32) releaser99

I'm not at all saying channeller A is more reliable than channeller B - in fact, the opposite, use your own discernment every time BUT there is a trap in assuming that if it works for you then that's all that matters ... remember our conversation here - If you are connected to everyone and everything then punching them just because you feel like it is not a good idea, even if it works for you.

(21 Dec '13, 12:46) Catherine

@Catherine "is not a good idea, even if it works for you". Don't worry, I haven't punched anyone for a long time :). But I would recommend doing it in your mind sometimes through visualization or "Focus statements" (Statement no six in list) The idea behind it is to move up the emotional scale to be " connected to everyone and everything" (Vortex state) where the punching idea no longer is exciting anyway. However, if not connected, then I would recommend visualizing it.

(21 Dec '13, 13:13) releaser99

See also "Blame cannot be the destination, but sometimes its's a good stopover/buffer..."

... just like the punching idea.

(21 Dec '13, 13:13) releaser99

I'm not worried about you punching anyone releaser - I know you to be a vortex aligned guy:) I suppose the question I maybe should have asked at that time is this: Does moving up the vibrational scale automatically raise your consciousness? I'm not convinced that it does ... I am prepared to be wrong on this as I have been wrong so many other times but it is worth thinking about.

(21 Dec '13, 13:24) Catherine

@Catherine "I have been wrong so many other times" I'm finding myself eating my own words on a regular basis on different topics :), especially since I started with all this belief changing stuff. But it's a good thing I guess :)... "Does moving up the vibrational scale automatically raise your consciousness?" I think this would be a good question to ask on IQ. My personal experience is, yes, it does. When in the Vortex, it feels obvious to me.

(21 Dec '13, 13:43) releaser99

@releaser99 Yeah, me too. I might ask it one day.

(21 Dec '13, 14:43) Catherine

@releaser, @Catherine - Thank you, you are touching on feelings and questions I have often had in mind these days. @Catherine yes please do ask your question! :)

I think you have really pinpointed something that's been coming up for you, me, and perhaps many here. There may be many who would like to gain or share wisdom on this. To "Does moving up the vibrational scale automatically raise your consciousness?" I would also add "And does raised consciousness result in kindness to others?"

(21 Dec '13, 22:47) Grace

These are really interesting questions :) Alignment launches so many 'love' thoughts and feelings automatically. It comes very naturally to connect with people. I like to experience that connection with everyone I come into contact with. It could be a smile, stopping to chat to someone, helping someone that you know needs a hand with something. You don't have to force yourself to do it, it doesn't feel like work, you just do it naturally. It's effortless, the only way I can describe it.

(22 Dec '13, 09:41) Yes

I don't know if anyone else has this but I have noticed it has become more and more pronounced. I feel deep love for people that commit the terrible crimes that make the TV news. It's as if I can see the darkness of their thoughts, and pain, in their eyes and faces, and that pain has been expressed in an extreme and destructive way. I feel overwhelming love for them. To be so far from their Inner Being to live with that separation. I love contrast but in those cases I want to drop love on them!

(22 Dec '13, 09:53) Yes

I think I am not as aligned as many, but as I continue to learn and grow, I have definitely noticed that where I previously might have found it necessary to sort human behavior into "acceptable" and "wrong", I now much more frequently experience a feeling of mild, benevolent interest, a kind of "Well, isn't that nice, that those people have found something that works for them". (Not to say that there aren't behaviors I struggle with feeling condemning about, still. But there are fewer now!)

(22 Dec '13, 18:37) corduroypower

@Grace Here is another idea you may want to consider when thinking about kindness. To illustrate the point, imagine someone being in the Vortex, feeling joy and appreciation for everyone, and also sitting at the dinner table on thanksgiving, laughing and having fun with his family and even inviting a homeless person to eat turkey with them. I would say this would be kind...

(22 Dec '13, 19:31) releaser99

...But someone from the PETA for example, might say it's brutal and not a kind act to eat an animal and celebrate it. So maybe asking "why is my definition of kindness different than person A's, B's, and C's...definition?". Hope this point doesn't lack kindness :). @Yes @Corduroypower Well said.

(22 Dec '13, 19:31) releaser99

@releaser99 - Great example, thank you. :) It's always a confusing subject for me. I think where I get lost is in the manner in which these differences are shared.

As you have simply said hello friend have a look at it this way, it is easy for me to enjoy the conversation and learn and share, be reminded, expand my awareness, and come away with a stronger, wiser heart and mind. I also feel a bond of friendship, and of shared experience, which does me good, I believe...

