First of all, let me say that I never used to believe in this at all.

Not for a minute.

But lately, I have begun to see such odd behavior in a friend that can only be explained by some sort of possession. She is quite frankly such a glutton that she will do anything, and I mean anything for food. She is grossly overweight, and her whole life is about procuring food and eating. It is really disgusting to eat with her- she makes noises, smacks her lips over and over, groans with pleasure, and belches loudly and often. She will eat raw butter and mayo...ugh.

I can almost picture the demon that appears to be riding her....

Am I crazy? How do I cope with this?

Blessings, Jai

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Barry Allen ♦♦


So you're suggesting that someone who does something that you consider inappropriate must be possessed by a demon?

(14 May '11, 22:44) Stingray

Not always! But in this case, yes, I think it may be true. I did not mean to suggest that all inappropriate behavior is caused by demons. I am only referring to this particular case. Stingray, why do you always find fault with me?

(14 May '11, 23:45) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah - Not sure what your "find fault" comment is about. I was only asking a question to clarify what your internal model is i.e. the belief structure you choose to operate from

(15 May '11, 05:20) Stingray

I am sorry...I am not letting you off the hook here...You took a very specific case, and made a vast generalization from it! How else can I take it???>>>>>>>>>>

(15 May '11, 06:18) Jaianniah

I think Jai that tahts not what Stingray meant. Im not putting words into his mouth but the question asked would have been roughly what i would have asked too! Im not trying to wind you up Jai,your a cool person but i must admit Stingrays point is a good one.Ive used to believe in the demon thing,until i realised that the one seeing the demon (metaphorically ) was sometimes acting a little judgementally themselves and im not meaning you Jai,please believe that.There is a very valid point being made here. I would put the perceived fault finding aside,and get what Stingray actually meant.

(15 May '11, 09:54) Monty Riviera

@jaianniah i always used to think that stingray would "mess with me" about my channeling, but i found he is a typr of person that we might all try to be, he asked a very hard question to me about my source that i only had a small and partial answer to, well that answer wasnt sufficint for him, so i had my source adress the issue and he explained issues that he had never considered, after this he was very acceptin. what io am saying is he HAS to test all thought prosseses to see which ones hold up under pressure.

(15 May '11, 12:23) TReb Bor yit-NE

@jaianniah i am not aware of your previous relationship so i can only speak to my personal experiance with him . i am not taking side either me and you have always had a good repoir as well , i hope :-) love n light and i promise i am not putting my nose in this, just making observations! lnl

(15 May '11, 12:24) TReb Bor yit-NE
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My own parents are fairly strict orthodox Muslims.

Instead of following religious rules and regulations and living a god-fearing existence, I rejected all of that stuff as a child and found my own customized spirituality.

As a result, I've spent most of my adult life helping to re-empower others to live happy, prosperous and fulfilling lives all under their own control without the need to live in fear from anything.

I live a happy, fulfilling, ever-expanding and often surprising (in a good way) life. And I see many of those I've interacted with (physically and online) also benefiting from those ideas.

But because of my religion-free and dogma-free approach, my parents believe I am possessed by the Devil (which I presume is the Islamic version of a demon) and have been quite comfortable in telling me that directly...and I am quite comfortable in being labelled that way :)

But am I really possessed by a demon/devil?

Or are there just people around with different approaches to life and living?

Worth thinking about perhaps?


answered 15 May '11, 06:28

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"...I live a happy,..." And that shines thru in your posts Mr. Stingray :)

(15 May '11, 07:11) Eddie

And yours too, Mr Eddie. Thank you :)

(15 May '11, 07:19) Stingray

Somebody who is eating as described in this question is not living a happy, fulfilling, life. Ever-expanding, yes, happy fullfilled no. It is when our behavior interferes with living a healthy, happy life when friends and family become concerned, rightfully.

(15 May '11, 13:09) Fairy Princess

Its ashame that when people step out of the crowd their accused of having a demon...i think they said that about Jesus too! So your in good company mate!!

