Let's assume that the law of attraction works. However, let's also assume that there are two people but they have conflicting desires to each other.

So, let's say that a couple want to buy a car but one of them wants an Aston Martin and the other one wants an Audi R8 or maybe a simpler example, one of them wants a child and the other one doesn't. They also desire the different things to the same extent.

Who will have their desire manifested? What factor determines who will get what they want?

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Pink Diamond

Very good question.

(11 Nov '09, 22:26) Vesuvius

Thanks Vesuvius.

(11 Nov '09, 22:37) Pink Diamond

This is an very good questions for they said like both football teams want to win real bad which one willl win if they are both praying to win.

(12 Nov '09, 07:17) flowingwater

Wow this has also been my question eversince. Like what if two people attracting the car in a raffle contest. Or two people attracting the same person for a relationship.

(12 Dec '10, 05:38) Aphrodite
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The answer is both win...but there is a necessary pre-condition to this happening

Consider this quote from The Master Key System to highlight the point:

Mental Power is creative power, it gives you the ability to create for yourself; it does not mean the ability to take something away from someone else. Nature never does things that way. Nature makes two blades of grass grow where one grew before, and Mind Power enables men to do the same thing.

There are no limits on what an individual can manifest if they manage to align their desire with their belief.

When there are two people involved and both appear to have conflicting desires then provided both are in alignment with their desires, the universe will blend the essence of those desires and satisfy both.

Referring to the example in the question about one wanting a child and the other not...there will be something about having a child that one wants (for example: the feeling of loving another, caring for someone, protectiveness, motherliness etc) and there will be something about not having a child that the other wants (for example: freedom, lack of responsibility etc).

If both are in alignment then circumstances will come about to satisfy and blend both feelings...perhaps a child that is extremely self-sufficient, for example. No-one can say exactly how the blended desires will be manifested - but they will be.

Now the main problem with all of this co-creating is that usually both are not in alignment with their desires. Usually one of the people wants something and the other person wants the other person to not have that thing. i.e. one person wants the child and the other does not want the child (instead of looking at their own real desire of wanting freedom, lack of responsibility etc)

In this case, the person in alignment receives the desire and the other doesn't and then thinks that the other person forced their wishes upon them (which isn't really the case). As I mentioned, if both are alignment, both must receive.

To make this principle clearer, let's consider how it applies in any competition where there are multiple people chasing one prize. Here things are slightly different in that there is only one possible winner of, say, the ultimate trophy.

In this case, there is clearly little room for the universe to create two winners because the manmade rules of the competition simply do not allow it. Here the one who wins is the one most in alignment with the desire of winning (the most "self-belief", or "expectation"), or failing that, the one with the least resistance to the goal of winning.


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I definitely agree with the fact that sometimes the only reason behind our desire is for the other person not to get what THEY want. Some really good points there.

(12 Nov '09, 21:57) Pink Diamond

Hey stingray, I really like your last 2 paragraphs. I knew this, but never put my thoughts in words. Just reading this sort of jolted me. Thanks.

(07 Apr '10, 15:42) Frank 1

Love the last paragraph. Very well said Stingray. I love this forum!!! My head is getting clearer and clearer everytime I make time to study here.

(12 Dec '10, 05:40) Aphrodite
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I would say the one who has the strongest of the 2 desires, and the least amount of doubts will be the one to make their desire manifest. This question was really food for thought. If their desire is stronger than their love for the other person, they will find what they want with someone else, or on their own, but they will have it.


answered 11 Nov '09, 22:52

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LeeAnn 1

I like your last statement Lee Ann.

(12 Nov '09, 21:50) Pink Diamond

Thank you Rani.

(12 Nov '09, 22:48) LeeAnn 1

This question hits right at home with me. My wife and myself are experiencing simultaneous Awakenings. We have had people tell us how fortunate we are to be able to experience this with someone so close. As most of you know an Awakening is hard enough on your own,but with Us this has been a huge rollercoaster ride with an ongoing movie called Clash of the Egos.My wife and I have been married for 19 years and have 4 children and I feel we have had our share of Conflicts.The one thing I know is that you really need to listen to what the other is saying without letting your ego React.I still need a lot of practice with that one.Relationships will always have Challenges and your Desires will always be Unique to you.This is what I really Love about Co-creating, it's always an exciting Mystery.

Love and Light


answered 12 Nov '09, 01:43

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From an ego or scarcity mentality perspective the one with the stronger will will be able to force his/her intention onto the other person...

If we can put our egos aside though, we find that there are ways for everyone to be happy. In the example above, being "a couple" is just a concept, it's not a fixed, unchangeable state. If one of the partners has a strong desire to have children and the other doesn't, then they can stop being a couple and look for new, more suitable partners. Of course they have to make a choice as to which is more important - staying with that person or fulfilling one's own desire.

I'd say that when the ego is out of the picture, there need be no conflict, ever. Even if two people want something that is truly unique, like when two men are attracted to the same woman. Of course each of them will perform his male magic but eventually only one of them (or a third guy) will "win" her over. The "loser" can then choose to indulge in scarcity thinking and be sad and miserable. Or he can recognize that what he was really attracted to are certain qualities of that woman, the way he felt around her ... he can be grateful that she entered his life and gave him clarity as to what he wants and he can start to happily attract another person with these qualities.


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You have made some good points there Toshiro.

(12 Nov '09, 21:51) Pink Diamond

First of all we have to be in alinement with God I know everyone usually says the universe but I don't want to leave God out and he says ask and yea shall receive, seek an yea shall find and knock and the door shall be open. For God loves us so very much! But connecting to the universal consciouness is connecting to God consciouness others just might choose to give it a different name.

Now that is an good questions of two people having opposite desires and they both ask or manifest. But there will be one that will manifest or ask and believe and do not doubt stronger than the other one but that does not mean the other person will not get there as well maybe later on or not at the same time but God will work it out for your best interest as long as you don't doubt it will come to past maybe not to the tee but close enough. or the other at the last minute may decide to ask for something different or manifest something differently.

I have found out that sometimes I have an hard time keeping self doubt out of the picture for an certain length of time and God has told me not to doubt. I just be needing the results to happen so fast and it is so important to me. Example I am now trying to ask God and manifest a lot of money my way so I can help my children in college and they really need financial help. What I love about God is that he knows all about us and our problems and desires so all we have to do is ask him. He taught us how to manifest for in the bible it said he spoke the word and manifest Jesus into flesh. God spoke the world into existence and the moon, stars, and sun.

Now I hope we can all speak postive good things into existence for others and help make the earth an better place to live in an healthy, kind environment of kind loving and caring people.

I was reading out of some book and it said some people come into your life just for an moment for you to learn something from them or for them to learn something from you and than they are gone. In other words somtimes we are the teachers and sometimes we are the student.

So if we let time lapse by than if we don't watch it that old doubt will creap on in on us. So, our faith must be strong in God and Jesus and that we have choices to make because of our free will.


answered 12 Nov '09, 07:14

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Throught provoking answer.

(12 Nov '09, 21:59) Pink Diamond

Thanks Rani Oberoi appreciate your comment.

(13 Nov '09, 07:59) flowingwater
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