can we manifest certain people that were once an important part of our lives back to us?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Yes we can. and don't worry about their own ''free will'' or manipulating the wishes or actions of others. because : 1 - that's not your business, you are not God. 2 - their actions will be %100 based on their own free will even if now they don't want to get back to your life. we only say that we don't manipulate other people's actions because of two main reasons, one of them is to stop others from doing that to us. it's not that you can't do it, it's only that I don't want it to happen to me one day. so the easy way out is to say that you can't or invent any logical or emotional reasons to feed your mind to accept what I want you to accept. so my answer is very simple and clear, yes you can. if want to and know how to do it, then you are free to do it. the only thing that you should worry about is : do you - really - want to do it ? .. this is not as simple as it sounds. many times we believe that we want something and after we get it, we realize that our desire was not pure. it was out of fear, lust or greed or any other factor other than free will. and please remember, attracting something or someone to your life is easy, but getting it out of your life could be very - very - painful.


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Everything you wrote is so true. Thanks for the insight.

(29 Oct '09, 13:28) LeeAnn 1

You are right sometimes after you get what you ask for you stop and wonder now just why did I want this I change my mind. Even when we ask God for something sometimes he gives it to us just the way that we ask for it an than we realize No I really did not want this not this way. You are right it is hard getting that person back out of your life.

(30 Oct '09, 02:25) flowingwater

Thank you LeeAnn,

(30 Oct '09, 06:07) Adel

Yes, that's exactly how it happens. and usually, it hurts. but we got all the time in the world to think about what we really want, and test our feelings before causing/attracting such experience. Thank you

(30 Oct '09, 06:13) Adel

Thanks for the perspective Adel ,it clarifyed something beautifully for me.It can be as easy as a fleeting thought , and the next thing you get a phone call, or bump into said person in the street . Last week I mentioned someone's name and got home to an email from them ,hadn't had any contact for over two years , lol :-)

(21 Jul '12, 20:26) Starlight
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Be very careful Calliopi. People are either basically good people or bad people. Everybody does good things, everybody does bad things - but they are generally guided by good thoughts or bad thoughts. The man who left you was being selfish he cared nothing for your feelings. I am a man and I have had to leave women who love me but I have NEVER just called and said "it is over". I have stayed a friend to them, seen them whenever they wanted to talk, been gentle with their souls. People are either basically good, caring people or they are selfish and uncaring. I don't say either one is better or worse I just say that there will be pain if the two types of people mix.

Never forget and under-estimate what you already have.

If it can be improved - then part of that responsibility to improve it lies with you.

You give what you get. Give love and you will get love. BUT you can "only give to those who can receive" (and your old lover does not "receive" - he takes).

Im a 41y/o male psychologist. I have ended relationships and also had women I loved end relationships. I know the pain that comes from being on both sides. It is my firm opinion that at the end of the day we must be guided by correct principles (such as caring, respect, loyalty etc) to make sure we will be ok.

One final thing to consider. Don't think that pain or sadness is ALL bad. Remember its a natural part of life, its how we grow. Perhaps, after listening to the good advice here, as well as thinking deeply about it yourself you will learn a very important lesson life is trying to teach you and this will make you:

a stronger person and gain confidence in yourself a better mother who can advise your children when they have similar problems a better friend to help those also hurting

Good Luck and don't forget that many people love you :)


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You have been living without this man for 20yrs. You have been raising this family all along without him. How are you sure that he will not hurt you the more? You have to consider all these things before undertaking anything that you may regret later.

If you find it difficult to let-go his love from your heart, forgive him and submit your problem to God "that you don't know the future and you don't want to make mistakes that you will regret later, that you want Him to choose the best for you concerning this man's love".

If you can trust Him with this, you will feel the right answer in your mind sooner or later, then you have to be contented with it and take it even if it happens to be the one you don't like for now. You will never regret it. Your love for him may even die down, to be replaced by another activity or another best man.


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I assume the question pertains to people still "alive" or on our plane of existence. Yes, we can bring people back into our lives if we want it very badly and use certain techniques. But should we manipulate the wishes or actions of others? I like to think it is not possible---that their wishes must be in alignment with yours in order for it to work, but I have always wondered!


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LeeAnn 1


LeeAnn, my question is pertaining to people still alive. could you tell me the techniques that you are referring to?

(29 Oct '09, 00:44) gsb 1

You would have to continue seeing yourself with that person, feeling their embrace and the happiness that there would be at being together again. You would work on this image while relaxed and with your eyes closed. The image has to be renewed over and over. Perhaps at morning and before bed. You could internally repeat affirmations while doing so, like "It is so great to have *** back in my life again." Before long it will happen even if it seems impossible. But as Adel said, make really sure you want this!

(29 Oct '09, 13:33) LeeAnn 1

Yes you can manifest people back into your life. You call them up and set a time to meet with them. and do it again and again and again, and before you know it, your bulding a relationship and they are in your life again.


answered 25 Apr '10, 12:40

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Manifesting: it all depends on a fact of life. How deeply do you want to see these person?

