Dear All,

Would be grateful for any perspectives. I appear to have become part of a fixed delusion of someone who keeps sending me emails and has appeared at my doorstep unannounced thinking I am going to go out with him. This person is a family friend but has recently become psychotic and will not accept treatment.

I haven't responded to any of his emails, but I regularly receive them. In the emails he writes to me as if I've been talking to him or responding although it is completely one sided and I haven't replied. I read online that you must not respond to psychotic people who are stalking you and so I do not respond to him. I also don't want to say anything or do anything to aggravate him or make him angry, so I don't reply, but he keeps writing to me as if I have replied to him.

As soon as I think I will not hear from him again if he doesn't write for a few weeks, another email arrives. This is all making me feel very frightened and unsafe. I am presently going through a difficult health problem which makes me anxious anyway and I really need total peace of mind and being as stress-free as possible. I've been advised by my specialist that being stress free as much as possible is very important for my recovery.

I will soon have to contact a psychiatrist or get some advice from the police maybe(?), but I wondered if anyone out there could help with mindset. Unfortunately, I seem to attract mentally unwell people to myself. I think it's mainly because I feel sorry for people and try to treat all kindly and somehow people seem to think I'm in love with them and start to have romantic delusions about me.

This is probably the third time this has happened to me. My mom, always tells me everyone else manages to attract decent people. Your luck, you always get the crazy stalkers! Maybe I believe that a little since she tells me this, but I'm not sure if I am somehow attracting these situations.

Anyhow, whatever way I've done to attract this... I just really need this person to stop contacting me. I'm wondering if I should just not think about this at all and ignore it and hope it will go away..... or how can I get him OUT of my current reality. Thanks alot for any advice.

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I know you aren't from the states. If you are from the UK they have very similar stalking laws.

You are doing the right thing by not responding.

"Tell the stalker "NO" once and only once, and never provide him any reaction again. If you continue to communicate with him, he will believe that his actions will elicit a response. Never communicate with him again. If he calls you on the phone hang up when you hear his voice. Do not speak to him."

(12 Dec '16, 03:06) ele

I realize he is a family friend but you will be helping him too. He's prob a danger to himself as well as others. He may get the help he needs if you do this.

(12 Dec '16, 03:16) ele
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Putting aside the specifics of your situation and answering it from a Law of Attraction perspective - this is a Law of Attraction forum after all :) - here is a suggested strategy for dealing with the general question...

"How can I get rid of something from my life that keeps getting my attention?"

...which is what your question basically amounts to.

From my perspective, you have two main strategies available...

Strategy 1: Wait Until It Stops Getting Your Attention And Then Think Differently About It

A suggested approach...

  • Think about what positive emotion you would feel if you got rid of this thing once and for all
  • Every morning, shortly after waking up (immediately after waking, if you can), make a list of things that trigger that emotion for you but don't use anything as a trigger that is something you want to change in your life
  • Feel and enjoy that emotion just for the purpose of enjoying feeling that way and no other reason
  • If other triggers for that emotion occur to you during that state, add them to your trigger list to use the next morning
  • Repeat this process for at least 30 days before judging it. Not only will it significantly change your situation but many other things you want to do, be or have, that this emotion is connected to, will also clear up

Strategy 2: "Clean It Up" So It Doesn't Matter If It Gets Your Attention

A suggested approach...

  • Do this when you can't be disturbed
  • Conjure up strongly what you fear or what you are trying to get rid of
  • Feel very clearly in your body where you feel this
  • Clean it up using your favorite clean-up method. There are many clean-up methods scattered around IQ. An "industrial strength" one is Manifesting Experiment 4
  • If using EFT as a clean-up method, you can follow the instructions in What's the remedy for this explosive rage against my wife?
  • This strategy works because if you no longer have a strong emotional reaction to what's bothering you then you are no longer flowing significant energy towards it and the situation must either change to match your improved feeling about it, or else vanish from your physical reality
  • I would probably wait at least a week after the clean-up before judging the results of it

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"this is a Law of Attraction forum after all" She wouldn't be asking the question on this forum if that was not the type of answer she wanted.