(22 Dec '13, 22:08) Grace

...It's when people seem to enjoy a different sort of interaction, when things feel unfriendly or negative to me, like an attempt to pull a person down in some way, it just makes me want to stay far away.

I think most people have their sore spots inside, or entrenched, habitual attitudes that all come up to be healed. I feel that an aggressive attack sets up resistance. I don't like being around that vibe, so I take myself out of such situations. I move on...

(22 Dec '13, 22:14) Grace

...I believe that if seeing you eat turkey made me feel as you describe, we could talk about it without either of us trying to hurt the other, or prove our thoughts the more righteous.

I think if anyone is willing to discuss strong feelings on any subject, kindness matters.

But that is me. I do see that others see it differently, and I can always walk away if I don't like where I am.

(22 Dec '13, 22:30) Grace

@Grace "I feel that an aggressive attack sets up resistance" Yes, I do see your point. I feel that this answer caused a lot of resistance to come up to surface. I'm definitely going to work on my words. Maybe they are "inartfully expressed". It's also my personal preference to not activate limiting beliefs within people where I might think that it will overwhelm them too much. However, that's not always possible and we have to make peace with that every human interaction could cause pain.

(25 Dec '13, 11:58) releaser99

Because no matter what we say, there is always potential to activate limiting beliefs within somebody. I guess that's the point I wanted to make. What is kindness? It depends on very personal experiences from the past and beliefs. Where is the line between a personal/"aggressive" attack and a well-meant answer? It also depends on personal experiences and beliefs.

(25 Dec '13, 12:01) releaser99

I still remember that I felt personally offended somehow when I read on Inward Quest that feeling good is the only thing that matters to manifest "big stuff". But now I think it's ridiculous to feel that way about the idea. So my definition of "personal attack" about it changed.

(25 Dec '13, 12:11) releaser99

@released99 - Oh I sure do know what you mean! Yes my definitions have changed as well. Which goes to show they are never going to be written in stone; there are no absolutes, just individual tastes, perhaps.

That feeling good - it seemed so shallow, didn't it? I remember thinking that talking about how "easy" life can be was insensitive when some folks were going through some painful circumstances! Lol! It seems so silly now - now I see that as a lifeline to throw! :)

(25 Dec '13, 20:27) Grace
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I believe Jesus was trying to unite humanity so that we all raise up together. The more good we bring into the world the more happiness we spread then the more good and happiness humanity has. This includes ourselves. This is holistic in approach, heal and love all and all will be healed and loved including the self.

A lot of "self help" is of course about the self. These say fix yourself, love yourself, this helps. Yes we all need to heal and love ourselves. However that is only the start and needs to expand to others as well. The more we heal each other the more we are healed as well. Jesus said to treat others like we would like to be treated. To see others as ourselves, will this bring happiness or increase suffering? The more people expresse this way of life, the more it spreads and the more suffering for all decreases.

I believe that is why he is King of Kings, he was showing us how to restore humanity to Eden.


answered 20 Dec '13, 19:58

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Wade Casaldi

There are some channeled books with a Christian message that I have found have love. These are Elisabeth Clair Prophet books the Lost Teachings of Jesus. Reflections of the Christ Mind. A Course In Miracles. And the Conversations With God Books. But we mustn't forget Brian Talbot Clevey and the House on the Rock or the Seven Mansions.

(22 Dec '13, 07:47) Wade Casaldi

Did I not tell you all of this? yet one need to start with him self from the inside. if he does not know him self he cannot know other. then how can he love other as himself? he cannot do it. then do not be surprise that they arm other and if you would do the same thing to them they would not accept it. they cannot walk a mile in someone else shoe, then how can they walk a life time in someone else shoe. so they judge someone else life according on what they imagine to be true. they say to them you do nothing, you are a good for nothing, we need to kick you so that you do something etc.. the list is very long. if someone would do just a small bit of this to them they would make war. yet they do it plenty of time to other. one day all of this will be reveal in the light of truth how much will they have to bear. the darkness does not go to the light of fear of having is evil deeds shown up. if they would have read their bible they would have know that.

Well this is what happen when people focus to much on the outside and not enough on the inside. they do not have the full truth and pass judgment often they are wrong.

this video is a good indication of people that look to much outside and not enough inside.

they should not stop seeking until they find.

if you want to know more about this part of a movie:

Before this documentary film has even made it's way to the general public, it has already cause a huge stir among hardcore Darwinists and Creationists. Special interest groups have been trying to put pressure on movie theaters to not show the film. Hate mail, even death threats have also been part of the stir among those who oppose it's position on creationism. Ben Stein a well know actor in the twilight of his career, has also been a target for hostility for endorsing Creationism in the film. Movie critic Roger Moore of the Orlando

Sentinel purposely avoided signing a disclosure agreement which was being passed out. He then screened the film and decided to write a poor review about it.

