i am again here with ma new interesting question..lolzzz.. and what will happen if while astral travelling..the spirit doesn't comes back in the body?

i ma very curious to know about astral travelling n its technique too..

hope to hear lots of answers soon..

thank u in advance..

love,light n blessings ur wayy..

supergirl.. :)))

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Barry Allen ♦♦

supergirl, it is supposed to happen when sleeping, if it be a sound sleep. when awake it is supposed to be a transcending of earth space and time

(02 Mar '13, 20:38) fred

Astral traveling is when you "leeave" your body, and go out as pure consciousness, or soul, and experience the world in a projected state.

I used to astral travel as a child very easily. I would leave my body, and "fly" around, going anywhere I chose. I did not experience reality the same way as when I was in my body. I perceived that I remained connected to my body by a long, silver chord.

When I was lifting out of my body, I experienced a great deal of joy and felt free.

Here is a link for more info.




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thanks for the link

(26 Feb '13, 08:03) ru bis

wow..jai ,amazzing link..,thank u dear.., ur really special jai..since,childhood tht u cld do astral travelling in ur childhood itself.

(26 Feb '13, 11:37) supergirl

i will give you the key and you will see it is very simple for astral travel or lucid dream, What you need is to be aware. So meditate be aware(Keep watch).Each night that you sleep your spirit travel it is just that you are not aware of it. Some time you become a little aware of it and you dream. i have read somewhere in astral projection book that people that are aware in astral projection and dream are called master of both world and can shift from the dream to astral projection and vice versa.As for is there a danger to not return you do it each night and do not know that you are doing it,and return each morning in your body of flesh( water clay) so is it more dangerous to not know or to know?.You can say that this world is dangerous sometime for your physical body,yet it does not stop you from experiencing it and enjoy it? Like in every world or place you can meet some good people and some bad one. usely the bad one try to scare you, attack you,trick you.They might even appear as jesus or anny other deity that you trust and have faith in, but you can feel if they are good or not,you can see if they lie,try to trick you,try to gain some control over you,also if you see black smoke around them it is a sign that they are negative no matter how nice they try to appear to you do not trust them.video link to show you what black smoke around them look like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIuTmFG10l0 also those black cloud sometime follow people that are drunk or have a lot of negative emotion.

The nice one usely do not stay in the dimension that is next to where you exit from this world. that place looks like a dark swamp. the nice one usely you will meet them where there is light,peace,tranquility,harmony.


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white tiger

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@white tiger- interesting info.., but how to identify tht black smoke.? is it visible?

(26 Feb '13, 23:59) supergirl

..and also can u pls tel me ,wats in tht link..cos ma adobe player is nt working..but,i m very curious to know..

(27 Feb '13, 00:20) supergirl

@supergirl did you see the show supernatural with Sam and Dean winchester? The link is showing demon as black smoke it is pretty accurate. that is what the link is showing.

(27 Feb '13, 00:44) white tiger

@supergirl - be clear in yourself and 'black smoke' can easily be detected as disharmonious vibrations

(27 Feb '13, 03:26) ru bis

@white tiger n @ru bis- thank u so much.. :)))

(27 Feb '13, 12:07) supergirl

Also black smoke that follow people with negative emotion is not part of them the simple fact is that they leave the person as soon as the person moves out of negativity,and that black smoke stay around the place where it was left off looking for another victim. So those ghost show with shadow people or dark ghost that hunt place now you know what they are.

(02 Mar '13, 11:50) white tiger

@ white tiger- thank u..for the info. :))

(04 Mar '13, 04:46) supergirl
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