I'd just like to offer my appreciateion to everyone on this site and also the creator of the site, Simon.

I've been asking questions here for over a year now and the knowledge I've recieved has changed my life. It's interesting how you never stop asking question no matter how much you grow. I love that. :)

Ok now for my question.

I remember reading a question/answer here about unlocking your inner genius.

Stingray provided a simple solution. However for some reason I'm having difficulty practicing what was suggested, even though I believe it may actually work.

I've recently started a new hobby that I'm very passionate about and I can see how my asking brought it into my life. Just to be more specfic the new hobby is DJing. Which my desire is for it to become a paid hobby :)

My question is: How can I accelerate the learning curve with DJing? I practice, I read books and I admire and listen to DJs on the radio.

How can I use the "energy that creates worlds" to assist me in taking my hobby to another level? I'd also like to be confident in DJing my B Day party(it's in 2 weeks) :)

Any advice or encouragement is welcomed.

Thank you all!

I look at Inward Quest as my virtual mentor. :)

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Chris 2

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I'm going to suggest an alternative way of looking at your situation that might help loosen up your current beliefs about how much physical effort or learning is involved in reaching your goal.

To understand what I'm about to say, you may find it helpful to read Breaking addictions … by becoming someone that never had them in the first place

I think there's an underlying assumption in your question that the you that is asking this question is going to be the same you that has to perform with DJ skills.

If it is true that we are creating billions of new universes in every moment then that assumption might be unnecessarily limiting to you.

In the same way that (in the post linked previously), if you wanted to give up smoking it would be easier to just project yourself into a universe where you never smoked (and so you had no addiction to break), it might be easier for you to start considering that you don't have to drag your current You through a learning curriculum.

Instead, just project yourself into a universe where the You that already exists there has already gone through all the learning experiences necessary to acquire all the required DJ skills.

The exercise where you step into a new self is one way of doing this, and looking at it this way may make you feel better about using that exercise.

Another thing I suggest based upon this multiverse idea is, in your day-to-day life, when you want something or someone to be different that it currently is, just give up trying to make that something or someone different.

Instead start to think in terms of shifting yourself into a universe where that something or someone is already different...i.e. you've allowed yourself to experience a new reality effortlessly instead of trying to force it into place.

I've been trying out this new multiverse-based viewpoint for several months now and it is surprising at times how much freer it can make you feel from your own limiting beliefs...because you no longer have to change those beliefs, you just move yourself into a universe where you don't have them :)

If you compare this idea with the ideas of detaching yourself from what you want in order to manifest it, you'll see that this multiverse-based belief system is quite helpful with that detachment...and I would say it is closer anyway to the actuality of what is really going on with manifesting.

So, for practical application of this, I would say carry on learning whatever you feel you have to learn but keep trying to look at your world, not as a single continuous unraveling, but a constant creation of new disconnected realities - any of which can contain any potential you wish. Only your habits of belief keep each new universe very similar to the last (from your perception) - it doesn't have to be that way at all - and letting go of that limiting belief that each universe has to be similar to the last may lead you towards some interesting and unusual experiences.

If you carry on holding this attitude - and keep realigning yourself with your Vortex - I think you will be inspired to the best way for you to uniquely learn whatever you need to and that learning may be considerably less than you currently believe.


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Thanks Stingray. I'm going to read it a few more times before I give my true comment. But it seems like a winning concept and a belif worth adopting.

(28 Apr '11, 17:28) Chris 2

From reading your answer it seems at the essence of this concept is the idea that Abe talks about a lot. You can't focus on the problem and recieve the solutions. You can't be the YOU with the problem and the YOU with the solution. Sound about right? (i'm really wanting to understand this concept)

(28 Apr '11, 17:51) Chris 2

@Chris - That's an interesting way of looking at it, and a valid one, I think. I think alot of analogies like that one make more sense when this multiverse idea is applied. I think when one starts with an accurate premise, which I think the multiverse one is, then many other already-accepted concepts fall easily into place.

(29 Apr '11, 07:21) Stingray
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Watch videos of dj's or watch live dj's if possible. Take notes on what you like and don't like about their style. Study up on good technique, maybe a little history, really get to know the subject. Then imagine in your head what you want to sound like, look like, etc... Then when you go to bed at night, when you are done with any prayers and are ready to go to sleep, picture yourself as the dj you want to be. Then repeat one phrase 40 x. I use each finger and toe 2x each to make 40x. I may have reached 40 once or twice, usually I am asleep way before that. Also repeat the phrase any time you wake up in the night. This phrase will be simple and what you want but in the present tense as if you already were or had it. So your phrase could be, "I am the best dj ever." or "I dj parties all over the world." Or whatever you want the phrase to be. Maybe something from your list that you made of things you admire about the other dj's. "I can scratch a record so well." or whatever is pertinent to your goal. And of course, practice, practice, practice.


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Fairy Princess

Thanks for your answer!

(28 Apr '11, 17:28) Chris 2

Well, I was a DJ from the age of 16 to 30. There are a few parts to doing that job. What type of DJ? Are you looking into radio or a mobile unit that does weddings and stuff. Or maybe a night club DJ?

I was a night club DJ that started out at the roller rink. First of all you need to be a confident public speaker, not being afraid to talk to a large crowd at any given time. Especially as an event DJ, things happen on the spur of the moment.

In my opinion the single most important job of the Dj is to be able to read your crowd. Remember, you are hired to play what they want to hear not what you think they want to hear or what you want to hear. The way to do that is to encourage communication between you and the audience. TAlk to some about the host and what the host likes, since it is their party they should know. Also if the party is for a B-day or something like that, that means a group of people will share the same interest. And weddings, well weddings are about silly fun and all you have to do is play "We are Family" and "Old Time Rock & Roll" thrown in with some Macarena and Limbo and you will be fine.

Now to your question of accelerating...you can't.

Sorry but man has been trying to speed up time so they do not have to pay their dues for eternity. You just can't accelerate learning without missing the most important part of learning...making mistakes. Yup, you are going to need to make a lot more mistakes before you get really good at anything. So do not fight time or the process.

Learning and living are wonderful gifts that do not and can not be sped up like the pitch of a record.

And always play requests if you have them.


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Nice answer,u cant microwave experience.

(26 Apr '11, 19:14) Monty Riviera

You can't microwave experience...I love it!!!

(26 Apr '11, 19:55) you

Il be honest OM,i got that phrase from a word of faith minister! cant remember which one thou!!

(27 Apr '11, 07:42) Monty Riviera
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Do you have any experience with lucid dreaming? I remember reading somewhere that some people use lucid dreams to practise and improve skills, whether its athletes, musicians, artists etc. It sounds like a great idea to me, if you think about it we are supposed to spend 1/3 of our lives asleep so why not put it to good use?

I can't remember if it was lucid dreaming or OBEs in which this was done. Maybe someone on here who is experienced in either of them can confirm this?


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Radius 7.25

super learning is done by using as many of the senses as you can. You need to practice to get the kenetic and muscle memory. (Feeling), you need to listen to yourself and others to get the audio. (Hearing), watch yourself and others to get the visual (Seeing), Taste and **Smell are tricky, but I would say try and visualize the smell of the microphone, the liquids you'll be drinking while DJing, smell the places you'll be at when performing. Etc... Use as many of the senses to learn faster and more efficiently.


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