Okay so, My dad had been selected for an interview and if he had made it, we would be going to Germany for 3 years and that was a great opportunity. We made him prepare well by covering every piece of information and asking questions and he answered very well.

So, I decided to use the LOA to manifest this. I fantasised about being in germany (not as a chore, I was just imagining how my life would be there) and I told myself that my dad will make it, my mom knows the secret too and so does my dad.

So my mom was also kind of convinced that he'd make it because he's really really good at what he does. So, my dad called us after the interview and told us it went well and he answered everything well too.

He too was hoping for his name to come. There were 5 people interviewing and only one had to go. Now, the results came tell he is a bit disappointed because we were all looking forward to going to germany. I don't particularly feel bad or anything.

I'm just confused as to why he didn't make it. I like to think that it's only for the better and maybe there is some other plan but considering the law of attraction exists, there's nothing like fate right? So, what did we do wrong?

Thanks in advance to all the people who respond! ♥♥

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First, I'm sorry for your father having not to make it. But I'm very sure there's still a lot of opportunities along the way.

Your reality is not your father's reality. Although you did visualize your father having to make it, it's still up to his insides how he'll be able to manifest this, or if he's vibrationally-aligned. He may have some inner conflicts about his capabilities or his chances during the interview. This is something that's out of your hands. It doesn't mean though that you won't be able to go to Germany, if that's what you want, but it can be manifested in a different way. The Universe aligns itself and comes up with what you want not exactly as how you visualize the circumstances to be but under its own terms... as long as you have a clear intention on what you want, what you want will be given and the "how" part of how it can be brought to you is part of the fun of not knowing.

Also, you must have held on too much or are too attached to the thought that you can't learn to let it go and let the Universe. @Stingray's "Manifestation Experiment 1" explains this part in detail.


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Thankyou for your response!Maybe I was attached but I didn't think about it like crazy, just every now and then. Just gotta work on my dad believing in himself more! He needs to realise that he can and he WILL do anything!!

(22 Jan '16, 11:04) Happyunicorn17

There's a funny thing about manifestation where it can or can't work if you think about it too much, or it can or can't work if you don't think about it too much. However it was mentioned somewhere here on IQ that these are just "tools" to attune us to the right vibration, so choose one that makes you inspired and in tune. Also sometimes the Universe breaks things as part of the process of manifesting something better. Good luck to your dad :)

(22 Jan '16, 18:38) sagchiq03

Hmmm, I'd like to put forth a different perspective from the one @sagchiq03 offered (but not any more valid of course).

"Your reality is not your father's reality" I agree with that, and although both realities exist, you are ultimately the boss of your reality. Everything that happens in your reality happens due to your beliefs, vibrations etc., I mean everything, including what other people around you experience. If that weren't so, Law of Attraction would come to a contradiction; in plain English, if your desires depended on other people's state of being and their desires that would mean that some times you wouldn't get anything and everything you wanted. And that would mean that Law of Attraction sometimes wouldn't "work" :)

So, if everything exists righ now, "manifestation" of things as a concept for something to come into existence is false. It was always there, what ever it is that you want, it's just that people can't percieve/experience("manifest") certain things while having limiting beliefs about the subject, not vibrating in a prefered way etc. There are infinite amount of probabilities(even infinite amout of versions of your dad and his reality :)), choose one that you prefere.


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Thank you for making my point clear. :) Yes, reality creation is a form of "collaboration" where we all actively manifest what we're "boss" in to form something bigger. "Including what other people around you experience" reminds me of the Ho'oponopono where the doctor said that if we create our own reality, then we also contribute to other people's experience.

(22 Jan '16, 18:33) sagchiq03

sagchiq03, you mentioned Ho'oponopono in your last reply. One of the key precepts of Ho'oponopono is that we are clueless on the level of the conscious thinking mind. We don't see the whole picture of what is going on so we can't know what would be best for us or for others. It's all about surrendering to our God-selves, Divinity or whatever you want to call it. It's not really about intending anything, but about clearing the way for inspiration to come through. Blessings often come in disguise.
Happyunicorn, thank you for your question; it's very timely for me, as my son learned today he won't be getting a job he had high hopes for. I was feeling bad for him, and writing this was a good reminder to myself! :)


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you ask what did we do wrong. first of all you are not alone in this world it was not you or your dad that took the decision.You ask this because you see this event as failure. what if the failure was going there? would it change your perspective on the situation? you see the one that took the decision add is own interest, moral value, and different factor that contributed in is decision. could it be that he think another candidate is more suited for the job? could it be that the position is not as interesting as it sound and he did not want your father to be deceive by the job offer? you do not know; only the one that took the decision know it. since your father is the one concerned he might have is own idea on that. ask the right question to the one concerned and you might find the answer or a part of the answer. stop seing everything as 2 extreme white and black, good or bad since it sometime is more complex then that with a lot more variance between the 2 opposite extreme.

if you know your self you will know other but if you do not know your self how can you hope to know other? first know thyself and then get to know other.

