Would this be correct? When I first starting using the deliberate creation process I almost had to try and forget the process again because not much was happening except the complete opposite. I suppose I should have took this as evidence of "something" happening at the time.

So the more we use this process the more evidence we see it working for us the less we would have to "Forget our requests"?

To date I have had only small success with the process but at the sametime I almost fear losing the "manifesting mindset" as it were by putting requests in a box and forgetting about them?

Thanks. Martin

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Great question Martin.and great answers :D

(30 May '11, 15:24) ursixx

Thank you Ursixx:)

(31 May '11, 12:32) Satori
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I think the answers already here will give you much to think about.

Here's another perspective in addition to those...

If it is true that to get what you want in life, you need to do nothing else but Get Happy...then why do we have processes and methods at all?

If everything you want can come effortlessly (and you don't actually even need to decide what you want either), then what's all this manifesting stuff really about?

It's kind of confusing, isn't it? :)

Should you forget about what you want to manifest, or not forget about what you want to manifest? Should you say 100 affirmations a day? Should you visualize? Should you wear crystals around your neck? Should you donate 10% of your income to charity? Should you use this guy's method, or that gal's process?

Should you do this, or do that, to get what you want?

So let's try to be clear about this...

To get everything you want in life, your only requirement is GET HAPPY.

Everything else is OPTIONAL.

Okay...then what's the point of the optional stuff?

Why don't we just do nothing else all day except find ways to feel good and let our lives automatically take care of themselves?

Well, you can.

And that's actually what I do myself for months on end sometimes, especially after a busy period in my life. But there is a hidden problem with doing that. And I've found that it's difficult for those who haven't experienced such periods of so-called freedom to know what the problem is.

The problem is...Boredom :)

Ask any true creative artist of any kind (painter, musician, writer, sculptor...whoever) what they enjoy most about what they do, and they'll uniformly give you one answer..."The Act of Creation".

Creating is where all the fun is. Abraham describe it as "the feeling of having your hands in the clay".

If you gave a painter a machine that painted great pictures for them then, after they had got over the initial thrill of such a machine, you'd find that they would still want to paint for themselves.

It's not in the end-result that the fun lies but in that process of creation.

Now this idea applies neatly to your question.

Yes, you can forget about your requests, just concentrate on feeling good, and they would all manifest at the most appropriate time but there will come a time when you would want that feeling of having your hands in the clay.

You will want that feeling of knowing that, like a sculptor carving something out of stone, you deliberately and systematically carved a manifestation into place. There's a unique thrilling fulfilment in that act of creation. Anyone who's tried any of the manifesting processes on IQ and had something come about exactly as they wanted will know what that thrill feels like.

That's the real reason for the manifesting processes - to give you more of that in-the-clay feeling because, ultimately, there's relatively little enjoyment to be had just from the manifestation itself.

After you've got the manifestation, it will only be a short time before you want to manifest something else, and then something else, and something else, and so on.

Ever met anyone who's got everything they want to have, been everything they wanted to be and done everything they wanted to do? No, neither have I. Because such a person would not be in physical form any longer - they would simply and naturally transition back to non-physical focus ("die") on reaching such a state.

The real fun in physical life lies in that act of creation. We are all creators and we have incarnated to create. What I am choosing to create with my life may be very different to what someone else chooses to create with their life but it's still that act of creation that it's all about.

So now to answer your question directly, yes, the better you become at manifesting, the less you will have to forget about your desires.

But that will not be because you are trying to somehow make them come more quickly (though that happens naturally as a by-product), it will be because you are now having fun with the process of manifesting itself and want to get more involved with it.

And that feeling of fun is the indicator as to whether you are utilizing a particular process properly.

If it doesn't feel like fun, you're missing the point of the process itself.


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That's it Stingray. Thank you. Exactly what I was getting at.I would like to stay involved with the process. Something has clicked this past week or so since I started using inward quest.vibrational matches are starting to show up everywhere.it just seems to matter less as you say about the actual end result now. finally starting to have fun with Process.thank you Stingray for taking the time again and clarifying this for me.really appreciate it. Martin:)

(30 May '11, 14:09) Satori

You're welcome, Martin. Glad it was helpful to you.

(30 May '11, 15:45) Stingray

To get better at manifesting our desires...means at least 3 things to me:

1. Enjoying just the idea of the manifestation...without actually seeing or having it.

2. Seeing my manifestations come quicker and "easier".

3. Understanding why and how my manifestations help to expand and evolve the One Source.

Desire....is the parent of all human manifestation. I don't think the idea is to forget your desires. Perhaps it's more like...don't watch the calendar and be concerned about when you will see them. Put it out of your conscious concern ("forget it"). I mean, if you are a Deliberate Creator...why would you be concerned about something you deliberately (and perfectly) created ? And why would you need to, or want to forget about it ? You already know it's there because you have aligned with it. Or, possibly you have not really aligned with your desire...so a bit of anxiety keeps creeping up.

