Hi, this question came up when I was thinking about this answer by Stingray on another post.


I'd like to know if this means that we can be possessed by others (human or otherwise) rather easily. It seems to me that there could be alot of frightful misuse of this method? I'd love to hear what others think of it.

asked 07 Dec '10, 03:51

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Pat W

How is “vibrational attunement” different from being possessed?

When you watch someone reading the news on your TV screen, are you possessing them?

Or have you just tuned into the frequency on which they are broadcasting and then interpreting their signal in your own way? (via your TV receiver)

Your reality is completely created by you - there is never any assertion, only attraction.

Everyone you interact with in your self-created reality is not them but simply your representations of who you think they are.

You never see another person as they really are, you just see different aspects of yourself wrapped up in a symbolic representation of them.

So when you vibrationally attune with those symbols, it's just different aspects of you, not them.

There's only one "real" person in your universe, and that's you.

So who is possessing who? :)

It's easier to understand these ideas if you place them in the context of a dream. It's easier for most to accept that all the characters in a dream scenario are self-created...just different aspects of yourself playing out ideas with each other.

And from that understanding, you can come to the realization that physical reality is really not much more than an extension of that dream anyway.


answered 07 Dec '10, 06:04

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Hi Stingray, I get that dream analogy, but not the TV one. When I am watching TV news, I am not trying to attune myself to them to cause them to do something, whereas in the vibrational attunement method, we are trying to implant some thoughts in the other party. Could you please elaborate a little on how the TV analogy works here?

(07 Dec '10, 06:53) Pat W

You are only ever interacting with your interpretation of another's vibrational broadcasts - you are never interacting with the person. You are simply a receiver of these broadcasts which you display on your personal (holographic) TV receiver... i.e in your physical world. Does that help?

(07 Dec '10, 06:58) Stingray

So, when I "step into the other person" and "become them" so to speak, I am also not interacting with them?

(07 Dec '10, 07:19) Pat W

Correct. You are not interacting with them. Because in your universe, you can only ever interact with your interpretation of what they are...it's really you that you are interacting presented in a wrapper that you perceive as them. If you want to demonstrate this to yourself, try making them do something you think is harmful to them or inappropriate for them. You'll find yourself going through a lot of pain, and the results will be rather disappointing...because you are only trying to hurt yourself.

(07 Dec '10, 07:36) Stingray

Thanks Stingray.

(07 Dec '10, 17:06) Pat W
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