This morning, my special dream.

I was trying to BRING something back to the real world or conscious side. Something made me believe in my unconscious stae that if I put the item in my pants pocket (the pair I had on cureently in reality and it was the same pair in the dream and unconscious state), that when I wake up it would be here in the Conscious or real world. I tryed so hard, I saw the pant went near the pants BUT I COULDN'T FOR THE LIFE OF ME, PLACE THE ITEM IN THE POCKET.

I tryed so hard that I felt my pulse and breathing slow almost to a stop IN THE CONSCIOUS WORLD. So then I backed off , KNOWING WHAT WAS HAPPENING IN THE CONSCIOUS SIDE while being UNCONSCIOUS in mid dream. I tryed again to place the item in my pocket with the same outcome and effect on the body heart and breath, not to mention I started to awaken both times I tryed to place the item. I could hear my pulse decrease and speed up in my righ eardrum truoght the process.

After the second try, I just woke up purposefully, still feeling the effects I later explained, verry dissappointed that I couldn't put the item in my pocket.

I really believe that I almost died in my sleep in dream trying to put the damn thing in the pants pocket, because like I said earlier, SOMETHING made me believe without a shadow of a doubt, that I could bring that item over to the real world only if I could just put the thing in my pocket.

AM I GOING CRAZY. I literally almost stopped breathing and pumping blood LITERALLY trying to complete this feat and I KNEW IT WHILE In-Dream. PLEASE HELP

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One of the key things with interpreting a dream is how it makes you feel when you wake up.

While you are having the dream itself, you are in a state of pure, positive energy as you are attuned to a non-physical state. All negativity exists only in physical focus.

What you remember as a dream really only occurs in the few seconds as you return your focus back into physical consciousness, even though you might experience that remembering as a dream that lasted for many hours.

Then, on returning to physical consciousness, you now view the events of the dream through that physically-focused filter - and that is what colors the emotional aspect of the dream.

So, for example, if you are feeling predominantly disappointed about your life, you might experience disappointment as you review the events of the dream (and believe you encountered disappointing events) even though from your non-physical perspective, you might have actually had (and always do have) dreams that make you "feel" (non-physically) joyous.

Given that background, to get to the bottom of this experience, you would have to ask yourself firstly how you predominantly feel about your life right now. From what I've said above, I would have to say that it seems like there is an element of disappointment about something within you, since that's how you described you felt when you woke up.

That knowledge in itself might give you some insights into your life right now.

Regarding the symbolic aspects of the dream (i.e. you trying to bring something back to the real world), does this idea of trying very hard to force something into your physical reality, but ultimately failing, ring any bells for you in your everyday life?

There might well be a symbolic message (in addition to the previous emotional message) within that dream but it's something that only you can really interpret. And because the dream felt special to you, it might be worth spending some time contemplating that symbolic aspect of it.


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Great explanation. Thanks for the insight.

(23 May '11, 18:15) you

stop believing! what made you believe that in the first place? and what was the item? it seams you liked that item alot to try to bring it back with you! no you are scared because you are new to this! you cannot die in dream but be carefull what you try to do!


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white tiger

you are not going crazy, the dream is your connsiesness going in and out of your body and into diffrent systems. when you feel liek you are cappible of doing something from the dream it is you mannifesting a reality that you enjoy!! enjoy it my freind !

love n light,



answered 02 May '11, 20:18

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