Let no man deceive himself. If any man among you seemeth to be wise in this world, let him become a fool, that he may be wise.

Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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Your father has done everything right, his desire is far more greater than he is aware of and the Universe has already laid the groundwork for his fulfillment for something even better, trust it, it is never up to us what and how something unfolds for others, expect nothing for others but only for yourself, then good things can happen for others from your own perspective and even then, you might be surprised, trust that everything is always working out for YOU as that is always enough for yourself and everyone who is close to you. Trust is the key word here and you are always doing everything right, hang in there and expect amazing things that will surpass both you and your dad's expectations, relax, Universe has this!


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I am going to bring some tough news which may cause you to become distressed.

My understanding is That the traditional concept and leading theory of the law of attraction and its principals.... do not work. And it may be some hard truth to bear at first but my life became easier when I accepted this.

The secret has been written by feminazi psycho-airy fairy marketing guru. In case you didn't know, I think now she has published 5-6 books further sugar coating her original message of the law of attraction. I would guess, on this fact, that her main agenda is to make money. Her target audience includes insecure, unsure, hopeful people like yourself that are looking at any means to get what you desire, without paying any cost of discomfort or pain.

Following the secret puts you in an incredibly weak position: You are putting your power into a specific, particular outcome. Your locus of control is external, and to put it brutally, anyone that is blindly putting their faith into the secret is merely exercising another format of learned helplessness. Folks, expecting an event to occur because of your feelings and thinking (and nothing else) is nothing short of schizophrenic. If the secret were genuinly real, children would be flying. Children would have unicorns and mermaids existing. Children have utter conviction that Santa and the tooth fairy exist not as a fantasy- but as real. Children do not have this mental buffer of fiction and reality because they are not developmentally matured enough....using this as evidence to show that the secret is utter bull.

But here is what you can rely on- yourself. Not your feelings, are your stories, or your positive thinking, but your behaviour and actions. The best way for your dad to get a job would be to apply for hundreds, study on how to succeed at interviews, and then go out and try. Action taking. That is not the secret. That is common sense.


answered 31 Jan '16, 08:28

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Study up on cults as well and do yourself a favour by not listening to strong views on this website, heck, mine included. Please use critical thinking in everything you read, and just because something may be popular and well praised does NOT seem is factual, workable or truthful. Please, be sceptical on here. Have boundaries and do not fall prey to this psycho-babble.

(31 Jan '16, 08:33) Nikulas

thats a very strong change you have since I last saw you on this site. I would say that you are right in that she tends to beat around the bush too much and the real message is lost in all of that. Like it's actually just about feeling better but the message is lost in all of that rambling, and I didn't get that until I found this site. No matter whether what she says about the LOA is true a not, I just know that if you can always try to feel better, your life will definitely be better.

(31 Jan '16, 20:47) kakaboo

The current society is addicted to feeling good; pleasure, comfort, enjoyment are all common messages pushed onto us.

The message that "feeling some discomfort, pain and fear" is less popular than the message of "feel good feelings as much as you can." It is not feel accepted and would not sell.

Its way easier to buy an Abraham book and rationalise the words in there as truth, than it is to push someone to face their fears and live a life of periodical, willing sacrifice and discomfort.

(01 Feb '16, 04:33) Nikulas

The LOA will prove to you whatever you choose. If you don't believe in it it you will receive what you believe - evidence that it doesn't work. I believe I have the power over my own experience and so I do. I have created many wonderful, miraculous things and they have arrived with little effort or work on my part. The happier I feel the more good stuff shows up. There's no great secret to it. Just like yourself, enjoy life, play more, love more. It's really not difficult. Life is wonderful :)

(01 Feb '16, 06:47) Yes

I thoroughly disagree. There is such conditions in the human brain including bias, selective focus (reticular activation system), ignorance and self rationalisation for occurrences.