Maybe you are so focused on the process. Manifesting is essentially very easy.... should be fun even. Take your mind back to when you were a child learning how to walk, talk, ride a bike (whatever you enjoyed learning/doing)...etc. You were manifesting highly complex creations...in a very fun manner. Without a rulebook on processes, "how to" manuals or youtube videos. We as adults take everything so harsh and literally...so seriously.

Law of Attraction (and all other Universal Laws) does not need your conscious direction. The Larger higher part of you...already knows how to manifest! lol You can't "lose the mindset". Sometimes we manifest things "better" if we forget about all the processes, steps we have read and studied. That is all illusion. For some, being consciously aware of the process helps, for others...not so much.

Just feel what you want...feel good to enjoy it in your mind...just for the sake of doing that. Play around with it.... if it does not bring a smile to your mind's eye...then archive it and switch to other (more fun) thoughts. If you are having frustration in your manifestation experiments, it means you are either pushing (too focused), causing some tension or resisting. Remember even being impatient is resisting/pushing. But playfulness is quite a different vibration or approach. Bashar talks about the importantce of play-fullness to mold your clay (manifestions). You really are molding a fraction of "You"...into the creation or manifestation.


answered 29 May '11, 20:06

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I do find myself taking things too seriously.something else I had forgotten:)basically if it's not fun it won't work? Thank you for taking the time to answer this Streetsanto:)

(29 May '11, 22:47) Satori

my pleasure Martin ...

(30 May '11, 00:13) streetsanto

Instead of trying to become good at manifesting what you want, begin the process of self-observation and self-analysis and try to discover how you manifested what you are experiencing right now.

Look at your experience right now and go back within your memories and consciousness and discover the moment when what you experience RIGHT NOW began to exist within your consciousness.

Understand the form in which it began to exist.

Look at what you were afraid of and trying to avoid.

We attract them more easily because they exist continuously in our minds without any effort of attraction.

Study the nature of what you are afraid of experiencing.

How do you process the disease that you are afraid of? How do you imagine it and repeat it again and again effortlessly?

How do you envision NOT wanting to be ridiculed by family and co-workers?

Do you normally feel an apprehension that something wrong is going to happen soon?

How do all these things occupy your attention without any effort of focus on your part?

If such fears exist within you right now, then they exist because you believe it.

When you believe in what you attract (what you want) you don't have to keep focusing on it anymore.

So you ask, "How do I learn to believe?"

Study what you are afraid of experiencing in your future.

That's the best example of "How to believe in something that you haven't experienced yet"

Then apply that understanding to what you want.

This is not something magical, it is what you have always done and have known how to do your entire life.

If you say "I don't know how to attract", then chances are you have not examined the correlation between your past suffering and the contents of your conscious identity.

You already know how to attract.


answered 29 May '11, 20:05

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The Traveller

Thank you for taking the time to answer Traveller.amazing answer.you have given me a lot reflect on thank you:)

(29 May '11, 22:43) Satori

Thank You Martin.

(31 May '11, 12:37) The Traveller

Some of the coolest things I've wanted in my Life I focused on strongly out of love for the thing without purposely wishing I had it... for example, this particular horse I admired greatly - both her and her rider, what they did and still do together as a team. So inspired by this thinking, a few years ago I end up doing computer research on this horse to see if it had any siblings. I found one, just devoured the information mentally, not with the intent of "bring this horse to me now" kind of thinking - just reveling in the feeling of just looking up the info. I got real excited about it. I saw that there was only one sibling and it was owned by someone. I even looked up the location of the horse. Then I got distracted with other horses and life. I figured I wasn't going to call this person up and ask them for their horse. I have a good horse. It just ended up being paper shuffled in with other papers in a room I don't use much collecting dust. Fast forward almost a year later, I am on the internet and I run across an ad for this particular horse being offered for sale. I couldn't believe my eyes! I bought the horse!

When I think back on stuff like this, when I'm contemplating why I don't have such and such, I marvel at how certain things have come into my life when I'm not trying. On the horse thing, I only spent about 1/2 hour on it. But it took about 9 months. I wasn't tapping my foot waiting. I was unaware I was trying to attract this horse.

It's like don't try and catch the butterfly. Let it land on your shoulder. or not. eek.

But it's the eek that gets me. So there's a particular thing I want alot right now and have wanted for at least since 07 and it is not manifesting. Hmmm. This one I really want and I can't just forget about it. So I guess that's what you're asking. I'm beginning to wonder if it's not meant to be. It is Divine Will perhaps? Roll with the flow maybe. Well I guess we'll see. I wonder also if it's only all about "me" and being "happy" all the time. What about when I lose my dog? I am very sad. I am not happy. I don't want to be happy about it. So many questions and so many answers. Makes me just want to be silent. And maybe I should! :)


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I enjoyed reading this... it made me smile:)

(30 May '11, 23:00) Michaela

An excerpt from a book I read which helped me in a similar situation " When you most feel like holding onto something,is exactly the Best time to let go" :)

(30 May '11, 23:27) Satori
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