I am sure many of you have had this experience before, even though it may be rare and easily forgottten sometimes.

I am talking about while you are lying perfectly down on your bed while trying to sleep or get a nap, and your mind drifts off to sort of like a dream-state where you feel like you are half asleep and half awake.. then all of a sudden "boom" you feel like you have fallen a few storeys down onto the floor.. even though you are still in the same spot - lying perfectly still on the bed.

Not sure whether you get what I am trying to say, but for those of you whom have similar experiences before, why does this actually happen?

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here is a interest view on your question http://www.failedsuccess.com/index.php?/weblog/comments/falling_sleep_hypnic_jerk/

(26 Apr '11, 11:02) ursixx

I do experience this often.

(11 Jul '11, 20:33) Aphrodite
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I agree, you are being quickly pulled back into your body....thus the falling sensation, as your conscious mind comes back into control. This will usually only happen as you are floating between wakefulness and sleep.


answered 26 Apr '11, 16:27

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It ios the exact moment that your body is leaving your body. This is teh sensation you are talking about. Listen here to get a better idea of this., my source also talks about a new reason peoples in between sleep experiances are becoming much stronger !!! watch prt 1!! part 2

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It's called a Hypnic Jerk. Here is a fun article about it Hypnic Jerk


answered 26 Apr '11, 17:04

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yes you get out of the body and get back in! same for people that fell that and the heart beats full throotle to fast re entry!


answered 02 May '11, 09:12

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