(15 May '11, 18:56) Monty Riviera
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I don't think it particularly matters what title you give the negative energy that is producing your friends self destructive behaviour.

She obviously has a compulsive thought form and negative self image within ( if you want to call that an entity or demon, it doesn't really matter) that isn't serving her and she is trying to soothe it with overeating.

Her behaviour and compulsion is coming from a place of fear and can only ever be cured by love, particularly self love.

If she really is a friend Jai, I would suggest trying to look at her from a place of love and I think you'll find that her behaviour won't seem repulsive, but more a cry for help and something that gives her temporary relief from her pain... she needs help not judgement.

It's also important to note that what triggers a reaction in us is something that we are denying within ourself. We all have that existing as a potentiality within us... this does not mean that we would ever act on it but if it's part of ourself that we're denying we have to accept it's potentiality so we can integrate it as part of our being. By denying it we keep ourself from realizing our wholeness.


answered 16 May '11, 01:41

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Yes in God's word it says that exactly "Love Conquers Fear", have no judgement but pray for those who need help. That is why Jai and I have started praying for her, we know God is working on it. :-)

(16 May '11, 01:46) Wade Casaldi

Glad to hear that Wade :)

(16 May '11, 01:50) Michaela

It sounds to me as though your friend is a classic example of someone strongly lacking a sense of self-love. Extreme abuse of one’s body is a symptom of not loving one’s self. The solution to the challenge of your friend’s, apparent, issue is to begin becoming aware of her own thoughts and beliefs, which is self-awareness.

She’s the only one who can do this, because it’s her thoughts of self-loathing which create the belief that overeating will serve her in some way. If she was my friend, I’d buy her ‘You Can Heal Your Life,’ by Louise Hay. That’s all I’d do, and have done in the past, for anyone, unless I was specifically asked for
a solution.

It’s seems to me that your belief in demons/devils is not really serving you. I’d be very interested to know in what ways those beliefs serve people? You see, although I was loosely raised as a catholic, I seem to have missed any and all of that indoctrination and so I’m curious about it…


answered 15 May '11, 07:15

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never thought of this aspect either ,, great way to see it! how r u eddie?

(15 May '11, 12:16) TReb Bor yit-NE

It's all about self love... I was raised Catholic - I missed 'it' too. oO wait - Remember the Exorcist? lol!

(04 Jun '13, 01:58) ele

When I read "But lately, I have begun to see....." Makes me wonder what happened? Before she ate normally and didn't over do anything else alcohol, drugs, sex, etc. Was there an emotional situation in her life?
Has she changed her definition of who she is? The constant media pressure of being thin, young and beautiful might have caused her to revolt/snap and go in a deliberate opposite direction.
Is it addiction? Replace the word food in your question with drugs or alcohol and it sounds like a addiction. Addictions are demons as in to say the are dark and hide from us the true light of who we are. We get lost in their temporary lure of short term gratification and the constant needing of being in that state.
It is great that she has a friend that cares. Best wishes to you Jai


answered 15 May '11, 08:50

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wow,, i of all should have truly conidered this as well,,, u are sooo right !! how r u , havnt talked to u in a lil while .

(15 May '11, 12:18) TReb Bor yit-NE

Nice that you are forgetting that ...I'm good rob thanks :D

(15 May '11, 15:20) ursixx

Another good answer. We can become addicted to almost anything - drama, trauma, illness, etc; especially when it becomes our identity & we receive some type of reward - whether it's negative or positive - such as attention. In another sense - it can become of source of power over others.

(04 Jun '13, 03:50) ele
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Demons,satan,devil.....why why why do people put so much store in this crap.

Does anyone actually know how many times Satan was mentioned in the whole of the old testemant? A lot less than people would think.

Theres only one..i repeat one power in all this universe. There arnt two Gods, there isnt a big nice Hod and a slightly smaller and weaker nasty God.

