Many of us agree that knowing yourself is very important. Some think that knowing yourself is the first priority to personal growth. So I was wondering if there is a way to know when you know yourself. Thank you

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In my view, we begin to know our self once we no longer wear the mask created by the personality construct of our physical mind, so that our true self can shine through.

The personality construct of our physical mind or ego-self, consists of memories from our past experiences and because it cannot see into the future, it fears the ending of itself at the time of the physical death of our body.

However, once our ego-self realizes that change is the only constant in the universe, it understands that it can never be as it was before nor can it remain as it is now. Thus our ego-self realizes that like everything else, it must and so will always be changing.

Our ego-self also understands through its own past and present experience, that the sense of self and who we really are forever remains. Thus, fear of death or any kind of ending is no longer a part of our experience because we've realized that there isn't any of that.

Ideally, with this new understanding, we choose to only take the good-feeling memories with us and release all of our negative and resistant thoughts as we move through life and perceive each now moment; then our life becomes one of eternal joy :)


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You tend to get less defensive in general and you seriously consider what the people who you love and respect in your life have to say ABOUT you.

You lie less. About stupid stuff.


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I would say your on the right path by asking that question. Like Socrates said in words to this affect "there is one thing that I know, and that is, I don't know"

"Know Thy Self" means much. knowing how our physical body functions and operates, knowing how our psychology of mind works, and knowing our spiritual connection and how it all fits together in a harmonious whole.

Welcome to the journey of our spiritual lives, living in a material world.


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I was going to say when we can honestly say "I don't know" and it really doesn't matter to us... glad to see Socrates shared that sentiment :)

(27 Apr '11, 02:22) Michaela

@ Michaela, Like they say, ignorance is bliss.

(27 Apr '11, 04:49) RPuls

the best way is when they have no resistance of their heart, mind, body and consiesness in their daily lifes. when they know that all they do is comfortable for them, when they are not at odds with their thoughts and emotions.

love n light,



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yes when you know your self enuff you know what is false in the people that judge you by there standard!or what they believe to by the norm by society!that is the wide gate of destruction! find the narrow gate of life!


answered 16 May '11, 08:23

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white tiger

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