Hi All,

I just came across this term "Polarity" and "Polarization" within the scope of Law of Attraction, Manifesting and Reality Creation.


I seem to understand that this is something that trips people while getting along with LOA stuff.

However I am not entirely clear about this subject and its application.

Also I haven't seen much discussion happening on IQ regarding this subject. Although I must admit that I am participating after a long time (I have been reading somewhat regularly though ;) )

I would like to know your thoughts and views about "Polarity" and "Polarization" and if possible, with a few simple examples of how could we use this concept for our development and progress.

Thanks so much :) Look forward to your wonderful and insightful answers!!

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Barry Allen ♦♦

@Sourabh-thanks for the link, very interesting, i'll try and sort out an answer :)

(31 Aug '11, 08:55) blubird two

@ Blubird, glad that you liked it :) @ Barry, thanks for the edit!! :)

(02 Sep '11, 12:49) Sourabh
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look at the yin yang symbole or magnets. that is polarity. every thing as positive and negative it all depends on how you use it. experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

Thanks, I am getting to see this contrast almost every where :)

(02 Sep '11, 10:18) Sourabh

The law of attraction fits nicely into the concept of subjective reality and as conscious beings we are able to create thoughts...every thought is made up of two components, content and energy...content is the raw information...energy simply exists and it is our capacity to put this energy into motion, to create a flow of energy that is important...and this energy flow creates emotion.

The concept of polarization is that we have the ability to direct the flow of energy either into our consciousness or out of our consciousness...in other words, we can direct energy towards the universe... we can also draw energy from the universe...but we can only perform one at a time. These two energies are incompatible with each other...when both polarities are present at the same time and have the same force they cancel each other out...the stronger the flow of energy, the stronger the polarity, the stronger the power to manifest.

An example of outflow involving creation and giving is writing a book, throwing a party...an example of inflow is attracting new relationships, receiving a sum of money.

You know when you're getting it right with your emotional feedback...with outflow you will experience emotions of joy, love, inspiration...with inflow you will experience emotions of greed, lust, power...if you experience little or no emotional feedback either you're not creating enough energy flow or you're creating mixed polarities.

The intention can be expressed in anyway or form...words, thoughts, images, symbols, graphs, numbers, objects, animals, plants...so long as the message contains the intention and the message is put into polarized motion.


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blubird two

Hi Blubird, thanks for the nicely worded and crisp summary of this concept..Really Appreciate!! I was wondering though that if I decide to chose a polarity for my self, is is always possible to stick to it? For eg. If I always chose to give something out to the universe, should I never chose to expect what I want? And if I chose to attract something I want, would I be conflicting with my Polarities? How does this work out?

(02 Sep '11, 10:10) Sourabh

@Sourabh-the choice of polarity is entirely yours, what is important is to create a strong flow of energy, just focus your intentional energy on either one direction or the other...probably the best way is to first choose the emotions that you prefer...joy, love and inspiration corresponding to an outflow and involving creation and giving...lust, greed and power corresponding to an inflow and involving acquiring and receiving...it is always possible to take the same content and apply either energetic polarity to it :)

(02 Sep '11, 18:58) blubird two

A very nice answer Bluebird. Mine says more or less the same thing only in a different style.

(03 Sep '11, 03:37) Paulina 1

Thanks a lot Blubird, thats very nicely explained :)

(06 Sep '11, 07:00) Sourabh
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everything in life has its opposite force,
starting with darkness and light,
then material and spirit.
how to use or apply universal consciousness
when living in a material world


answered 01 Sep '11, 00:45

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Thanks Fred, I am really getting to see these opposite forces everywhere around me! :)

(02 Sep '11, 10:19) Sourabh

starting from the i. i stay in harmony everything happens when it is the time for it to happen positive and negative are only 2 states of mind it does not have to affect you stay in harmony it is a better state of mind you have free will use it wisely.

(08 Sep '11, 05:44) white tiger

white tiger, our mind is dual in nature and our ego can center its attention in only 1 part of the mind at a time. the proper use of the will can keep our focus in harmony with nature

(08 Sep '11, 10:30) fred
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The energy polarity Steve Pavlin writes about is outgoing or incoming energy. Lets give an example. I have written a book that I would love to have published. If I use the LOA to help with this endevour I have a choice of using outgoing polarity energy or incoming polarity energy. The choice is mine. Lets just say I have decided to use the outgoing polarity. How would I do this?