(20 Dec '16, 11:00) ele

@Stingray - I'm interested in your Strategy 1, but the specific positive emotion I want to feel if I got rid of this thing once and for all, is so specific, I'm at a loss trying to find anything else that would trigger the same emotion in me. The only thing close to that feeling is exactly what you warned against - something else I want to change. I'm stumped. Would calling up memories of how good it felt before this thing came along work?

(27 Jan '17, 20:10) Grace

@Grace - May I firstly compliment you on your excellent choice of strategy - it's one of my favorite techniques :) I think the word specific may be getting in the way for you so I've removed it from the answer. I mean for the emotions to be general but, when I speak , I tend to use the word specific a lot redundantly, as in "What specific reason would you like me to drop that grand piano on your head?". You can remove the word specific and your head will still be flattened.

(29 Jan '17, 13:32) Stingray

@Grace - So I would recommend you broaden out the emotion you are contemplating so it can easily connect to other situations/experiences in your life. By way of example, here is a list of some emotions I've enjoyed "artificially" generating in the past. It might give you some ideas...

(29 Jan '17, 13:41) Stingray

Some Slow Energy Emotions

  • All Is Well
  • Carefree
  • Certainty/Sureness
  • Clear-Minded Clarity
  • Ease/Comfort
  • Harmony
  • Laid Back
  • Organization/Control
  • Peace/Calm
  • Stability/Dependability
(29 Jan '17, 13:42) Stingray

Some Fast Energy Emotions

  • Accomplishment
  • Adventure/Exploration
  • Anything Is Possible
  • Creative Expression
  • Excitement/Thrill
  • Fun
  • Invincibility
  • Plenty Of Time
  • Powerful/Strong
  • Prosperity/Abundance
(29 Jan '17, 13:44) Stingray

@Stingray - Thank you for your kind compliment ;) As soon as I read that strategy, it seemed to almost glow in the dark. (This had nothing to do with the fact that I was reading it on my glowing cell phone in a dimly lit room.) It feels like I'm following where the energy is flowing, which is always a good sign...

(29 Jan '17, 14:45) Grace

...Thanks also for the "specific" clarification and for the cheat sheets of emotions. Just reading the words triggered some great feelings, so therein lies my next question, if you don't mind :)

If reading the words alone can bring on such good feelings, would trying to connect them " other situations/experiences in your life..." be liable to muddy the water? I guess I'm thinking, the less specific the better, more dependable results? Or will my own experiences tend to "stick" better?

(29 Jan '17, 14:46) Grace

@Stingray - I'm afraid you've activated the old, patent-pending @Grace question generating machine ;)

In copying your lists to the smartphone equivalent of my old IQ binder, I wondered - do you have any advice as to when Slow Energy or Fast Energy emotions would be preferable? Any why the distinction?

(29 Jan '17, 15:26) Grace

@Grace - "would trying to connect them to other situations/experiences in your life be liable to muddy the water?" - It's about triggering the emotion. If just reading the word that represents the emotion triggers you into it, that's great - just do that. My experience has been that, firstly, like a fridge magnet with a pretty picture, the trigger effect wears off after some time and you eventually don't even notice the word (or fridge magnet) any more. Secondly, if you've triggered...

(30 Jan '17, 05:22) Stingray

@Grace - ...the emotion and you're enjoying being in it but it starts to fade, what do you do to keep it going longer? Perhaps repeating the word of the emotion ("Peace, Peace, Peace...") might work for you. My analytical side, however, wants something more repeatable and reliable. So I use lists of connected Positive Aspects, Touchstones, Virtual Realities and then grab a new one each time the emotion fades to retrigger it again. I am completely ruthless however about my lists of...