Now i didnt say demons werent real,i didnt say my million pound fortune isnt real.

Its just that they exist in the individual mind. There only as real as you let them be.

Ultimately God is real, hes more real than the vapour that is this earth.Ultimately God will draw all back to himself. ALL back to Himself. So if there is a devil and legions of demons then there going back to God in the end....right?

But theres only "ONE " God. Theres only "ONE" power, theres only "ONE" spirit

Take it or leave it.

Rant over. Monty


answered 15 May '11, 10:01

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Monty Riviera

Jesus cast a legion of demons out of a crazy man. This man was naked and chained up in a grave yard, he cast them into pigs the demons begged him not to cast them into the abyss so he cast them into a bunch of hogs that went crazy and jumped off a cliff. Since no one here seems to believe in demons I guess Jesus was just lying then?

(15 May '11, 23:27) Wade Casaldi

@Wade - I have a limited knowledge of Christianity myself but I was listening recently to a talk by someone who had studied it in some depth. He said that the word demon has been misinterpreted. He said that Christ's usage of the word demon was not meant in the sense of some kind of creature, but some kind of mental disturbance. In the case of this question, the demon (mental disturbance) is a relationship to food. So casting out a demon meant helping that person come back into balance internally.

(16 May '11, 04:18) Stingray

Yes I don't believe a demon has to be a creature itself although I have had experiences of casting those kinds out too. But when I give it an identity, I identify it now I can command it gone like it is like some child bothering me. Like WC Fields "Go away kid you bother me!" lol But if I see it as some abstract problem there is nothing tangible to nail the problem to, If I command Satan be gone I can see him upset and taking his pain and torment with him. In that moment a great thing happens as I know this is being done and feel it the person experiences it as well, even if absent healing.

(16 May '11, 07:01) Wade Casaldi

Im with you on this Wade,a demon isnt a creature.I firmly believe its a state of mind. Now im not saying it isnt real,a state of mind is always very real.The people of 2000 years ago may not have had the spiritual discernment ( GENERALLY) that we have today. Perhaps anything "out of the ordinary,would to them have been a "demon".It may have be a cover all phrase to blanket any mental/spiritual disturbance in a person.It may be purely metaphorical. After all, when Jesus commanded people to pluck out their eyes, He didnt "really" want them to do this...right?

(16 May '11, 08:40) Monty Riviera

Just another little point. I would never say that Jesus lied about anything.I have a gut feeling that He didnt. BUT and its a bit but, the bible has been translated into a language that isnt the original one. There are many translations that are innacurate,many that dont take into consideration what the original writer actually meant.Mnay that dont take into account the highly eggagerative way that people wrote and spoke in thoses days. I read a little on the Tentmaker site which opened my eyes a little. Also Neville Goddard (hebrew speaker) put some light on this too.Worth considering.

(16 May '11, 08:45) Monty Riviera
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Jaiainnaih, lets first look at the statement itself.

But lately, I have begun to see such odd behavior in a friend that can only be explained by some sort of possession. She is quite frankly such a glutton that she will do anything, and I mean anything for food.

This is obviously some eating disorder and your first conclusion was being possessed. I looked up eating disorders and their causes online and found this.... Eating Disorder Causes (University of Maryland)

I did not see demonic possession as a possible cause.

Now Jai, it might look like to you that I am attacking you or your statement. I am not. But I am trying to point out that there are many different perspectives and ways at looking at things. This situation can be looked at from a scientific point of view, a mystical or religious or even a social one. But to say "can only be explained by" would not be a fair statement.

Unless you see overeating like that an act that can only be explained by demons?

Then yes, Jaiainnaih, your friend is possessed by demons! I do not think any of us can undoubtedly prove it not otherwise.

So if thats what you want to call what is happening to here, then that IS what is happening. But there is a catch to it...

You believe in demons, you play by demon rules. All 'odd" or "inappropriate" behavior must be given a level of demonic value. I think it would not be fare to just call some things demonic and others not. Would you? And all demons must be outed by an exorcism. Their rules not mine.