My intention is to give the message in the book to as many people as possible. While in a meditative state I shall see myself as giving this book to the world and everyone in it. I can imagine myself writing articles and giving speaches or being interviewd on radio or TV. I shall see the people smiling and being happy to receive what I have to give. Of course I shall add energy to it (feeling strong emotion is an affect of strong energy) and hopefuly shall soon manifest the desire that as many people as posible read what I have writtn.

Had I chosen the incoming energy to help with my manifestation I would have seen myself receiving orders for the book or receiving aceptance letters from publishers or even and better receiving a compleated and published book that I have written.

As you can see there are two different manifestation posibilities but what Mr. Pavlin said in his article is that you choose only one and stick to it. I had no idea before that manifesting both ways would cancel each other out and I should have known for I was a Telcom electrician for 26 years. Just shows you that one is never too old to learn something new and especialy when it is something as exciting as this. Will Keep you posted on how it goes.

Thanks for the link.


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Paulina 1

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Hi, I am glad that you found value in the link. Thanks for explaining this further. Do you mean to say that to attract the same thing in our life we can either flow energy inwards or outwards? With regards to the example you have quoted, I get a sense that the end result for both is the same, just the process of envisioning and feeling about it is different. Is that what you are hinting at? Thanks once again :)

(02 Sep '11, 10:16) Sourabh

Hi Soubrah, yes you are right the end result is the same. Just decide which energy to use (outgoing = sending) or (incoming = receiving). This does not mean that you can't use both it's just that you shouldnt use both at the same manifesting meditation.

Remember Steve Pavlin said that the electric currant can flow both in one direction and in the other but not at the same time. In our case it is better to choose one energy at a time. It wont make a differance which energy you use even though the outgoing (giving) energy is more loving acording to Mr Pavlina.

(02 Sep '11, 16:27) Paulina 1

Thanks so much Paulina, that makes it quite simple for me :)

(06 Sep '11, 06:59) Sourabh
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How polarity and the law of attraction are linked is a simple concept ... just take a look at this diagram

alt text

at the midpoint of the horse shoe shape magnet energy is neutral, it neither attracts nor repulses ... as soon as we emit a negative or positive vibe energy is immediately polarized and the law of attraction is activated in the direction of that vibration.

There are only two vibrations that we can emit at any one point in time or "now" instant, positive or negative and most of us unconsciously emit a whole stream of them and it's the dominant group, negative or positive, that gets the upper hand so to "speak".

Conscious creation begins with being fully aware of our state of being and ensuring that we have full control over our thoughts, words and deeds thus enabling us to remain in a neutral state, symbolized by the mid point of the magnet ... then by conscious decision we create a specific vibration through word, thought or deed and the law of attraction is automatically activated by polarization ... enjoy :)


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There are seven esoteric laws of existence. The Law of Attraction is just one.

The Law of Polarity is another.

These seven laws are taught in the Secret Doctrine of the Rosicrucians.

The Seven Principles.

In polarity the object is given meaning. A sick has no meaning, but one sees the sick as a great weapon and feels safe carrying it. Another feels fear as he used to be beat by sticks like that. Another sees it as something beautiful to make a craft out of. Another sees it as great kindling for his fireplace. Another sees this stick as great to carve into a flute!

It is just a stick, each sees it with their own polarity or energy signature.

If we visualize money, we need to find, "What polarity does money hold with us?" If the main polarity around money is... "Not having enough!" The more I work on visualizing money, the more uncomfortable I get and the less money I have.

Think on it as numbers, numbers are just numbers until... You put the negative sign in front of the number! 1000,000,000 dollars looks wonderful! But look at this -1000,000,000 dollars! Ah ruined, run for the hills, I never dreamed of so much debt! Same number, one is positive, one is negative.

A huge pile of money could be a great feeling or a feeling like that is how much money I owe.

Right now for me pictures of money reminds me of all my debt.


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