In my life I have series of experiences, both in personal and official field, where a project or work I have undertaken goes on extremly well;but at the end, when I am almost sure of my success, something goes wrong and I fail.This has started from 1994.

Initially I thought that this is just coincidental or by chance.However, since it is happening again and again ,and in almost all my endevours,I am sure it is not by chance and there is a problem.Since I do not know what is the problem I do not know the solution either.

Can someone help me find the problem/solution?

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Hey everyone... Thnks for the beautiful ways to make belive things that are so hypo... even I am going through the same prob coz its evedient if I'm searching something like this means I'm one among the que. Its always easy to say but too difficult to experience it. I don't know about others but I do belive that there is something going wrong. I read one gud line "If you belive in God than belive in his Timing..." but this make me thing more that is it really the bad time for me... or sometime eles... can anyone help me out of this...

(23 Dec '11, 12:22) manu
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Another way of looking at this is that you are succeeding in consistently not getting what you want.

I know that doesn't sound like a terribly helpful way of looking at it but I would suggest that, in fact, it is an extremely helpful way of looking at it.

The reason for me saying that is because of the word "consistently" in the first sentence.

The great power inherent within knowledge of The Law of Attraction is its consistency.

You cannot bribe the law, threaten the law, or make the law feel sorry for you. You cannot persuade it to operate differently in any way and, in fact, you can never turn it off.

All you can do is apply it in a way that serves you (i.e. you get what you want) or in a way that doesn't serve you (i.e. you don't get what you want).

Your consistent pattern of things going "extremely well" and then failing right at the end simply suggests (to me) that whatever you are doing is mostly spot on, otherwise things wouldn't go "extremely well" at any time.

Now you just need a bit of fine-tuning.

From my own experience, when things go wrong at the last moment, it's simply because I am getting too needy for the end result to physically manifest. Neediness for a physical manifestation is a sure way to kill it.

The simple solution to this is to enjoy the process of whatever you are working towards rather than getting too emotionally attached to the end-result.

The added complication in your case, however, seems to be that you now have a belief that you will always fail at the last hurdle.

The way you've stated your question suggests that you have this belief fairly strongly now...

However, since it is happening again and again ,and in almost all my endevours,I am sure it is not by chance and there is a problem

So, first, neutralize that limiting belief and then just find ways to enjoy your work/projects more - just use the end-results as reasons to focus rather than reasons to feel happy.

I suspect that might be enough to change things for you.


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Thanks Stingray,thanks for the detailed answer.Now I am clear that it is my strong neediness which is coming in the way of my success.I will try to control that. Can you help by suggesting some affirmation/meditation/any other exercise which will help me.

(09 May '11, 06:30) gopalok 1

Rather than thinking in terms of trying to control your "neediness", it might be more useful for you to think of neutralizing it instead. The word "control" implies on-going effort and manifesting what you want is really more about gently allowing things to happen. The quickest belief neutralizer I know is EFT

(09 May '11, 17:49) Stingray

This is the two steps back, after completing a level of understanding. Whenever one tries to break into the next level, there is always resistance. It is that last hump to make the conclusion complete. Just know that it is part of the system set up of learning about ourselves. Stay locked on the goal and not the process. The rest will take care of itself.


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The Knights Alchemy

"Almost sure"...Bingo

I'm not sure you believe it enough, actually I know you do not believe it enough. You might actually believe your track record. Patterns are predictable because of the self fulfilling prophecy that they ARE predictable.


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Nice one OM... :)

(05 May '11, 06:52) Eddie

@ Eddie, I am trying to listen and learn :) Thanks for you patience.

(05 May '11, 07:26) you

Thanks Michael.What is the solution?

(05 May '11, 09:39) gopalok

Great answer :)

(05 May '11, 18:12) Michaela

@Gopalok the solution is to always be aware of your emotional guidance system. Always be mindful of how you feel and appreciate the process. Even though you should focus on the feeling of the goal, it us important to be ever grateful to the eternal ever present NOW. And now is part if the process. It looks like you might be losing appreciation when you get close to manifesting. Remember how you feel early in the process and continually recreate it

(05 May '11, 22:09) you

Keep a note pad with you and track your EGS during the process and maybe you can locate when these limiting beliefs creep in. Cause they are at some point and the doubt that is down at 13 jumps in when you are at level 6 and even 3.

(05 May '11, 22:11) you

Oh and just read every one of Stingrays posts and you'll be fine. He explains it better than me.

(05 May '11, 22:17) you
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I always find that just assuming the end product is the best way forward. I try to live in the end result and take my focus off all the stuff that seems to conflict with my end goal.

Its actually not "hard" to do this ,it just requires a slight tweak of the thinking.

When things "seem" to go wrong it may not actually be the case.I could be a pre cursor to events falling into place.

To answer your question things may not actually be going wrong.Imagine that you got so pissed off at the failure of a project and jacked your whole career in.Then you applied for another job which then granted you all the desires of your heart.

I try to see the long game,but i know that certain physical facts must be ignored.This is sometimes not easy for most. And its not always been easy for me.



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Monty Riviera

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What is the solution? You are your worst enemy, but in the same token, you are your own best friend! So, stop expecting the worst, and expect the best that life has to offer, and you will receive the best. It is unwise to live in the past, for you cannot change the past, but you could change the future! Think Positive!

William James quote: “Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.”


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Ha ha, I was just thinking that whenever I see a question that asks "Why do I..." I want to say "Cause thats what you do" Meaning what you said, we are our own best enemy :)

(10 May '11, 05:28) you

@Michael: Yes, it is one of our greatest hindrances!

(12 May '11, 04:23) Inactive User ♦♦

enjoy the journey and correct problem! every time there is high there must be low also it is the balence of things so make the best of the high and the low! not just of the high! if you do that the low will help you go high and not pull you down! example roller coster you go high then low then high again! but if there is problem on the track and you do not correct it it will stop your momentum!


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white tiger

I AM GOING TO BE BLUNT! It is BECAUSE you expect anything at all! when you take a vision, a possible mennefestation and you dwell on the results, well you are using all of your "IN THE NOW" mommentum and you use it up on the "what ifs" and shoulda coullda beens, If you keep looking forward to far, or keep looking in teh past, You are NOT foucused on teh now! If you are NOT foucused in the now, well then you willNEVER see the little paths that are layed out and you almost for sure miss any ques given to you by the higher self! I am working with my wife about this because she is almost obbsessed on the past and in the future! All you do is create worry about somthing you can not re-do or somthing that might not even be a problem, If you foucus on the what if's, you only give the neggitive possibilitys more power!

love n light ,



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