Since I´ve managed to drastically increase my level of conciousness, the events, goals, desires ... whatever I want to manifest simply froze or have not happen. Previously, when I had even a half the level of awareness I used to manifest fast, easily, gently and even innocently !

Now, things seem worse, stuck, difficult and slow ... very, slow ....zzzzzz. Some people realize the contrast between what I am and my current life and comment : " You´re so intelligent, strong, balanced, wise, but everything you try does not happen ! Someone must have held your voodoo doll". I can only laugh about it.

Please, don´t say I have "limited beliefs" or something alike. I USED TO FULFILL MY GOALS EASILY.

Sometimes I wish I was "dumb" like I used to be. Today I´m fully aware of my thoughts, behave, feelings, body, experiences, people, events, circunstances, time but so what ? I don´t want to be wise neither write a novel about my life. I just want to reach my goals like I used to do.

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I get what you're saying... however, I don't think it's a law of non attraction.

The only suggestion I have is that when we become aware of the law of attraction, we often give too much attention to how things are manifesting, and I think this can prove to be detrimental if we can't consistently hold a good feeling around the manifestation. Then we begin to notice the lack of what we want and that becomes our point of attraction.

When we're not aware of the law of attraction but naturally feel good, what we want seems to flow to us effortlessly.

Hopefully, Stingray (or someone else) can offer you an expanded explanation :)


answered 05 May '11, 20:17

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You said somenthing very important to me "when we become aware of the law of attraction, we often give too much attention to how things are manifesting, and I think this can prove to be detrimental" This is exactcly what I feel. It seems like my high level of awareness is working against me since sometimes I fell overwhelmed in spite of the balance we achieve.

(05 May '11, 20:49) Rbmello

Sometimes I regret having reached such a high level of conciousness. I´t´s one way trip. Previously things seemed easier because I was not so well aware. Thank you Michaela !

(05 May '11, 21:06) Rbmello

I really do hear what you're saying... however, I also believe continuing to expand that consciousness and awareness will pay dividends... maybe just not exactly the way we expect :)

(05 May '11, 21:34) Michaela

Maybe that is why they say to "not care if you get it," or "forget about it."

(06 May '11, 04:26) Fairy Princess
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Patience young Grasshopper. Don't forget the "LAW OF GESTATION"


answered 05 May '11, 21:21

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I like that ! Thank you !

(05 May '11, 23:28) Rbmello

REALLY good point RPuls.

(06 May '11, 09:15) Monty Riviera

You're the boss.

Your words reflect your thoughts and beliefs and firm up and add to your vibrational mix.

And now, for whatever reason you've decided to focus on the idea of non-attraction. You’re paying attention to, in your estimation, what’s wrong and due to your frustration, you’re actively propagating your story through this post.

Thus, the Universal mirror has no option other than to reflect the essence of your thoughts and beliefs back to you through your life experience.

Could a change of thinking and the telling of a new story be in order?


answered 06 May '11, 00:09

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Good point Eddie :)

(06 May '11, 00:43) Michaela

Sure, but from de moment that things turn out well. Im known as being very optimistc and confident but I´m no fool. I can not see failure or lack of results an pretend that life is beautiful and everything will be alright. I know it can work but I want to poit out is that from the moment tha my level of awareness increased, things seem to become more difficult and slow. The perception of time and the way the world works (from my point of view) has changed. It is as if I used to put a kettle for boilling milk and just forget about it. Then, out of blue, the milk has boiled.

(06 May '11, 02:13) Rbmello

Now, with my current level of conciousness it is as if I were "forced" to stay in front of the stove watching everything and waiting for the milk boil. I use the release technique to resolve this. I establish clearly what I want and just "let go" but I have to track the results someway. Results ? What the hell is that ? (j.k.)

(06 May '11, 02:22) Rbmello

Only a fool (your word) :) observes, notices and focuses on unwanted things and a lack filled reality. Reality came about from imagining the end result and feeling as if we already have it. Thus, pretending IS the order of the day. To get a new reflection in the Universal mirror, we must ignore the reality in front of our eyes and pretend it isn’t like it is. Forget about reality unless it’s a reality of your own conscious deliberate creation :)

(06 May '11, 03:49) Eddie

Good point Eddie,realitys not that great for a lot of people. Ive decided to hell with reality. Ive never liked it much anyway. We all control our own minds.Its as easy to imagine winning the lottery as is to imagine losing everything. Same mind,same operation/laws and actually the same results in a way.By this i mean whatevers imagined eventually happens. Sod the so called real world,it changes like the wind. Imagination is the only reality,it made a planet,it made me.

(06 May '11, 09:14) Monty Riviera
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