Okay, so I've been dreaming of this girl for the past three nights, all different dreams but she is still there. I know her in real life but I have never really spoken to her.. What does this mean?

asked 24 May '13, 19:37

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Means nothing to me,It's your dream.

(24 May '13, 21:00) Roy

@Roy lol @MrAustralianIdiot yes dreams are very personal only you can really interpret your own dreams correctly ... however when a man "dreams" of a woman it usually means he fancies her and desires to "connect" with her so to speak ♥

(25 May '13, 05:52) ru bis
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Your dream is one of two things. It is either an astral meet up spot for some old soul mates, or it is a co created experience that she has lent herself to for ur pleasure. The rate of how much of it is her and you in this co-creation is important to know later. My suggestion, whichever of these two it is, you NEED to conect to her. There is somthing important there, my intuition tells me this much. Do it.

love n light,



answered 24 May '13, 23:14

TReb%20Bor%20yit-NE's gravatar image

TReb Bor yit-NE

Thanks Rob, will do.

(25 May '13, 04:35) MrAustralianIdiot

Ur welcome my friend. LOVE

(25 May '13, 09:26) TReb Bor yit-NE

Your dream seems fairly tame to me. Maybe it is precognative though. Does it seem like you two are older?


answered 24 May '13, 21:24

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Wade Casaldi

Older? no I don't think so, why? could this be important?

(25 May '13, 04:42) MrAustralianIdiot

Yes if you are both older it could be precognative (in other words) about your future together.

(25 May '13, 06:43) Wade Casaldi
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