This movie has exposed censorship to a certain degree,and the peer pressure associated with it. Also, it reveals valid points in challenging the very core of evolution. Darwinists have been fearful of the impact this movie might have on questioning evolution in general. You see, like Christians believe in the final authority in the Bible, Darwinists believe in the final authority of everything that stems from neo-Darwinism.

One of the major criticisms of this movie and Creationism in general is claiming that there is no science involved only religious ideas. Nothing can be further from the truth. Let's say for the sake of argument that a man walks up to you, and tells you he can produce a ball of energy out of thin air and this source of energy would grow into all kinds of things as it changes structures and chemicals. "Are you serious?" would most likely the response. But in this case, the man is dead serious about his claim. Most people including creationists and evolutionists would laugh in disbelief at this notion. Christians would think as just a belief in witchcraft, and believe the man has no power to create energy out of thin air. A Darwinist would think that's impossible.

However, evolution takes that claim two steps further. It says that the beginning of the universe came from nothing by chance. By eliminating God, or an intelligent being, it claims that is science from a human perspective. But in reality, the occurrence of creating something out of nothing is supernatural. Because it defies the laws of physics. How can a humanistic hypothesis begin by supernatural means? The answer is, it can't, and no neo-Darwinist has ever come up with a suitable scientific explanation on how random chance could produce energy out of nothing to create the big bang.

On the other hand, creationism goes by two basic laws...


Defines energy as a mass which cannot be created out of nothing, and can be changed from one form to another but the total amount remains the same.


All systems will tend toward the most mathematically probable state, and eventually become totally random and disorganized. Albert Einstein said this law would be impossible to eliminate.

Whether you agree with the statements or not, science can be use to discredit evolution which promotes the idea of intelligent design. This is what the movie is trying to imply, this is what is upsetting to some neo-Darwinists. It's not bringing religion per say into the debate as it would be a bad idea to do that in the public school system with so many different beliefs about Christianity and the influence of special interest groups, but it's basically bringing another view of science that comes to a different conclusion. Once this movie comes out in April as the average person can only view a trailer of this movie, it will be interesting how the public reacts to the challenge of Darwinism.

Hate mail, even death threats have also been part of the stir among those who oppose it's position on creationism.

do they love the neighbor as them self? are they in truth? or are they afraid that truth comes out? why do they want to remain in error? if something is not true would it not be for the good of all to know the truth? could it be that they could not praise them self and admit that they are wrong and made a error? no one is perfect in this world, if that would not be so you would not be in this world. there is new stuff every day to be learn and no one know all except the one that is perfect and send you to this world. Why be in anger and judge other or threaten them with death treat. are you with out sin to cast the first stone? you better return to your bible you might learn a fee things.


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white tiger

edited 20 Dec '13, 23:07

"one day all of this will be reveal in the light of truth how much will they have to bear"

Amen. All of the people who didn't care about helping others only caring about themselves will be confronted of their own lack of compassion. Especially people who are fully capable but don't help others (like for example, SOME - not all - rich people).

(20 Dec '13, 19:26) arpgme

i am not sure on this but thought i will contemplate on this out loud in writing :-) Maybe it is possible that Great Masters teach according to what is more needed in the world at the moment. So Jesus taught to love others because there was quite lot of cruelty at the time. Of course its a Universal Truth and loving others will always work miracles.

Now mostly it seems to people have enough to eat and live but problems are more in the mind. World right now has too many distraction and people are getting swayed by different marketers etc. and not doing things from their heart. Corporate world for example takes away a chunk of your life through work etc. Unless you are clear in your head you would easily follow things that are not really you.

I dont agree with what you said about current teachings saying to ignore everything. Current teachers also enunciate to not even think harmful thoughts to others. they don't put charity high focus and that part is right but that does not mean you can't have a loving heart. But current teachers are emphasizing to first CENTER YOURSELF which connects you to your higher self. And from there you will be LOVING BEING.

