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Here are the pieces of experience I tried to pass on to my children:

Just like voting in Chicago, pray early and often! (LOL!) Not enough can be said about praying. It is a habit that even a young child can develop. My father said prayers every night with we kids, and we did not just say, "Now I lay me down to sleep". We learned the Lord's Prayer, and the 23rd Psalm, too. Then we sang a bunch of uplifting and sometimes silly songs. We sang, Jesus Loves Me; then we sang, "Mister Moon"; we sang then two short songs my Father composed himself about flowers and trees; we then wrapped up with a really crazy song I call "the Wind Is A-Blowing". It all set me up with a lifetime of habit of prayer. It is my best memory of my Father.

A positive attitude can be learned by example from you! If you try to be upbeat, the kids will be, too. Most of the time, I was more beat than upbeat with my kids, but I did try hard to make them laugh and be positive.

Make God the center of your life, and He will be the center of your children's lives, God willing.

What would you pass on to your kids?



Lyrics to "The Wind is a-blowing"- I believe my Dad also invented this song, but I am hoping that if he did not, someone will find it on You Tube and insert it here.

The Wind is a-blowing,' And the snow is a-flowing, And the pass is closed up tight! Oh, my doggie and me We will freeze in the breeze, And we will be dead by tonight. Whooo, whoo-whoo, whoo, whoo....

My Dad was a Nut. What a song for a lullaby!

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I had just answered this with a big answer using my being a Sensei as an example but one phone call wiped everything I wrote. I'll try again later.

(24 Jun '13, 09:23) Wade Casaldi

There is no need to suffer/worry/doubt/be sad. What happens to you is not random. Its only a choice. So whenever you want to feel better its only a moment away.

there is Source connection. Human will is limited but Divine will is unlimited. If you get aligned with Cosmic Laws then you can access the Divine and life will never be same again! Be easy with yourself. Everything will be perfectly beautiful. Follow your joy, inspirations and passions how ever small, they will lead you the Garden of Eden.

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Now get out the house and play!


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lol! You wrote this answer right after you said this to another member.

"is this even worth discussing?? lol... who cares... i dont give rats a**.. lol ... we wont be there to find out so we can say whatever we want..... :-) i guess its monday i had to release my long days work stress... (2 hours ago)abrahamloa"

Perhaps my "air" advice & the funny video helped..

(24 Jun '13, 22:23) ele

@ele ! lol.. yes i dont see the point in knowing whether after another 100,000 yrs air will still be there?? really?? anyway there is nothing wrong in discussing it for fun but its of no use to our lives i feel. Breathing is great and i know value of breathing but i am commenting more on would it exist after 100,000 yrs sort of thing.

(25 Jun '13, 14:48) abrahamloa

also Ele i was only humoring when i said i dont give rats a** .. its not like i was disrespecting the question or other people debating it etc...

(25 Jun '13, 15:03) abrahamloa

@abrahamloa- Loved your answer (and also the comments after!) I especially liked it when you said, "Now go outside and play!" That's a true parental catch phrase that goes along with, "Because I said so, that's why!" and "It's time for bed!" (translation: if you do not evaporate in one second, you are going to be confined to your mattress for twelve usually cleared my living room within nanoseconds, anyway!) Thanks!

(25 Jun '13, 15:26) Jaianniah

@abrahamloa " its of no use to our lives i feel." hmm ... do you see the irony between this statement & the ? you just answered?

"i was only humoring when i said i dont give rats a** ." hmm ... my error, I did not realize it was satire.

" its not like i was disrespecting the question or other people debating it etc..." ... Thanks for the clarification...

Upvote from me - as expected, you gave a very good A to this ? - not that future generations matter much to you (humor).

(25 Jun '13, 23:10) ele

continued -- @abrahamloa If you go back & read the A you posted your comment to on that thread & @releaser99 's very astute comment to @Snow 's A, you will understand there is nothing to worry about...

I've been known to make a few flip comments myself - appreciation for being my 'mirror'...

(25 Jun '13, 23:14) ele

lol... @ele thx for upvoting! further clarification - i do care about future generations.. issues like global warming or any other ways to keep the environment right if we know humanity is doing something wrong might be going on. I do care.

(26 Jun '13, 13:12) abrahamloa

But when a question is more of a hypothetical nature (questions like if i visualize apple falling in opposite to gravity or if i visualize can the sun go around earth or will air be there forever ) then thats when i made such a comment. which i made on a lighter tone. Its still cool to discuss it. But i understand that it could be taken wrong way.. lol so my apologies.

(26 Jun '13, 13:12) abrahamloa

@abrahamloa No apology is necessary. I know you were making a joke. My intention was to heighten your 'awareness'. As for future generations; I guess you did not notice I put humor in ( ). I've read enough of your posts to know you have a good heart. As for global warming. Nothing to worry about there. Argh, worry is bad. Put the words Global Warming in the Search box & read a couple of those threads. I've found focusing on things you don't want is as bad as worry & will only attract more

(26 Jun '13, 18:21) ele

(cont) of what you don't want.

(26 Jun '13, 18:23) ele
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I am answering this from my being a Sensei and what I pass on to my students.

When you set your mind to something, know and believe that you can. Approach it with a state of mind of what does this take to accomplish? Do not worry about what others think of you. See your target as the only thing there is. Let nothing distract you, but keep focused on what you need to do to achieve what you want.

Do not let your mind think on past failures or triumphs but keep to the task afoot.


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Wade Casaldi

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he begot four each with a
mind of their own, however
unless it be casual
discussion no things said

remembering it took him
three generations to see
with eyes of the heart and no
right to breath than others


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That you should always follow your heart in what feels right to do and that your dreams do come true! Anyone read Dooley's children's book on this topic?


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Focus Dude

At the age of 19 my mother gave birth to her first child, shortly afterwards she was critically ill and actually dying of blood clots in the legs with no hope of recovery (it was in 1935 and medical science was unable to treat severe thrombosis) ... the local priest prayed all night for her to recover ... and she survived and later gave birth to 7 more children one of which was me.


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@jaz- Lovely! Absolutely lovely.... What more can I say than that? God is gracious, indeed. ♡

(25 Jul '22, 09:42) Jaianniah

I would hope everyone knew this and wouldn't have to be told ~ Love and dishonesty are not good bedfellows.


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