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How to give and get?

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How do I ‘give’ in order to ‘receive’?

is it true that we have to give, in order to receive ? but if we do not have enough,how do we give in order for us to receive?

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giving has NOTHING to do with financial or material things. you can reciev many things when you give. and to give can be as simole as showing one love. In fact this is actualy the GREATEST gift that you will EVER be able to give. when you drop your ideas of giving in only material sense, you will start receving the greatest gift of all. the feeling of love that you get when you give it . :-) hope this helps love and light, rob


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TReb Bor yit-NE

No. Simple answer you dont.

God doesnt need your money,my money or anyone elses money.

Hes not trying to test you to see if your a giving person or a good little soldier.He doesnt need to test you,He knows you inside out.Hes all of you and your part of Him.

Theres simply only one way you can receive from Source.

Believe that Source/Father has heard and answered your request/desire.Or in a more modern vernacular, get up to the matching vibration of what you desire,which is already waiting for you.

And thats it.

Now i didnt say that there was anything wrong with giving.Giving is good,its a God like activity. But dont think your ever going to get any browny points from the Almighty by tithing or giving.

Gods not operating in that economy.



answered 11 Apr '11, 15:47

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Monty Riviera

Great answer Graham

(13 Apr '11, 14:28) Nikki777

Ways you can give.

Your time to help someone.

Your thoughts to prayer and wishing them well.

Your services at no charge as a sign of good gesture.

Your advice when it is asked or tactfully given.

Your understanding of their needs.

And to me the most important thing anyone can give anyone else is....

Your full attention when someone is talking to you. Be there 100% to look them in the eye and fully listen to every word.

Yes, giving is the way to receive MORE!


answered 11 Apr '11, 16:25

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