There is no doubt that there are some Law of attraction make quick buck teachers who are in there for their personal gains and i think you are talking about these people. But if you look at any serious new age teachers, Gratitude, Love are embedded in it strongly.


answered 21 Dec '13, 07:40

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at the time so you think there is no more cruelty? loved the part about people not clear in the head divided and following thing that are not really them. yep ignorance is not helping what they need is truth and a good heart, solve their division that cause judgment in and out, out and in. Left right, right left. above below, below above. the simple fact is that people often do to other what they would not accept from someone else. if they would know them self they would know other and not do-

(21 Dec '13, 07:57) white tiger

this. Am I telling the truth? it is like they receive stone and try to ignore it and get mad and cast bigger one and they do not see it. it cause friction and they want to kill each other. so they go to war. if they would act properly with each other would they need to go to war? it start with small stone and end up with missile. what is it going to be next? do they really think that their God like to see them do that to them self and other? or do they really think that they are civilized? or -

(21 Dec '13, 08:06) white tiger

that they are superior acting that way or does it show how inferior they are? if you do not know your self you live in poverty and you are that poverty.

(21 Dec '13, 08:10) white tiger

That's the thing though, abrahamloa. They teach that Gratitude is love, but Gratitude is about YOU feeling happy for what YOU have, not about sharing joy with anyone else.

There was a guy and his brain produces a level of gamma waves never before reported in the field of neuroscience and he believed in living in Altruism. His brain sends out powerful waves and is full of joy. Why didn't any Law of Attraction followers achieve this high state? Something to think about.

(21 Dec '13, 12:03) arpgme

@arpgme whos to say that there are not "loa followers" that have achieved living in homo luminous form.I believe this to be true many,many times and light...

(21 Dec '13, 12:19) Roy

@Roy it's possible. I'm open minded to the idea. But as far as we know, and there were many studies done on the brain and meditation, he has the strongest brain waves seen in neuroscience to date.

(21 Dec '13, 12:49) arpgme

people like to name things in this world and praise them self on the amount of word they know, how ever if they do not know them self they are completely deficient. why does one reach higher level and one does not? it might depend on what they are looking for and if they have the will to take the journey and enjoy it. if one seek and does not enjoy the journey of course he will want it to end soon. if he would have know the beginning he would have know the end. where the beginning is also is-

(22 Dec '13, 07:07) white tiger

the end. why does one drink a small amount of water in the night and someone else a big amount of water in the day? in the night one eyes is close and he is sleeping in darkness and in the day one eyes is open and is awake in the light. the one that walk in the darkness does not know where he is going does not enjoy the journey since he does not see and hit stuff and get hit by stuff and fall in ditch. while the one in the day see where is going and what he is doing. and what other people are-

(22 Dec '13, 07:16) white tiger

doing. is that so surprising? and does it answer your question @arpgme ? will also add if one is in a dark place he needs to light is lamp to know what he is doing and where he is going. The eye is the lamp of the body; so then if your eye is clear, your whole body will be full of light. 23"But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light that is in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!

(22 Dec '13, 07:18) white tiger

If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.

(22 Dec '13, 07:36) white tiger

properly split that pieces of wood so that it will not cause darkness in and out. take that beam and speck removed from the eyes and throw it in the fire so that darkness will be in truth and will be consume. Who ever is close to me is close to the fire.

(22 Dec '13, 11:01) white tiger

@white tiger, i do believe society was more cruel and had less laws in the days of Jesus. Romans were ruthless and hung people to cross including jEsus. It was common punishment. But right now world has more proper laws and has evolved than that time. Yes there is still corruption and there is cruelty in some countries than some others but overall we are in better state where you can fight for your justice. You have rights for your freedom etc.

(23 Dec '13, 13:14) abrahamloa

so anyway that was just me talking loud to myself thats its possible Masters teachings usually are more catered to the current age while the Eternal truth always remains same but some focus maybe more on certain areas that is needed

(23 Dec '13, 13:17) abrahamloa

@arpgme, if you truly practice gratitude you will be a more loving person. its automatic. I am not saying you will become like mOther teresa or do big charities but you would not be just selfish. Ofcourse they never are against charities :-)
There is also a misconception to the way you are thinking about the new age teachers. They are emphasizing first to fix yourself before you go do charities. I can give you an exaggerated example.

(23 Dec '13, 13:20) abrahamloa

I had a friend who worked in voluntary jobs which in and itself was amazing selflessness. But she was seeking more validation and was always ** the world is like this and that and it was clear that she was not connected to her Source. This is even worse than someone else who is kind caring and grateful and may not do too much charity. Also a person who is grateful will automatically extend helping hand.

(23 Dec '13, 13:22) abrahamloa

also the level of help we do to others is relative. One may not do much except when someone really needs it, or some people just donate on occasions, some donate every month, others put their whole life into helping others.

(23 Dec '13, 13:30) abrahamloa
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