Ok, I went on this rant about eating disorders, perspectives and demons. But is this question really about any of that?

Like many many questions on IQ , I think the questions are more of a question about ourselves (the question asker) than the question itself.


answered 15 May '11, 19:29

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Well I do not believe in demon possessions but there are parts of yourself that you separate or even other persona's that are evil that are a part of the the same higher self. Sometimes there are breakthroughs in the filters that can cause this to happen.
I am a channeler and I have an entity that says he is an alien from Capella star system and also says he is a reptilian hybrid. Many ( 99% of the ones I have spoken to) Christians claim that all channelers are demon possessed . I know this to be false from personal experience, my source spoke of the medical order known as schizophrenia: this is the part . I think that when most say they are possessed or others think on is , it is usually the same issue he speaks of here!

hope this helps,

love n light,



answered 14 May '11, 20:19

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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Is there anything medically wrong with her, such as a thyroid disorder, or some gladular condition that would make her a glutton for food? I am just wondering if that has been ruled out...

If it is nothing plysical, it's just my opinion that the behavior would be some sort of manifestation of a personality disorder; or an aspect of herself as Rob said, that has somehow become unbalanced.

Is she acting normally in other areas of her life?


answered 14 May '11, 23:49

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LeeAnn 1

edited 14 May '11, 23:59

Yes, it all has been ruled out. She freely admits that she is choosing to do this...which is why I am wondering about her. Thanks for asking.>>>>>>>>>>>

(15 May '11, 00:29) Jaianniah

It sounds as if she will soon be physically sick as well, eating butter! I have never heard of an entity causing a person to pig-out. I hope she will get some help before ruining her health.

(15 May '11, 03:17) LeeAnn 1

There are I believe seven or eight classes of demons, Gluttony, Sloth, Greed, Pride, Lust, Envy, etc..

These you cast out as you recognize them so as I see a demon or many I call them out by title "Demon of Lust I caste you out in the name of Jesus!", "Demon of Gluttony I caste you out in the name of Jesus!" , "Demon of Envy I caste you out in the Name of Jesus!"

When we see a friend tormented so badly to the point of an extreme compulsive addiction, that is someone that really needs help and healing, so prayers are what are called for here. This does not have to be any kind of confrontational in her face prayer because it is to God and to rid her of her demons.

It makes no difference if these demons to some look like in the movies or if they seem to be psychological. What does make a difference is the care concern and prayer, this will help and heal her of her demons (problems) she has to deal with.

Think of it this way you have this being sitting on your shoulders saying constantly you need to eat you are starving, by the same token some have one that constantly says you need to lose weight go throw up that food you ate.

I have seen this called the monkey on your back chattering, so whether you wish to call it a monkey brain or a demon it is something that needs to be rid of to have a balanced happy life. I personally know demons I have had to cast them out plenty of times so I call them demons myself, anything that enjoys making someone miserable I do not know what else to call that but demon.

Edit added more to respond to the negative comments I see.

Okay lets assume everyone here is right and Jesus was wrong, "there are no such things as demons." Then I have to attribute all the results of my prayers casting demons out of people and their homes to coincidence. I have seen amazing coincidences of people completely changing their lives, coincidences of people stopped being scratched by things that do not exist. Coincidences of my friend who had a child that had nightmares and was very bad child to calmed and relaxed not having anymore nightmares. Coincidences of having a Mylar birthday balloon pop when I commanded demons and evil to leave a friends house when she called me begging from Arizona and I said the word and the house was cleared. In that instant she felt all the heaviness lift. Coincidences of clearing a friend's house that she said had a being crawling on her floor that smelled like sulfur a being of course that doesn't exist. The amazing coincidence was she never experienced that again after I commanded it gone. Coincidences of healing a friend's back and him seeing me battling the devil and defeating him only to find the next day my finger prints burned into his back.

