Every time I try to study myself outside the physical, I always end up experiencing disturbances especially when asleep.

I am aware of my capability of 'getting out of my body' which happens mostly unintentionally, but I didn't try to develop it nor take it seriously. It happens spontaneously. But I noticed that it mostly happens every time I study the spiritual or non-physical.

I am prone to what some may call sleep apnea. I am not sure how to label it, but it's the closest I get in medical terms when I'm "awake" but my body is "asleep" and I'm trapped in between. I remembered my first experience when I was 16, after reading the Bible book of "Acts".

Another one I experience often is when trying to understand OBE and astral projection. Every time, after I study, I experience astral projection that I don't will. In fact I study it not to really learn it, but as much as possible to keep myself safe and minimize its spontaneous occurence as. Sometimes when projecting or having an OBE, I would panic and have great fears then I fall to sleep apnea again.

When I read posts in InwardQuest just about anything about knowing myself better spiritually, I encounter these same things. Even assimilating the true nature of meditation itself triggers these. And I bring this up because I noticed that it only occurs when I try to study myself.

Every time I go deep, I experience OBE outside of my will. It only dawned on me that it's because of having to study myself again. It makes me feel like I should steer away from knowing myself better or awakening because I get into trouble whenever I do.

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hello @sagchiq03 yes I know what you mean, just accept the experience accept the fear, it's ok to feel afraid when moving into the "unknown" having new experiences :)

(02 Jan '16, 01:29) jaz
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Hi sagchiq I have had astral projection but not on your scale I had to meditate long and very hard to be able to achive this maybe you are looking at it in the wrong way it seems to me that you have a great gift you are just frightened of it can happen to a lot of people that aren't spiritual bit like a medium can be born with the gift and didn't have to meditate to gain the gift,I was born a clairvoyant it used to frighten the life out of me only used to tell my father about this and nobody else it didn't frighten me havering the vision which sometimes could go on for 5 to 10 minutes at a time but thought that if I excepted it I would open the doors to spirit and all sorts but after grounding meditation slowed it down so not so often years later become more at ease with it and now after being awakened through meditation i tackald all my fears head on and became a much stronger person now I do OBE where I've been called to travel all the way to the spirit world it's a very peacefull place and not scary at all not even afraid of death after being there after that I have welcomed spirits and now joined a medium church.I think maybe you should reevaluate what you have actually got see it more as a gift try grounding yourself and buy some grounding amythest crystals and crystals for astral projection to protect you may come to terms with it then.Its a bit ironic you have something you don't want yet it's the one thing that most spiritual people struggle to be able to master and it's normally fear that stops them from doing so.hope I've been of some help and hopefully one day you don't fear this happy new year


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Thank you so much for your answer. I think grounding is something I need to consider. To be honest, I am totally lost on what I should do. I project spontaneously. I really don't know anything about controling it or mastering it. In fact I don't know where to start. But I take your advice and thank you for reminding me that I should calm down and accept it as a gift. There is a lot of fear going on inside me, considering the possibilities...

(19 Jan '16, 06:46) sagchiq03

Hi @sagchiq03 the first time I remember swooning was when I was 7 years old in a church during a catholic mass, I had the impression that my energy filled the whole church and as I recentered onto my physical body I saw myself with people bending over me trying to revive me. Fainting is traditionally eased by using smelling salts which are basically ammonium gas that irritates the mucous lining of the nose.

Later when I was about 12 years old onwards I used to experience serious bouts of disorientation, difficult to describe really, the nearest I can get is to say it felt like the world around felt strange, like I just landed from another planet, it was very frightening. I had many other "symptoms" like whilst I was laying in bed, the bed seemed to be slowly spinning like as in a whirlpool.

Now I know that these experiences were simply my energy spontaneously wondering around, just like you describe how your energy seems to do as it pleases beyond your control.

So what to do? I think the smelling salts give the clue because they act by attracting your dissipated energy to recenter on the physical.

Now, I suggest the way to treat yourself is to strenghthen your auric energy field and at the same time maintain conscious control over the energy.

Here's an article you may find useful


There're also plenty of specialized methods around, there's a very wide choice (il n'y que l'embarras du choix) :)


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Thanks for your response, @jaz. I did remember experiencing something similar as yours when I was around 7 yrs old. I was disoriented and I passed out. I always saw it as one of the most mysterious things that happened to me. The way I remembered it I was like hallucinating, but it was after lunch so I couldn't say it was out of hunger. I see everyone running towards me, but it wasn't really happening. Interesting article. I might need to take out my labradorite and actually carry it with me.

(22 Jan '16, 18:50) sagchiq03

I enjoy your comments @sagchiq03, the strengthening routine that I most appreciate is the servranx 16 daily exercises method ... "labradorite stone" hmm sounds interesting

(23 Jan '16, 00:26) jaz

@sagchiq03 I've just tested the labradorite energy and I get the best resonance in the violet sector

(23 Jan '16, 00:52) jaz
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