Whats the best method youve used to keep your desire for a thing/situation BUT become un attached to the outcome?

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    As we have talked about droping the expectations is a major part. first of all you need to look at your belief system and see if it is possible to do this with your beliefs. Lets use a sexual experiance as aqn example. i hate to do that but this is the best i can think of. if you only desire the sexual experiance because of its outcome "the end" then this will NEVER be possible. but if you are just happy to be having the experiance and you do not attach any spicific ides or expectations on how it will end than you are heading the right way! If this is what you are talking about there is an exercise i have learned for this. The trick to do anything in a medditation is to place your intention in the energy you are using so as to pull an answer that will fit. the way you do this is say (before you start but after you are comfortable and relaxed) " i want to learn to drop all expectations in my life, i want to drop all expectations in my life." say this over and over untill it "sinks in".

    once you have achived this then start the meditation with any tecniqus you see fit. once you are in the "freeflowing " part of this han you will want to start to visualize a senerio, any that you want. THE TRICK IS TO ONLY MANIFEST IT AS IT GOES,,, IF YOU JUMP AHEAD IN YOUR THOUGHT YOU ARE DEFEATING THE WHOLE POURPSE!! start a story like you are walking down the street, you do not know why or what the pourose is of this walk,,,JUST WALK,, after you do this you will find yourself doing diffrent things in this walk (with out your doing it). do not over annylize anything, let it happen. after this is over you will see what has happened and you will also see the results. but if you do not foucus on the results as it happens you can see that many great things can and will happen without your need to do this. i know it sounds so simple and maybey a little elementary, but it is helpfull. when you do this enough you will see that you can start to melt away the ideas of why and how and just let things happen.

    I am working on this with my wife because she does not want to focus on the now, If we tend to look to far ahead or to far behind us, then we miss all the little signals and oppertunitys that your connsiesness is giving you as "hints" to better ourselfs and to achieve the goals we need. If you do not ay attention to the now, THAN YOU ARE PROBABLY GOING TO MISS ALL THE LITTLE CLUES YOUR INNER SELF IS GIVING YOU! I hope that this helps! love n light, rob


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Cheers Rob,good answer.

(18 Apr '11, 08:25) Monty Riviera

thank you, i appricate all the love i get from this group!!!

(18 Apr '11, 13:04) TReb Bor yit-NE

what an under-rated answer, this is fireworks :) great answer

(12 Oct '11, 14:13) Nikulas

TY MY niculas,,, i learned well form my source,, iam a shannelr and his onfop os better than mine,, ijust piked up well, ty my freind, love n light

(13 Oct '11, 02:58) TReb Bor yit-NE
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Un-attachment must come BEFORE the desire. :)

Look at it this way.

Are you perfect right now? Now? Well, I would have to say yes. You have no lack because you vibrate in a place of no lack. All possibilities all at once.

Since you are perfect NOW and we agree upon that, and the "outcome" (future event) has not yet come to fruition, then is it not safe to say if the situation does not come out favorable then you would be in this same place as NOW? Yes. Then if now is perfect without the future event we can safely say that regardless of what happens you will be in the same perfect now.

This is non attachment. Seeing there is no difference in have or have not, with or without and later and now. What we decide to project determines our state of mind. not outside forces.

Enjoy the ride!


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"You got it in to get out ~Genesis

(17 Apr '11, 19:21) you

I like that.No difference in have or have not.

(18 Apr '11, 08:27) Monty Riviera

I envision what it is that I want, and then tell myself, "This, or something even better!" In that way, I am hoping for the object or situation of my desires, but also in expectation that it could be something even better for me. In this way, I am not attached to the outcome, because I know whatever comes my way will be for my highest good, but it could be a surprise rather that what I "thought I wanted". Not sure I am explaining this correctly, but I guess I am saying that if you are open to other outcomes as well, it's good and keeps you feeling unattached to just one. Usually you will get what you wanted, but sometimes it will be something better or something you needed. Let the Infinite decide and just relax.


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LeeAnn 1

Ive experienced this before.Thing working out in a better way than i could have envisioned.

(18 Apr '11, 08:29) Monty Riviera

I would say that detachment is called for here.

You have already sent your thoughts out into the Mind of God. They are zipping around at the speed of light (actually, it's faster than that). No more action is needed on your part. Try to forget you even thought the thoughts. Now, detach from the outcome...This requires a sort of "release" inside your mind. I actually have just gotten the hang of "releasing", and it works! You have to slip your total desire out of the picture. It is enough that you have sent the message to the Universe. Get busy with other things, and trust.

This should work well. Try it; you'll like it! (LOL!)

Much Love, Jaianniah


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This is perhaps the thing to do.The release is the way forward.

(18 Apr '11, 08:28) Monty Riviera
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