Coincidences may be good enough for you. But as for me, when Jesus said "Go forth and cast out demons", I take that seriously and I don't call Jesus a liar or fool for believing in demons himself.

When you know something's name you can have power over it, but if you just believe it is just a problem (that you have no idea what is the cause of) you can not root it out.


answered 15 May '11, 06:23

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Wade Casaldi

edited 16 May '11, 01:50

By coming at these people with loving energy Wade, you may have diffused their negative thoughts and perceptions, causing a change in their behaviour and as a result their life... Personally I just don't think we have to call them demons :)

(16 May '11, 01:45) Michaela

What would you call something you see sitting on a shelf or on top of a clock that looks like the ugliest little thing you had ever seen, while you feel cold and darkness all around you? This has happened to someone I cast for, I got rid of it, it shrieked when I went into prayer and commanding. Then it promptly left, not to return.

(16 May '11, 01:55) Wade Casaldi

I do believe we can feel energy, both positive and negative. If someone is feeling negative and believes in demons maybe what they perceive with their physical sight will be a reflection of that... I only know what I believe and hence what I see :)

(16 May '11, 02:04) Michaela

Whatever they may be called to me they are nothing as Jesus already defeated them, I have only to claim it so it is done. I believe if people stopped fearing the devil and demons and evil and faced it like I do and stare it down for the nothing it is they would realize there is nothing to fear. people fear the negative instead of the positive, by fear I mean give attention to to pay respect to, "oh no there is none like you what do I do!" We have authority by Jesus over this stuff we can say get lost and these listen because we show they are not the authority we are and they better listen!

(16 May '11, 02:15) Wade Casaldi

I agree it is all from love, even the commanding to get rid of something is from love for the one being tormented. It is the true compassion and caring to see someone hurting and say I refuse to do nothing if something must be done then so be it I'll do something because God has directed me to this hurting needing person. :-)

(16 May '11, 02:20) Wade Casaldi

Wade just a few quick questions. If this loving kind Jesus defeated these demons then why in the name of all thats holy are they still terrrorising people?Why has your God allowed this to happen? Would you as a kind father allow demons in your environment? If you were all powerfull would you get rid of them for good? Would you take thousands of years to do this? Would you allow them to wreak havoc on a planet and reality that you created? Is this some kind of a sick "test" created by your ever so loving saviour? Theres something wrong isnt there Wade?

(16 May '11, 08:55) Monty Riviera

Monty I'll answer you later my dog died today.

(17 May '11, 03:06) Wade Casaldi

It is up to us to drink of the water or ignore it, if we die of thirst it is our own faults for not accepting the water. How are we to learn to be like Jesus if he did everything for us so we don't need to? That would rob us of our inheritance as sons and daughters of God. To never know we have authority over anything we may be scared of if we did not find this authority through our own faith. If you were a father and kept your children in a protective bubble for life they would grow up ignorant and weak.

(24 May '11, 05:41) Wade Casaldi
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The power of Christ and the Christ Light is very powerful and eliminates all unwanted entities. And when I say Christ Light, I mean the Christ Light, or Spark of Source within us all.

Love and Light


answered 14 May '11, 21:51

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edited 15 May '11, 20:53

My friend is NOT a Christian- openly rejects God....It is interesting, isn't it?>>>>>>>>>>

(15 May '11, 00:31) Jaianniah

Yes if she rebels against God almost as much as a hate that is interesting so do demons, and she seems to be surrounded by them poking her eat more enjoy it! Eat everything even if you eat it all in one day.

(15 May '11, 06:27) Wade Casaldi

Is this a newer behavior? Have you known her to eat differently? If she used to have manners and not have an eating disorder and now she does, then obviously something happened whether it be a demon or a bad experience. If she always ate that way, she most likely learned that behavior as a child and nobody taught her good manners. Sometimes when we are hurting inside, we become oblivious to our actions and how they affect others.


answered 15 May '11, 13:04

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Fairy Princess

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