In the Law of attraction they say whatever you give out you get back. So if I give $ out to something,I should in some way get back at least as much as I give. Is there some way I have to give or is every act of giving going to work? Or is there some way I can give and not get back anything? In short, how do I give out and get back?

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I think in order to really implement the act of giving and receiving, you have to give with an open heart and not place expectations on what you will receive. When you give with the expectation of receiving something in return, you are not really giving because you have attached a condition to the giving.

True giving is totally unconditional, and the irony is that when you really do begin to give unconditionally, you actually partake in that energy exchange of giving and receiving and things flow into your life without you even trying.


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(06 Dec '10, 18:07) Back2Basics

“Freely give, and freely you shall receive!”

Sometimes it is not the people that you will give to that will return it back to you. It might be someone totally unexpected whom perhaps you had not met before, who will come along and do something big and special for you out of the blues! I had this experience many times before.

My motto is: to give from your heart and you will receive your share without a doubt!


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Beautifully said Vee, and it always works for me!

(05 Dec '10, 11:59) daniele

When you give you give from a place that you have unlimited resources .Not from a place well this is my last "dollar" and I will get another or I hope I get another.
When you give it's like the Manfesting experiment 1. You let your money go away and forget about it becuase you know it will come back.


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Add VALUE to all that you do and a lot of the time that is free.

Listen more intently to people.

Share more smiles.

The job that your employer PAYS you to do, do the best you can.

When selling an item let the buyer get the good end of the deal.

Be available.

Much Love



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jim 10

The giving and the getting happen in the same moment. What you get is your experience of giving :)


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Hu Re

Echoing the beautiful responses here: there is no how, it just is.

Attachment to giving/receiving prevents the recognition of the abundance everywhere!

Try giving thanks and see how quickly it returns to you.


answered 06 Dec '10, 09:46

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Hu Ra

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