Nothing is magic unless you raise the dead!

You put a request and it goes into the queue. It may take a day, it may take a week, it may take a year, who knows. It all depends on how much you really want it.

The trick is in the emotions. Emotions have a lot of force/juice. :)


answered 04 Feb '10, 04:11

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John Dougan

I was in the same situation once, except my old lover never called me. I calld him, and I betrayed my husband, whom I never loved, and guess what? The old lover broke my heart again!!! Do not allow yourself to go there. If he really loves you he will respect your family, and you must stick to the choice you made! At the end you will be in a nbetter position to impart advise to your own children, and your conscience will be clean when you leave this world for a better place!


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Well everything vibrates at a certain frequency. As uor physicist start to see our bodies now we are not "solid" objects but in fact we are a bunch of individuals particuals tight so closely to each other that they "seem" to make a solid object, but in fact there are always gaps, spaces between those particles. And that includes every thing in existance, that is just physics.

Every one of those particels has a certain frequency. By aligning yourself with your beliefs, by living your excitement, by being more en-lightened in every day life you are in fact increasing the frequency of your cells. By doing that more and more you are gathering insight into worlds that you have not seen before.

So people often ask are their angelic beings, are their extraterestrials, fairies and other kind of "weird" cratures around us. The answer is yes, but they are vibrating at a higher frequency then we are, thus makes them "invisible" to us. We can walk thru them and not feel a thing. Like in the movie "city of angels".

So what's my point about bringing people you want back into your life? Well everything you get in your life you get in accordance to the frequency you project. It's like a beacon which calls upon you things of the SAME frequency. So we may find that very often in our civilisation we can see people who have acuired some goods to have more and more of them. It's like the Universe is supplying them with more and more of what they already have. It's because they have TUNEd IN into that frequency. They know what they want. That's pretty much how the law of attraction works.

So what about those people? Earth is coming into ascension. It means more and more people are tuning in, are raising their vibration. We are now establishing our basics for the growth that will come in the foture of human kind. But the thing is not everyone will be here. Of course it's a matter of choice but many souls that are currently on the planet are not ready to ascend. They will simply choose to "slip out" of the higher frequency rality and end up on a parallel reality earth, which exists simultanously, of lower frequency. That will give them time to work out what ever they came to work out being in the physical reality.

But before earth comes to full ascension their is still a choice to be made. 2012 will be the year of choice because all the information needed for ascension will be accesible to general public. Now it will only depend on the individual if he wants to tak it or not. That means that many on people will not be here when the earth ascends. They will seem to die out or dissapear from this reality. In fact what they do is shift to another parallel reality.

So you might find people that were close to you in the past simply start to dissapear. It might be do to the fact that your frequency will be higher then theres and you want simply percive aech other. In this case the only thing they can do to change it is to match your vibrational frequency. In doing that you will interact with each other because you will attract one another to eachother, because that's how the ferquency works, it's just physics.

So what can you do to manifest that person in your life? You can try to find her with every mean necessary, if you think it's that important to you, but you might find that you can;t. Like he just dissapeared in the fog. And that's because of diffrence in your frequencies.

What my point is to accept and to trust that whoever you need to interact with you will interact with because your frequency will draw them to you. Your frequency is your guide to your true self, true nature. So well you can, if you choose, put a lot of effort and a lot of energy in trying to manifest those people in your life, but is it really worth it? When you find them they might seem you change so much that they probably won't want to interact with you. That is what happens when a higher frequency being (more whole) comes in contact with less whole being. It forces the less whole being to amp their frequency up and that causes fears and doubts to come out which that being wasn;t aware before.

So my advice for anyone who tries to hard to do this is to .. RELAX. LET GO. WHoever needs to be in your life will be their. Only by clinging on too hard to what appointments you think you need to make, may make you miss the appointments that are really their for you.


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Thank you to all who post answers on this forum, this was posted in 2009 and I'm benefiting from it today 2nd Jan 2012 :)

(02 Jan '12, 06:25) AboveBelow

I was just in the process of writing this same comment on Adel's answer, because it particularly spoke to me. These answers made me re-analyze a lot of the things that I have thought / believed about this topic... Very interesting indeed. I'm glad this question got brought back up.

(02 Jan '12, 18:34) Snow

I have never found a way to manifest that is as easy as they/everyone describe(s).

I always find that the will must be supported with physical/tangible effort. I believe the will of the heart should never be denied, and I believe that manipulation takes places every day of our lives whether we are being manipulated or are the ones manipulating.

I defy all the white light junk that gets us nowhere in life and believe an end justifies the means. So, when you want something or someone (as in this case) do whatever it takes to compel it back into your life. It is YOUR choice and right to have it, experience it, and then later decide if you want to keep it.

Unfortunately, I find that most people do not agree with this point of view because of silly nonsense like karma, or just plain "for the higher good of all" advice, which is absolute rubbish. I say unfortunately because I wish more people would realize that manifestation of our wills would be far easier and quicker if we worked together and supported each other, without judgment or opposition.


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