I ask this question out of my concern for someone I care for very deeply. He is very intelligent and widely-read (he has the largest metaphysical library of books I have ever seen...and he's read every one...)

But his life has changed dramatically. He has been almost dragged into the "real world", with its financial pressures, demands on his time, and even shortened nights of sleep...and the stress is showing. I want to help ease him into the world without destroying his physical well-being, which is really being challenged.

As I said, he is very special, very unique, and definitely not an "ordinary" person by any means. I think he will make it, in time. But how do I help ease the stresses he is facing for the first time in his life? It is almost killing me to see him worry so hard and long about the very things other people seem to be able to take in stride. As an example, his first cell phone bill came, and he just about fainted...

Please answer this question as if you are talking to him. Please give him advice that will ease his worry and relieve his mind.

Thanks so much,



asked 30 Aug '11, 02:34

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he has the largest metaphysical library of books I have ever seen...and he's read every one...

So now life has presented him with a golden opportunity to apply what he knows.

Knowledge by itself is of little value.

Knowledge + Experience = Wisdom


answered 30 Aug '11, 12:47

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It's like we teach in the youth group I am involved with "Learning by doing"

(30 Aug '11, 21:53) ursixx

I would remind him that he has gotten through tougher things before and try to put these daily stress on the same level or under of things that he has conquered before.
If you can peel an orange you can peel a lemon.
Things from before are not so different they're difficult as are things are now.
There are No problems just things needing solutions .


answered 30 Aug '11, 12:22

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i agree every problem as a solution you just need to find it. experience and enjoy.

(31 Aug '11, 04:10) white tiger

just one word... ANTARMOUNA .... if he does it, he will never worry, and handle the GREATEST pressures and setbacks which life gives one when one is trying to make it big.


answered 30 Aug '11, 11:25

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abhishek mishra

can you explain further?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(30 Aug '11, 15:29) Jaianniah

Antar mouna is required because this process of oscillation and extrication from the contracted state to the more benevolent state takes time. We forget and get lost along the way. We need a technique like antar mouna which will help us through this process. Antar mouna is the technique of inner silence, also known as witnessing. It is divided into six main stages which can be divided into three basic categories.

(31 Aug '11, 04:16) white tiger

@white tiger.. wow... that was a good explanation...!!!

(31 Aug '11, 06:32) abhishek mishra
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Dear friend,

I'm sorry to hear of your discomfort due to the stress of this modern civilazation we live in. I wish you peace and a speedy recovery and I've compiled some pointers you might try to lessen and releive your worry.

1: It is extremly important to eat well as when a person is under stress the need for nutrients like vitamins, minerals and neurotransmitters is greatly increased. B complex vitamins are very important to be able to deal with stress. The mineral Magnesium is also good to suplement as it calms the nerves and is a great muscle relexant. Please make sure you eat enough to fuel the extra needs during stress. Drinking enough water is also important as dehydration can make stress worse.

2: Exercise is very important during stress and can make one feel much better. It makes no differance which exercise it is as long as it is aerobic. Walking is great or swimming or running or dancing and if you can't go out get a skipping rope and do at least 30 minutes 5 times a week. Exercise neautralises the stress hormones which is extremly important during times of extra worries.

3: Try some EFT or Reiky healing as it is good for emotional pain. Maybe some other alternatve remedy would be of help as each of us is different. Maybe some reflexology could also help. If you don't have the funds for alternative therapies most people know some friends that do it so ask your friends for help.

4: Try to deal with as many of your problems as possible so that you can eliminate extra stress from your life. For instance the worrisome telephone bill one must deal with by eather paying the bill or if one hasn't the funds to pay it go to the service provider and talk to them about it for they have special low monthly payment plans that can help you pay the bill and at the same time eliminate that worry from your mind. All other problems should be delt with but only one at a time so as not to get overwhelmed. It isn't allways possible to get rid of all our problems but the more we can the better. If you leave things for too long it will only make you feel worse so talk to people consearned and let them help you.

5: Friends and family are extremly important during times of stress as they can provide a support system that greatly enhances ones life . Please dont be a loner and if you can't go to your friends invite them over. Asking friends for help will suprise you how truly decent people are and are only too willing to offer you a healping hand.

Dear friend I hope this brings you some hope for there truly is light at the end of the tunel and remember things are allways darkest just before dawn. You will become a stronger person for all your troubles and that will make life that much easier afterwards.

Wishing you peace


answered 01 Sep '11, 08:44

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Paulina 1

they may try one step at a time,
recognizing and planning future objectives;
able to see others points of view.
no need to open the flood gate of change,
just one step at a time


answered 31 Aug '11, 01:02

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yes i agree who said that he needs to change? because he is different and not considered normal? what is normal? i tell you what people think and believe is not your problem they are not better then you. experience and enjoy.

(31 Aug '11, 04:09) white tiger

well do not stress it serve no perpace bread in and bread out. you came to experience this world so have fun enjoy. each problem as a solution you just need to find it. as for what people think and believe it is not your problem they might think bad stuff about you or judge you but they are not better then you. well cell phone is not made to talk all day because you pay by the minutes so do not talk to much on it. and get a good service plan for the phone so you pay less and can talk more. well experience and enjoy.


answered 30 Aug '11, 02:54

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white tiger

white tiger, and one only has a finite numbers of breaths to take. do i waste it on talking or transmute that energy to social consciousness activities becomes a question of awareness

(01 Sep '11, 00:52) fred

fred every one as free will and energy is never lost and never destroyed as for social consciousness activities every one is free to take or not take part each according to their level of awareness.

(01 Sep '11, 02:12) white tiger
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