I am trying to manifest a girlfriend, with no luck (if anyone has recommended pages apart from Inward Quest please let me know.)

By completely forgetting about girls (respectfully) I have confidence that a girlfriend shall manifest, via my detachment. How do I not focus on girls, in the long term and short term?

Is this necessarily an unwise thing to do? Is it possible to so call 'ignore' the opposite sex for a while?

Thankyou Inward Quest.

asked 06 Jul '11, 15:06

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At first I thought this question was from someone with a sexual addiction he wanted to overcome but after reading farther I found really you just want a girlfriend. I reworded your question to match your true intent that you wrote in the body of the question. I hope you like it, if not you can always roll it back.

(07 Jul '11, 06:12) Wade Casaldi

Probably this belief you have "I am not successful in manifesting a girlfriend" is standing in the way of your wish coming true. Perhaps you doubt that you can achieve results with LOA, thinking that you are doing something wrong. In a moments like that, I simply use prayer instead of the usual manifesting routine. Actually, I had a wish similar to yours. I prayed to God asking for a lover. I felt that is was totally ok to have such genuine request - to ask about love. Love is one of the highest feelings out there, and it is totally noble to want to care about other person and warm her/his with your love. It is such a beautiful wish that you have to get support from higher forces, or at least become certain that your wish will come true. For me, manifesting and praying have lot in common.

I think it is a good idea to practice detachment. You cannot base your happiness on your lover. It is best when you are already happy before meeting her. That way your happiness will grow even more. I know it is easy to say something like that. I lost my lover (it did not work out for us) few days ago, and at first it was hard to believe I can find happiness without her. But I am slowly working on this.

So start working for your dreams right now. Have daring, almost unreal goals and start achieving them. Make your life interesting, and invite her.


answered 06 Jul '11, 19:55

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You know, in the secret the second step is 'believe.' Whilst I have thought that this meant to believe you will get what you want, you have put a new and necessary spin on things. And what you have stated is to 'believe in LOA.' I think this is defiantly something most people have not considered. Whilst intellectually I believe in LOA, I truely don't believe that I am capable of transforming my life. What you have said that is golden, is to believe that I have the powers capable of manifesting a girlfriend.I am defiantly going to truely start to believe in LOA, and believe I WILL GET MY GOALS.

(06 Jul '11, 23:24) Nikulas

This is also the best comment, or advice on girls, I have ever recieved (though each LOA practitioner to their own). I'm going to read some more of your info now :)

(06 Jul '11, 23:30) Nikulas

Then let's come at the goal toghether. When you are down, think that you are not alone in this. Remember, do not wait for the results, as waiting will only make you impatient. When you have strong faith, waiting is unnecessary, because you know it WILL happen. Just focus on working on yourself and your life. In my case, my soulmate is going to be such amazing person, that I have to represent something with myself!

(07 Jul '11, 11:22) Asklepios

Very late response by me (still learning how to work Inward Quest technically on the computer)- but yeah, let's get this goal! Praying to the angels!

(06 Sep '11, 10:25) Nikulas
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Once you believe that you need a girlfriend, you probably won't get one.

Act like you already have one and see what happens. Self confidence is a very popular attractor.


answered 06 Jul '11, 20:29

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Michael, firstly, thankyou for giving me advice and having the patience to answer my question. I understand that needing repels, and I have also 'acted as if' but produced only mere depression out of that. Asklepios reply was helpful, as though 'acting as if' and social upgrading (confidence) may help on certain edges, it's uselsss with truely beleiving it's going to happen. Don't you agree? :)

(06 Jul '11, 23:29) Nikulas

well girl have free will also. and are you sure that you ask for what you need or ask for what you want. i can want to be billionnaire and that might never happen. but i can get some money for what i need and this could happen. but if i fix my focus only on billionnaire i might not see what i am getting right now that is what i need. so experiance and enjoy.


answered 07 Jul '11, 01:42

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white tiger

Learn to be happy just the way you are. EFT is a fast, effective way to eliminate negative emotions, obsessive thoughts, lusts and cravings, fears and phobias, limiting beliefs, etc... that are holding you back from the happiness that you alone can find.


answered 06 Jul '11, 16:35

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Fairy Princess

True...But does that mean I will get a girlfriend? Obviously it's hard to put a solid answer on all things here, but I have passions (freerunning, gymnastics, acting, pool) and feel totally blissed and in the moment, constantly throughout the week......And nothing still. Your answer is much appreciated though- had I not tried any other things then your answer would probably be the winner.

(06 Jul '11, 23:32) Nikulas

answered 28 Aug '11, 20:26

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abhishek mishra

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