If we were to substitute the term law of attraction for the noun of "brain" I may be able to meet your views half way.

However I think its great you believe you have power over your experience on earth.

(01 Feb '16, 07:30) Nikulas

I wish to say, I appreciate and savour peoples use of good manners on this website. There are many other forums I have posted on where I feel personally attacked for expressing my viewpoint in a respectful way. I do not feel any degree of that here, it is well liked

(01 Feb '16, 07:35) Nikulas

@Nikulas - "The current society is addicted to feeling good.." I don't think so at all. Leaving Abraham aside, a few courses I went to have made me realized how I am conditioned to think negatively. True that society is addicted to feeling good, but there's somewhat of catch 22 here- it's that you have to BUY their stuff in order to feel good. Most ads tend to try to make you feel bad at first and then go "Hey buy this thing so you can feel better and get a better life"

(02 Feb '16, 10:55) kakaboo

"The message that "feeling some discomfort, pain and fear" is less popular..." Actually I don't that's not true either. It is more popular. Check out the articles on newspapers, count how many of them are negative news like accidents, crimes committed, etc compared to something happy. There will probably be more negative ones than positive ones.

(02 Feb '16, 11:01) kakaboo

I can see what youre saying, but my opinion is that we live in a culture that endorses to improve pleasure, maximise comfort of living, and all the whilse to reduce ideas of work, reduce the notion of discomfort and overall discouraging the experience of negative feelings and emotions. I think Abraham is a product (a marketable product) that blindly encourages the pursuit of pleasure.

Be careful there- "crimes committed" as a "negative thing" is your judgement there.

(02 Feb '16, 21:48) Nikulas

Hey @Nikulas, I wanted to chime in. Let's say we drop everything. Let's say the LOA isn't real. You don't have an inner being. Abraham are totally fake and don't know what they are talking about, etc. etc.

That leaves us with one thing:

Everything you want physically, you want only because you believe you will feel good in the having of it.

Can we agree on this? Even if LOA isn't real etc. I'm sure you would agree that you only want things because they will make you feel good.

(07 Feb '16, 15:26) WeRadiateBeauty

What's the point of having money if you still feel powerless and insecure? You want money because you want to feel secure, "I can put food on the table" etc. Let's say you had a bunch of money, but your locality was at war and there was an arrest on food. Well, even though you have a bunch of money, you don't have that security of being able to acquire food for yourself. You want to feel secure. The presence/absence of money doesn't matter.

(07 Feb '16, 15:30) WeRadiateBeauty

I think I've made my point... so, if the bolded premise in the previous comment makes sense to you...

Everything you want physically, you want only because you believe you will feel good in the having of it.

We're ready to elaborate.

(07 Feb '16, 15:30) WeRadiateBeauty

What feels good/better?

The LOA is real and I create my reality. vs. The LOA is not real and I don't create my reality.

What is or isn't real is irrelevant. You have the choice to believe one way, or the other. Which one would you rather believe? You want to feel good anyways. The whole point of everything physical is to feel good. You control what you believe (surely, you control your own brain, your own thoughts, so the preceding statement is an obvious corollary).

(07 Feb '16, 15:34) WeRadiateBeauty

Assuming you know all you want is to feel good, then you would believe the thought that makes you feel good. It doesn't matter what is true. Let the physical truth be there, and just know that you only want physical things to change because you want to feel better. You can feel better now.

Do this with everything. It feels good to believe that my inner being holds a vibration, and that I feel positive emotion when I match that vibration, and negative emotion when I don't

(07 Feb '16, 15:39) WeRadiateBeauty

It feels good to know that I have an emotional guidance system.

It feels good to believe what Abraham say.

It feels good to know that Well-Being is the basis of my experience.

It feels good to know that life is meant to be easy.

It feels good to know that life is meant to be care-free.

It feels good to know that I create my own reality.

It doesn't matter if all those things are absolutely false. The only thing that matters is that those beliefs FEEL GOOD TO YOU.

(07 Feb '16, 15:41) WeRadiateBeauty

Every morning, first thing in the morning, hold in your mind the basic premise...

Everything I want physically, I want only because I believe I will feel good in the having of it.

...and from that state of being, question your own beliefs in finding what feels good, only because it feels good and nothing else.

