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did anny one dream that they are teaching other to move object with out the physical? this is also a strange dream i have add i was somewhere with other people in front of me and i was moving object by creating a link with it and just willing the thing to move! and i was explaining it to other people! did anny one else did dream like that!

asked 03 May '11, 03:52

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white tiger

edited 03 May '11, 09:52

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Yes. I have many telekinesis dreams.


answered 03 May '11, 05:44

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so om how is it for you?

(03 May '11, 06:37) white tiger

Well, I am able to move objects and show people, then I try to get others to do it and everything stops, the story stops. I can only teach myself in my dreams.

(03 May '11, 07:11) you

strange me i look at other and teach them!

(03 May '11, 23:31) white tiger

Just maybe something your subconscious is trying to reveal something to you in a dream or maybe you have seen this in a movie or something and it caught your minds attention and you or subconsciously trying to figure how to do this. This only my guess I don't know.

(04 May '11, 05:04) flowingwater
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