I have had many dreams of family thats dead and also weird looking spirits. Most of the time i am being chased. What scares me the most is it feels too real,i cannot watch horrors anymore or i wont be able to sleep at night.

One dream i remember clearly is my grandfather that had passed away when i was 9 years old had visited in the house he use to stay in. He gave me a hug and told me to say bye to everyone as i was the only one that could see him. I dreamt this about four years ago and i was 20yrs old.

What causes these types of dreams?

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Well Roxy, I'm sure you can guess the answer many Inward Quest users will quickly give you, and that is learning to lucid dream at a proficient level. My answer is not going to lie dearly in lucid dreaming, though it is a method that will tone down your issues with dreaming and the fear associated with it.

Abraham Hicks promotes the theory that dreams are check points that inform you of your current overall vibration. If anything you should ever recall about dreams is significant is it the emotion you have whilst experiencing them. True, many teachers advocate the use of a dream journal; and I do, yet I recommend to chronicle the feeling and main features of the dream- who was involved, what was going on, where was it at? My view is that petty details aren't going to serve you much as a general guideline.

Expanding upon this, put it this way. If you have a dream in which you feel an emotion, odds are, within the next 48 hours you will encounter a situation in which you will ripple those exact feelings, providing you perform no metaphysical 'work' to change this (eg: meditation, visualising). Basically, if you have a rotten dream, you can expect a rotten day. Vise versa, perhaps on those rare occassions (in your instance) you had an ecstatic dream, and woke up with a rainbow smile glittering on your face and feeling like absolute bliss- unless you really get into bad vibes, expect a mirror reflection of something that will dig up that feeling of happiness.

Dreams are fantastic at revealing your vibrational set-point. They do not lie. You can look at dreams as merely letting your imagination/subconscious live life as you would do if you were on auto-pilot.alt text

The subconscious is 90% of what you think. If you look at beliefs (which is nothing more than a part of you subconscious 'chunk'), a belief is a habitual thought. Is is habitual because you are consciously enriching it in some way, and/or you have not gone about changing them.

Based on the limited information granted in the question, I'd guess your life is a bit heavy. Congratulations on going the step to post the question :).

The answer is straightforward and text book- your vibration= your dreams. Your beliefs assist (to a large degree) in the construction of a vibration.

Unfortunantly I cannot comment any further with relation to your question, but I will revise upon dream interpretations and the myths behind it. If you do a lazy google search for 'dream meanings' you may bump into one of those 'dream dictionaries,' which I think are, not garbage, but useless for every individual minus the person who devised that specific dream dictionary themselves. Why? Cause everyone has a different mind. What does a little kitten seem like to you? Cute? Adorbale? Sweet? Innocent? This is the answer you'd expect from one dream dictionary, and would serve as a general truth for a mainstream thinking population. However, problems arise even in mainstream thinking societies where you begin to include family, home, or wealth. Everyone has largely crafted beliefs about those issues, so thus you are the only one that can define your dreams because you give meaning to your experience.

Your dreams reflect your feelings you let loose in waking life. My immediate recommendation would be to meditate before bed. I read in a womans magazine that 15 minutes of meditating is equivalent to an hours sleep. Since beginning meditation I only require 6-7 hours sleep opposed to 9-10 of what I usually spent in the sack.

What you actually need to do to permanently change this dreams is change your vibration.


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