I'm not saying your life will change. I'm not saying that LOA will become real. I'm not saying you'll become rich. However, you will feel better. Try it and see what happens :)

(07 Feb '16, 15:47) WeRadiateBeauty

I dont believe in law of attraction. I also do not believe in a chase to constantly feel good. I am happy with a whole plethora of emotions, and when I feel bad, I dont have any desperation to feel good as quick as I can. That is my stance. If you wish to continue to try and convince me, I wont advise it, but each to their own. Will be easier if you accept my view at that.

(08 Feb '16, 02:20) Nikulas

Hey @nikulas. I completely understand why you've formed this idea and I respect that but personally, I have had unimaginable things happen for me in the past through the law of attraction. I'm not trying to convince you that its real but I personally believe that the only way to attract anything is to let go.

(08 Feb '16, 09:26) Happyunicorn17

Anyway, I am not an loa savvy person as in I don't force myself to feel happy when I'm sad. I feel every emotion without resisting it and my dad is in the army so it was just an opportunity,he's not jobless and its okay. And Rhonda Byrne has to make money somehow and she's only sharing her perspective like your shared yours. But thankyou for your response and tthankyou for taking the time to explain it from your perspective.

(08 Feb '16, 09:27) Happyunicorn17

@Happyunicorn17 No dramas. I should have been more clear; I was responding to @WeRadiateBeauty in that last one.

(08 Feb '16, 16:46) Nikulas

@Nikulas - I totally understand your perspective! I'm glad you've acknowledged your values and are living by them. I'd recommend meditating in your LOA-less world. The physical and mental benefits of meditation are far reaching and have been widely accepted by the established scientific community. If you ever decide to poke at LOA again, you can use my favorite test to see if it's true or not: Make positive aspects of the person you hate most, and negative aspects of the person you love most...

(13 Feb '16, 12:43) WeRadiateBeauty

... and watch them switch roles!

(13 Feb '16, 12:44) WeRadiateBeauty

Again, you've made judgements about me and are trying to "fix me" from your point of view. Its incredibly annoying. Things like "I recommend meditation". Post your opinions on the subject and stop getting personal with me please. I really dislike it, I prefer to debate on the subject which is why I hope we are all here for.

(13 Feb '16, 19:35) Nikulas

@Nikulas Is it nessecary to dismiss the concepts altogether? The law of attraction aspect might not have any substance to it, I have no idea. But sources like The Secret and Abraham have given me everything I've ever wanted in life, even if it's just been the confidence to go after what I wanted. That's fairly priceless

(13 Feb '16, 20:20) Bluebell

@Bluebell Youre putting your confidence in an outside source. When it should be coming from within. Because it is from an outside source, it will not be sustainable.

(13 Feb '16, 21:08) Nikulas

@Nikulas Oh I see what you mean. I agree with you. I'm definitely not at that point but hope to be there one day. Have you achieved it?

(13 Feb '16, 21:15) Bluebell

Yes I have achieved it. Everyone can achieve it. Because you asked here's what you do: Pretend loa doesn't exist. Create achievable goals for yourself, and then take action to get them realised. Sorry if you want a better answer than that, buts that's it.

(13 Feb '16, 21:53) Nikulas

@Nikulas Fair enough. For what purpose? What is the point of your goals?

(13 Feb '16, 21:58) Bluebell

I just answered you. The purpose of that is to build up self reliance and confidence. have you noticed I'm actually responding to you?

Lets not get personal. Lets stick to the topics at issue please.

(13 Feb '16, 22:46) Nikulas

@Nikulas That makes no sense. You said it should come from within but now you're saying that you use external goals to build up your inner confidence.

(13 Feb '16, 23:05) Bluebell

@Nikulas 'Again, you've made judgements about me and are trying to "fix me" from your point of view. Its incredibly annoying' isn't this what you do in every single post? Try and 'fix' people who believe in law of attraction?

(13 Feb '16, 23:13) Bluebell

Nope. This is my final answer. You go for goals as a means of training and installing that you do have what it takes. This is for someone that doesn't believe they have power to change their situation. After this point is reached, then the exercise has served its purpose.

No. I give my opinion truthfully. I point out to others their foolish flaws and subtle shortcomings in answers when I see it fit.

I have been generous responding to you. But now it is done.

(13 Feb '16, 23:21) Nikulas
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