Why can't we manifest something that is considered to be urgent (e.g. you need an urgent operation & do not have the money or your young child has gone missing suddenly)? The law of attraction should be able to work for anything. So how can we truly detach ourselves from outcomes that we not only desire but need very quickly. The universe has unlimited potential, so it should recognize when we are stressed and trying to manifests an urgent need. Why can't the universe pick up on all our vibrations and make the best possible choice even if we under duress? I hope someone can give some clarity on this.

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Manifesting is about aligning belief and desire.

However, if your desire is so massive that they make your beliefs irrelevant in comparison (like the story Brian told about the grandmother desperately trying to save her grandson), you will get the manifestation as well.

So you can actually use the Law of Attraction in emergencies. I've done so myself deliberately on a few occasions...the key is to just allow yourself to really feel the desire strongly and then let go (as much as you are able in that moment) of how you expect events to sort themselves out so you don't activate any contrary beliefs.

You can actually get pretty good at this emergency manifestation approach.

Before I knew about the Law of Attraction, I had one career that was almost nothing but daily emergencies. I found that just by not thinking about how I was going to get out of the current disaster and staying focused in the present then somehow, often seemingly miraculously, things would sort themselves out.

And this would happen day after day after day. Eventually, I got known for being the guy who always delivered results under pressure (somehow) and I got promoted rather quickly. :)

I learned a lot about manifesting from that career without realizing it :)


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We Can. Have you ever heard the story of the grandmother who lifted a car off her grandsons leg? She did, but she was very shy about retelling the story because she said, she was apprehensive about changing her whole view on life and what is possible. A big part of manifesting is the art of being fully present in the Now moment.


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Good answer I was going to say something similar, when we need it most our focus becomes so clear miracles happen. So many attribute so much to luck, "wow I was nearly killed I am lucky just a little bit farther and i would have been dead!" No not luck we go beyond time into the pure NOW and things happen in this that seem like luck.

(02 Mar '10, 09:51) Wade Casaldi

Thanks Wade Casaldi.

(02 Mar '10, 09:53) Brian

Perhaps because in time of duress we often have many mixed emotions going on at once rather than "one true desire". Often fear, imagining of negative outcomes, stress, and more are going through our minds at the same time.


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Drham - Can you imagine an Universe where everybody gets what they want intantaneously? Everyone wants something different. Some want what others have and the other do not want to give it up. Islamists want their law to rule the world, the 'flower people' don't want any laws. That horrible person up the road wants you to get rid of your dog and you want to get rid of the horrible neigbour.

Everyone in the Universe cannot have what they want to manifest - we would have instant chaos.

Do you think it possible that the original sin may have something to do with getting what we want despite the consequences.. Anything you can do God, I can do better ??

Maybe we are finding out the long hard way that we can't do better.


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I can't answer about the law of attraction but a lot of time during trying and dangerous and emergency situations angels are they helping people get through what ever it is that is going on but after it is over so many times when they are question about it they just seem to say it was luck but it wasn't it was Jesus and his holy angels saving us during a terriable car wreck when the car was total and you escape with your life whether you had to go to the hospital or not or you just walk away only merely scratched.

There were times when you were awaken from a sleep just in time to get your family out of the house which a angel had just woken you up 5 minutes earlier so the family was saved maybe not the house but you all were.

There were times when you were lost are your car broke down when it was freezing cold or in a dangerous area and all of a certain a angel looking like a human comes along and change your tire, let you use his cell phone, or get your car going only for you to look back and there is no body there.

There were times you were about to get a ride in a car, airplane, train and something change and you coudn't make the flight or catch the train or was late for the car you were cathing a ride with and later on find out the car had a terriable wreck, the train jumped track and wreck, the air plane went down or the ship sunk so you were saved without even realizing it.

Yes there are many times when God, Jesus and the holy heavenly and human angels here on earth are there helping people during very bad situations that everyone knows you shouldn't have come out of it.

Yes there are many times that no help is there it seems so I have no answer for those times but I can tell you people don't think about the many times in there lives when they know some heavenly being help them even if they want tell anyone else.

We know not all of the anwers and the whys and why not but God knows all.


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