Since we are working by time, days and dates.

All desires have time limit, and struggling with time limit/dead lines effect on our ability to create because universal mind, the first creator create effortlessly because he works with no needs, time limits and attachments, creates because he born to create and only because of that he creates in zero time.

The question is not about the time limit which working on melting it is attained by practice, its about the validity of the desire.

When the validity of the desire is expired, can we use LOA to renew this validity? And can we save the experiences we gained, the feelings and wisdom to the coming desire? Or we should start over taking every case at once?

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Who says that desires expire or lose validity? You would need to be specific here because some desires never lose their validity while some obviously do, like the desire to have one's diaper changed. Some desires though, are eternal, like learning. Then, it would depend on what one wants to learn. People start college at all ages, even in their 80's and 90's, though for some people in their 80's and 90's, the desire to have their diaper changed becomes valid again. Someone in their later years, wouldn't necessarily go to school for physically demanding pursuits.

That would be where one could use the LOA to live a long healthy life in which they could do physically demanding activities at advanced years.

Now, if by losing their validity, you mean that you have changed your mind and no longer want to pursue these desires because you have changed your values or perspective or whatever, then it is time to ask the questions, What do I want, Why do I want that, What do I need to do to obtain that desire, What must I be willing to give up for that desire, What is keeping me from these desires?

I keep thinking that I don't have any desires and how lifeless that is. I feel guilt, regret, etc... that I don't have a nice big house, etc... I work part time, I couldn't work more because I have injuries and am in pain a lot and am limited to what I can do physically without more pain. I think about all the great things I could be doing for the world if I had gone into a science, but which one?

Then, I look at the big picture and realize that right now, I am raising my son and giving that my best effort. I really wouldn't want to work full time and have my son at daycare or home alone every day. That truely is the desire of my heart. I realize that I don't even have to worry about what I want to do. When my son is grown, and on his own, then I will look into myself and see what I want to do. I don't want to spend my now in the future, I want to enjoy the present. When the future becomes the present, then I will enjoy that now moment also, and so tomorrow will always be bright.

The pain is what got me started on this inward journey. I have learned so much about myself and the world since I have been injured. It is amazing that I made many discoveries on my own, and now am finding that others have discovered these things also and there are books about it and videos, and forums. So it is hard to begrudge the pain, eventually I will be able to let it go. Until then, I continue my quest.

As far as having a nice big house, I appreciate having my nice little appartment and expect that some day, somebody is going to give me a house for free or real cheap. I don't have to know how, or who, or why, I just have to let go of any resistance that I might have, like, People don't just give away houses. Well, sometimes they do. I don't want anybody to get hurt or die an early death for it to happen either.

Another thing that I have learned and am still working on, is to let go of what I think or fear that other people think, expect, etc... of me, or how people judge me. First of all, how dare I decide what they think, etc... and secondly, why should I let that control what I think, believe and do?


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Yes I agree Jai and I had big dreams and hopes for the future but little by little those have become impossible. We now feel the future is bleak, we are on our own with no direction. Yes desires lose their validity when we see that every step we were taking to get there has fallen apart under our feet. When we look to the future and see nothing then desires have indeed lost their validity.


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Confounding as your question sounds I can simply say anything is possible. Desire is an emotional response to external stimuli. Searching for validity in life is as confounding as knowing something exists simply because our senses sense it. Do not be fooled by the mirage.


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