why people fear people that understand them better then them self? some people know how some people think and will act in different circumstances because they observe them at another level than just being superficial!

example: someone that knows how 2 people think and act can know what will be said between those 2 people on different subjects because they always do the same exchange on those subjects!

and people fear what they don't understand! so they fear someone that understands them more than they do! so should people not try to understand more to drop those stupid fears?

asked 15 May '11, 20:01

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white tiger

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Barry Allen ♦♦

No-one understands us better than we understand ourself. However, most people are afraid to go within and get in touch with that understanding or inner knowing.

Often someone can show us something that we're holding out of our conscious awareness, but because we're not consciously aware of it and may not be ready to look at it, we allow our fearful mind to take over.


answered 16 May '11, 01:08

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some do michaela they understand why there will be some fight or disagrement between 2 people! and those people cannot accept the truth of the other person! and the person that know those things know why they think and act that way!and limit them self! until they drop that ignorance they limit them self!

(16 May '11, 07:30) white tiger

Your right Michaela,were all the centres of our own universes. We know what we want, and at a deep level we do know who we are. Were aften just not feeling around within enough.But they do know deep inside...we all do, and one day we all will fully.

(16 May '11, 08:58) Monty Riviera

Maybe they need to understand more of the self to drop the fear. Fear is created by not facing the facts (of themselves).


answered 15 May '11, 20:26

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