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"Your imagination is an actual body in which everything is contained."

The technique is simple. Imagine that you are experiencing whatever implies the fulfillment of your desire. The rules are:

  1. You must always visualize in a first person perspective.
  2. Your visualization must reach an intense enough level that you experience it as if it were objective reality.
  3. You must not push against it in your imagination (example: constantly doubting it in your inner conversations)

The second step may be more of a way to eliminate doubt and feel genuine relief than some sort of mechanical requirement. In fact, all of it may simply be a technique to align yourself emotionally. The state is known as lucid dreaming or out of body projection, if you need help inducing it.

I might also add a fourth rule: the visualization must have some sort of context linking it to your present life. That doesn't mean you need to figure out the means, it just means for example that you don't imagine yourself in Mars drinking tea with Mickey Mouse. You can, but I doubt that experience will connect with your normal waking life (you'll still have the experience and it will still feel objectively real but it will stay in your "dream" life, at least until your current waking life, in which this is impossible, is over).

If you have tried this, share your experiences with it.

"Your imagination is able to do all that you ask in proportion to the degree of your attention... When you are able to control the movements of your attention in the subjective world, you can modify or alter your life as you please. But this control cannot be achieved if you allow your attention to be attracted constantly from without. Each day set yourself the task of deliberately withdawing your attention from the objective world and of focusing it subjectively. In other words, concentrate on those thoughts or moods which you deliberately determine. Then those things that now restrict you will fade and drop away. The day you achieve control of the movements of your attention in the subjective world, you are master of your fate..."

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This would be an interesting read. @Stingray, I guess I recollect reading somewhere on this site that you actually 'tasted' jerk chicken in your dream/ virtual reality and you did not know what the taste was until much later when you actually tried it. Please pardon me if this is not your experience and my memory is at fault. :)

(21 Jan '13, 18:48) dreamersmiles

Thanks for this Flowsurfer , it's a good tool and resonates as I have just being listening to Abraham say its's a Game of Alignment . Ever had the experience where you smell fresh baked bread and can almost "taste " it , wouldnt it be awesome to do this with other things , I think we just need to REALLY allow ourselves and put aside the time to do it to feeeeeeel it , lol

(21 Jan '13, 20:48) Starlight

Jeremiah's Discovery ... "The world is yourself pushed out, and you either control it or you don't. That's the story of the scripture. There is no other God than your own wonderful human imagination."

(10 Feb '14, 03:46) jaz

Book I have been shown vibrational matches to read: "Active Imagination" by Robert Johnstone. Talks very much of Imagination as a "real" thing, and even if one makes up their imagination, there is still truth to it.

(13 Oct '17, 06:49) Nikulas
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I'll be adding to this answer with experiences as I remember/have them. I'm giving both successes and failures of attempted deliberate use of this technique.

"Have you grown taller?" [Success]

I did not reach the level of experiencing this imaginative act as external but I did feel emotional relief during the act. I took people from my life and imagined them asking me "Have you grown taller?", in various different ways. In about two days, someone asked me if I had grown taller. This person insisted in the question a couple of times. This was a completely unnatural question which I had never been asked before (since childhood) and was not asked later, when I stopped imagining it. Possible "natural" explanation: I somehow acted taller and therefore seemed to be taller.

Measuring height [Failure]

I had a lucid dream, with a low level of vividness (as if I was under some drug that made my senses foggy); I went to a part of my home to measure my height and imagined myself touching something which I could not touch under normal circumstances. My height did not change. Possible reasons for failure: I doubted. I did not persist until it felt natural.

Measuring height [Success]

I marked my height on the wall and wrote the number on a notebook. I then meditated, imagining myself marking a spot a little higher. It felt difficult and vague so I changed the imagination to writing a number that was slightly higher. I felt relief and it felt natural (though not vividly real). The next time I checked my height on the wall, it was the exact number I imagined writing. After that doubts overwhelmed me and I found difficult and unnatural to persist. Possible "natural" explanation: The degree of spinal compression at the time of measurement or some other type of cheating during measurement.


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i have manifested few events through focused imagination i had to go on a date with my boyfriend so for continuous two times the way i imagined it to be the perfect seating arrangement people around us etc it came the exact way i cure my minor pains through focused meditation or i can say 68 seconds of pure thoughts


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