Describe effective astral projection techniques

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I will tell you the technique my father used, he used to do a lot of meditating. One day when he closed his eyes he thought it looks like distance in this darkness, depth. So he decided to see what would happen if he walked into this, he started walking farther and farther deep into this darkness. Slowly he started noticing streaks of light fly by, this became more and more and faster and faster and he realized he was not walking anymore he was flying. It became so fast it was like driving a car 100 miles an hour, light was flying past everywhere all different colors. He was in a tunnel of lights, this went on for a while until he hit something that he could only describe as pure white light, brighter than anything he ever saw and he said we have nothing to which to compare it to. He held up a piece of white paper and said it was like this but it was light, it sounded so pure white like an absents of all color like pigment is for paint. As he went farther through this pure white light he all of a sudden came to a huge set of doors, like giant "Jack and the bean stalk" size doors. He noticed a being standing by him about a head taller dressed in black with a hood, (I guess it looked like the angel of death as I think of it.) This being asked him if he would like to go through the doors, my father said what do I need to do to get through the doors? The being told him he'll ask a question, my father said what if a do not agree, he said you will wake up and forget the question. That was the end of that he woke up from that experience and to this day has no idea what the question was.

I myself have done this with dream projection, the flying 100 miles an hour with the color streak tunnel, only for me I ended up at a void. It was so cool, there was nothing as far as the eyes could see just pure blackness I was not standing on anything I was floating like in outer space but there were no stars. Nothing above nothing below, nothing right, left, front or back. It was just a void like the nothing from which everything came from.

Another time I remember dream projecting to heaven and another time to hell, each by my choices, heaven was curiosity, so when I went there I saw but did not experience, I went as an observer I guess so I experienced being an observer. Hell was an attempt to try to see if I could save some people, it turned out to be a waste of effort, maybe I saved some I guess I might have made some difference if any listened. Just the guy that decided to cut me open from belly to throat distracted that from me and made me decide I was wasting my effort there so I closed my body up and left feeling like this is the thanks I get!


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Wade Casaldi

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Wade as a observer in heaven what did you see that you would like to tell. How did you feel being there and did you see God? Do you think astral traveling reaffirm your belief in God and Jesus and a spiritual life after a physical death or a transformation from mortal to immortal?

(03 Jan '11, 06:22) flowingwater

You know I forgot but as I think back, I went a few times and each was different like many rooms or sections exist in heaven each seemingly the only one to the observer that is there. One time was like clouds at my feet and white around and thousands of people that seemed in a daze wondering around gliding.

(15 Jan '11, 02:15) Wade Casaldi

Another time was the golden gates and marble floors one constant I can say is always the white light that seemed to be everywhere but coming from no where.

(15 Jan '11, 02:16) Wade Casaldi

I don't remember any feelings just observations actually, probably because I didn't belong there yet so I didn't experience it only observed it.

(15 Jan '11, 02:18) Wade Casaldi

Great Wade Casaldi thanks for thinking back on your trip to heaven and telling about it. Did you see God or Jesus or his Holy Angels? I have read about a lot of near death experiences of people and some saw heaven and some saw hell. Astral traveling is new to me but I believe I have travel many times but I don't remember. But as I pay attention to my dreams now nothing happens. Do you still travel and were you afraid of anything; you don't have to answer this last part. I am afraid to I don't know what I will come in contact with. They say when you go to sleep you astral travel!

(07 Feb '11, 03:08) flowingwater

No think of it this way you go to a friends house and step in the door way, every time you go to someone's house you step in the door way. You can see only what you see from the door way so you may not even see people except who answers the door of course.

(07 Feb '11, 20:59) Wade Casaldi

Those were only like look but touch dreams window shopping the heavens. There was a dream I had one time when I was really feeling close to God that I decided to go to hell to see if I could help people. That didn't go too well the one guy came over and cut me open from belly to throat saying "this is what we think of you preacher boy!" lol At the time I was appalled, "this is thanks I get!" I closed my self up and left

(07 Feb '11, 21:07) Wade Casaldi
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Wade's answer (above) tells you about being on the astral plane- I can tell you a little more about how to get there.

First, you must be in a meditative state. I use this method to get to that state:

I first make sure I am in an environment where I will nor be disturbed for about an hour. Starting at the feet ( I lie down on my bed) I imagine that my feet slowly disengage from my body. I then concentrate on my body, feeling only from the calves upward. Then I "erase" my calves, and repeat that checking of my body from the knees upwards, noting that my calves and feet are "gone". Then I eliminate my knees. I repeat this exercise, slowly working my way up my body, until I am just a head on a pillow. I eliminate my arms when I reach waist level.

Once at my head I then concentrate on peace and nothingness. I usually feel a bit of dizziness or tingling, but I mostly feel like I am floating. When you reach this point, you are ready to astral project.

The projection can go forward in many ways. I am a Shaman, so I look for my "hole in the earth" where I go down and transfer to the spirit world. Then I just ask to go to the cosmos, and each time, I have traveled at great speeds to various places, both on earth and in "Heaven" or the Spirit World. From this point on, the journey is up to you. You must practice getting to that meditative place, if you are not used to doing that.

There are other techniques, but this one I teach to beginners and have had good results with it.

I hope this helps flesh out Wade's answer.

Good luck, and happy travels.

Blessings, Jai.


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I am glad you said you have astral travel Jaianniah. I have several questions why did you go down to the hole in the earth and not just out into your room and than on to where ever it is you want to go? Next when you went to heaven or the spirit world as you put it did you see holy angels, Jesus and God, and did they talk to you? Do you think it was helpful to you or it was just some where to go? Was it dangerous? Do you think you might have pick up some negative entities while you were out there?

(03 Jan '11, 06:11) flowingwater

what are benefits of astral much it is use ful for ppl?

(03 Jan '11, 10:37) Zee

What ever you do practice creating a circle of protection & ask your higher self to provide you constant protection from un-seen forces.

The lower astral is not a place to play with.


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The Traveller

Any technique your imagination gives you. I would do some research and try what resonates with you ;]


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Many claim that the Monroe technique is an easy method for beginners to use. I have no personal experience with it, though. I'd be interested to hear your results if you try it.


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Some Astral projection techniques inculdes: 1.Out of Body Exeprience froml lucid dreaming-Lucid dreams are dreams in which the dreamer is aware that he is dreaming. In a Lucid Dream a person is already "out" of his body.

2.Rope method-A key ingredient to this projection technique is an invisible, imaginary ROPE hanging from your ceiling. This ROPE will be used to exert dynamic pressure at a single point on your astral body to force its separation from the physical.

3.Aonther visualizatnoi techniques is Hammock Technique.


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Astral Projection Techniques

Popular astral travel methods never separate astral body from the physical body. For true astral travel, read this: Open on page 135


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well you can will your self out and give a target! but i prefer to let it happen when it is needed!and just be aware and experiance! but do what go well for you!


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white tiger

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