OK, I just have to ask your thoughts. I recently read an article which suggests many famous entertainers and musicians have sold their souls to the Devil for fame and fortune. If there is positive angelic beings which render assistance, is there also dark forces which offer assistance, for a price?

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What article? Do you have a link?

(19 Aug '10, 23:33) Vesuvius

en.allexperts.com/q/Led-Zeppelin-501/Satanic-other-stuff.htm - Cached

(20 Aug '10, 00:20) GS415

@GS415: Brittney Spears.

(01 Sep '10, 20:15) Back2Basics

Or they could be members of a club for success where the membership requirement is that you worship the devil, and never speak of your club activities with non members. Wouldn't it be amazing it they could communicate with other club members with hidden handshakes and gestures so that their signals of membership would be hidden in plain sight?

(01 Sep '10, 22:34) The Traveller

@ the Traveller....as strange as this question might seem, I have eard many stories of musicians and entertainers making pacts with negative forces for fame and fortune. I have often wondered about these stories and felt my Inward Quest friends might have answers. Although belief is a factor in everything, I have to say that just because do not believe in something does not make it so for others.

As you stated, there are secret groups and societies. The Bildiberg is one. As I am just an average girl from LA, I have no idea what they do :-)

(01 Sep '10, 22:52) GS415

The beautiful thing is that you have access to the internet as you are able to post on this forum. A quick trip to Google will give you far more information that what you could gather from the answers here. If you can handle it, the best place to start is to look at the works by fritz springmeier. Especially the 13 Illuminati bloodlines Good luck with your research!

(02 Sep '10, 04:02) The Traveller

Somebody created this page giving access to the works of Fritz Springmeier, so I posted is here. http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/hardtruth/the_satanic_bloodlines.htm

(02 Sep '10, 04:11) The Traveller
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you do have a choice; to follow your dweller on the threshold; or take a minute to look at its polar opposite,
it is your choice to feed your body without any thoughts of how the action effects others, but are you sure that that is all that there is for us here (and now)
you can feed your dark or light source, that is why nature has set up the law of cause and effect;
and it is your thought that starts the vibration and attracts like response.


answered 21 Aug '10, 23:35

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Like your answer

(22 Aug '10, 02:51) The Traveller

fred, "dweller on the threshold" is that a Rosicrucian term?

(25 Aug '10, 19:45) RPuls

60 chapter of the TaoTeChing

When you use the Way to conquer the world,
Your demons will lose their power to harm.
It is not that they lose their power as such,
But that they will not harm others;
Because they will not harm others,
You will not harm others:
When neither you nor your demons can do harm,
You will be at peace with them.


answered 27 Aug '10, 18:05

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The mind is a powerful thing, people have manifested diseases and illneses just from thoughts. For instance: Someone asks you if your feeling ok, because you look alittle under the weather. Later on someone else mentions that you kinda look like your coming down with something. Then again later, someone mentions you look ill. and before you know it you have convinced, through your self talk, it must be true, I feel sick and you become ill. Like Henry Ford said, "If you believe you can or you believe you can't, either way your right"

Therefore, if you think that selling your soul to the devil will give you immediate talent. Then your right it will. It is just as easy to sell your soul to God for immediate talent except God will accept your soul unconditionally.

I personally don't believe in any devil or evil, it is a prehistoric, outdated perception and belief. So my life experiences reflect this perception.


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Very interesting observation and summary. I agree, but clearly there is duality in the Universe. Many gravitate toward the Light and there are some which gravitate towards darkness. I suppose it depends on the vibrational level and belief. Throughout the years I have heard stories and just wondered if anyone had witnessed or experienced this type of dark energy.

(20 Aug '10, 00:32) GS415

All things are good. In relation to something that is more good it would come to a point where something is bad or evil compared to something extreme good. Therefore it is a matter of where on the scale of good it is located.

Its our own perceptions and behaviors that come from our own free will that are "evil." God is all impersonal Love He loves us all the same with no favortism.

(20 Aug '10, 19:57) RPuls

Two things spring to mind here.The first is that your soul/spirit isnt able to be sold to anyone.Secondly there is only one power available to sell it to even if you could. Graham


answered 02 Sep '10, 12:58

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Monty Riviera

Beloved, you say the "Devil"? I assume you mean to a negative power whose goal is to spread negativity and darkness? I guess there are enough people out there who are willing to sell their own mom for riches and fame, that is a choice they make freely, the fact that they may have to participate in some nonsensical rituals (supposedly) and perform certain negative acts is also a personal choice. To be unloving is a choice. As soon as responsibility is taken for whatever choice we make the sooner we realize how free we truly are no matter the temptation..........

As far as selling ones' soul, how can you sell something that doesn't belong to you? your soul belongs to the infinite Creator and no part of it, not even a single spark can be sold........Thanks, Namaste


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First of all I think that any being, either angelic or diabolical offer assistance for a price or in exchange for something. Not even the soul has a price or negotiable. That's like someone has a warrant special talent because he made a deal with God or the Devil. Our souls, whatever their spiritual state, belong to the causal matrix of everything. And for that , there is no negotiation


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First, to hold that belief you have to be a member of some religion which hold the belief of duality such as good/evil, heaven/hell, etc. If you don't have this belief, evil things as demons just don't exist, less than all such a thing as 'selling your soul to the devil'.

In those religions that hold that belief, (heaven/hell) if you ask a scholar, he will tell you it's a sin to equal God to the devil because the devil was, (and ever will be) His subordinate, a being of God's creation, an angel that fell from Heaven. And never a 'son' can be equal to His 'Father'. That from the religious point of view.

In the second place, rumours about famous people selling their soul to the devil have existed for ever.

There was a story: Paganini was already so widely famous for playing the violin exeedingly well that rumour spread he had sell his soul to the devil and the devil had giving him a ring with a stone, where his power as a violin player layed. Once he was playing in a theater, and playing in such a wondrous way that the audience started to mumble: "It's the ring! It's the ring! The devil gave him that ring! He has sold his soul to the devil!!!". The mumbling got to Paganini's hearing, he stopped performing, and looking angrily at his audience threw the ring to them, and went on playing so wonderfully well as before, leaving the audience silent and stunned.

PS: This is a story I read on a book about musicians' biographies, when I was attending music school. Unfortunately, I was a young girl and the book wasn't mine, so I cannot remember the title or author. The book was well reputed, music school being quite strict on this point.

Similar stories can be found here:

Niccolo Paganini

Deals with the Devil

I hope this helps.



answered 27 Aug '10, 14:24

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What a wonderful story. Thank you Bridget!

(27 Aug '10, 20:43) GS415

You're welcome! :)

(30 Aug '10, 19:35) BridgetJones09
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