when we desire something we give out energy, but it is also giving out energy of lack,so we also attracting lack which we don't want.

asked 08 Apr '11, 15:25

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There is no "energy of lack" - there is just energy.

If the energy is flowing towards something you want, you start becoming vibrationally aligned with it and you start to see physical manifestations of that alignment in your reality. In other words, you start to manifest what you want.

If the energy is flowing towards something you don't want, you don't see physical manifestations of what you want. Instead, you see physical manifestations of whatever else it is now flowing towards

...so you could justifiably call it the lack of what you wanted. But it is actually the presence of something else you didn't want.


answered 08 Apr '11, 15:36

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Well, it might depend. Do you visualize yourself with the desired outcome as if it is already true or do you include the fact that it does not exist? They might look the same but they are subtly different.

Act as if it is true and already done cause it is :)


answered 08 Apr '11, 16:07

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