How is that when some people look at pictures of themselves (within a short time frame too), they look completely different in each?

Someone had recently asked a question about physical reality being an illusion. Well think how that question would really hit home to someone like who experiences this!

Anyway, is this different energy coming through? Why do some people have more consistent pictures effortlessly? Is there more to it based on state of mind as to when the picture was taken?


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Were you yourself when both pictures were taken?

Do you remember posing for both pictures?

You may have been distracted or been in a different emotional state between the two moments.

I attended a funeral recently and I could barely recognize the living family members, because the emotional grief had changed their facial appearance so much.

I think our state of mind does cause minute changes to our appearance.

You question, however is quite personal in nature that I have to be careful in how I answer it.

If you want a wider and less restrained response to these type of questions you may want to ask them in a second person or third person perspective.


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The Traveller

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that is a good point, please do not restrain your answer, what else do you think of such a phenomenon? Vesuvius had a good response but I I have asked many people this question (and some other non related questions) and I have still not really got an answer. This fact makes me believe there is more to the LOA and it is not all we like to think it is. It is helpful, but there are more powerful things going on we are not aware of.

(17 Oct '10, 20:21) Back2Basics

Sorry Back2Basics. The information you are seeking, you have to stumble upon yourself because the universe will always give you what you DID seek. I am not medically qualified to guess a diagnosis which, right or wrong, will influence your mind and that's not fair to you.

(17 Oct '10, 22:18) The Traveller

I DID leave clues.

(17 Oct '10, 22:34) The Traveller

thank you......

(18 Oct '10, 17:16) Back2Basics

@The Traveller

Over 5 years has passed since this question was asked. I was wondering if you could expand on your answer now. I would appreciate it very much. Thanks

(29 Feb '16, 21:10) ele

... or if anyone else would like to answer it, that would be great also. Thanks

(29 Feb '16, 21:16) ele

Like B2B I'm not talking about a change due to weight loss, hairstyle, makeup or any type of cosmetic change or photo shop. Doesn't matter if you see the person or you only see a picture. Pic is nice so you can compare the facial features. They appear noticeably different - enough so, you prob wouldn't recognize the person.

(29 Feb '16, 21:32) ele
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When you are seeing a person live or in video, you are seeing them as they move through various "expressions." As they do so, your mind assembles an image of that person based on their continuous expressions of movement and behavior.

When you see a still picture of someone, you see a frozen time slice of that person, a moment where that person is fixed in a particular expression. Your mind then assembles an image of that person based solely on that specific expression.

As people move through these expressions, there are moments where the expression is particularly captivating or photogenic. It is these moments that a photographer attempts to capture. Some photographers capture these moments by taking many, many pictures of a person, and keeping the best ones. Other photographers have a knack for catching subjects in these ideal expressions.

The best photographers know how to coach their subjects to produce natural, expressive poses, and then snap the picture at just the right moment.

Have a look at this video, where a man named Noah took a photo of himself every day for six years, and then assembled the photos into a video montage. Noah manages to make his expression virtually identical in every photo, so while everything changes around him (including his hair), he basically looks the same in every photo.

In fact, if you watch closely, you can actually see him age as the video progresses.


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Fascinating video. I noticed his ongoing everyday pictures are on his website at

(14 Oct '10, 19:11) Stingray

Amazing! Great Video, and I was totally focused.

(17 Oct '10, 04:27) Inactive User ♦♦

this video just solidifies my belief that most people do not experience this issue?

(17 Oct '10, 20:25) Back2Basics
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