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I decided to just give this one to all you here.

This isn't as much a question as it is a do it yourself pointer list of how to achieve what I have in my dreams.

Feel free to answer with your own experiences and tips. Also your progress if you try this.

First of all you are not going to like the first step.

For me the very first step to my immortality in my dreams was getting killed in my dreams. This was much more than once, I had to experience dying in my dreams plenty of times before the shift.

Here is a short cut, it took me many times waking up screaming to reach what I am to tell you. When you wake up you acknowledge that you are still alive! You died in your dream but yet it had no affect other than making your heart beat fast and your breathing hard you are unharmed. So acknowledge that death in your dreams has no power over you.

As you acknowledge this over and over it starts to stick in your mind. And the more it does the less dying in your dreams matters until you get to the point of death in your dream just changes the dream to another dream. But that is not all, eventually that changes to the point where you don't die even if you would be in life, it doesn't harm you. Even if you have holes blown through you, you don't die. The holes just disappear like you were never shot. This is similar to the movie The Terminator part two with the robot made of liquid nanobots. No matter how much he was shot he would always return to normal.

Now once you get to that point and you acknowledge that you don't die in your dreams, you start feeling immortal, and immortal begins must have some kind of supernatural power, so next you will start developing other powers.

Things continue to branch out and you find more and more power and control the more you acknowledge, the more it solidifies into your dream experiences.

Your lucid dreams become normal to you and very similar to the movie The Matrix, but with the exception that if you die in your dreams you do not die in life, unless maybe of a heart attack from fear.

I hope this helps, if you wanted to know how I became what I did in my dreams.

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Wade Casaldi

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Your true Self is already invincible and immortal in "reality". It's all a dream. The dreams you speak of are dreams within the dream.


answered 18 Jul '14, 05:50

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sooo good :)

(18 Jul '14, 12:49) Marin

a sleep with no dreams may be more life sustaining

(19 Jul '14, 10:13) fred
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