(30 Jan '17, 05:27) Stingray

@Grace - ...PA, TS, VR, etc. If any of them I come across carries the slightest bit of resistance, I remove it from my system immediately. (I "archive" it in my spreadsheet). So the emotions I generate stay unpolluted. I keep my emotional sensitivities pretty sharp also so I can pick up quickly on any inherent resistance. Remember also, you don't need to use an entire memory, just pull out the snippets that feel the absolute best even if they only represent a brief moment in time.

(30 Jan '17, 05:30) Stingray

@Grace - "do you have any advice as to when Slow Energy or Fast Energy emotions would be preferable?" - Yes, I most definitely do :) These terms are part of a Vortex Entry Method I've been using for several months but haven't written up in a definite step-by-step way on Inward Quest yet. Strategy 1 (in the answer) lies at the core of it. If you think in terms of a bullseye, some Vortex alignments are stronger and powerful than...

(30 Jan '17, 05:39) Stingray

@Grace - ...others. But when starting from neutral, it's often a hit-or-miss thing about whether you can jump straight to a strong alignment emotion like Joy, Passion etc. Because I like reliability and repeatability, I tune myself into one or more Slow Energy emotions first (towards the edge of the bullseye diagram) and once I feel I'm completely stabilized there, I choose a Fast Energy emotion to make the alignment super-strong. The Fast Energy emotions are usually also...

(30 Jan '17, 05:44) Stingray

@Grace - ...the ones that are more specific to something you want to manifest like more time, more money, more health etc. Jumping straight from neutral to Prosperity might hit too much resistance (and start up some negative thoughts) but stabilizing in the Slow Energy area first makes it really easy to make that push to feel genuine, uncluttered Prosperity, or "Feeling of Health", or "Feeling of lots of time", or whatever you are after.

(30 Jan '17, 05:48) Stingray

@Grace - Was just playing with my spreadsheet and I had a thought it might be helpful to others to give an indication of how importantly I treat these emotional triggers. Each trigger has to earn its place in the list or it's out.

Picking out some of my favorite emotions at random...

  • Carefree - 56 available triggers
  • Peace/Calm - 57 available triggers
  • Plenty of time - 46 available triggers
  • Prosperity - 76 available triggers
  • Ease/Comfort - 76 available triggers
(30 Jan '17, 06:33) Stingray

@Grace - "Just reading the words triggered some great feelings..." - The same goes for me, and you can absolutely use that to your advantage. The way I do it is I repeatedly type out the emotion I want to trigger, while simultaneously boomeranging off related emotions when I feel the core emotion trigger beginning to fade. (The boomerang brings the thrill/power back into the trigger.) So, if you were looking to generate Peace, you would basically open up an empty document...

(30 Jan '17, 07:39) WeRadiateBeauty

@Grace - ...and type peace peace peace peace peace peace peace peace serenity peace peace free peace free-flowing peace flow peace ease peace peace peace ease peace peace flow free flow free flow peace peace peace peaceful peace...

(30 Jan '17, 07:41) WeRadiateBeauty

@Grace - Also, further to the slow/fast energy alignment points that @Stingray brought up, an easy and highly effective alignment technique you can use (I call it Set Grid Alignment) is to do that same process I described in my previous comment with the whole range of emotional trigger words that work for you. Here's one of my alignments, to give you an idea. (connector is just connection being autocorrected, since I wasn't typing carefully)

(30 Jan '17, 07:48) WeRadiateBeauty

@Grace - Notice how I go from slow energy triggers and gradually move into some fast energy triggers. As soon as you feel the alignment kick in, you can stabilize yourself by continuing to beat the drum of fast energy triggers or jump into PA/ROA.

(30 Jan '17, 07:52) WeRadiateBeauty

@Grace - Lastly, if you can't find any PA/TS/VR triggers for your emotion, you can try using the MC process (MC stands for MimiC). This is basically stepping into the shoes of someone else who's feeling your target emotion. So, for Invincibility I have an MC of Michael Jordan going in for a dunk, and for Security I have an MC of my girlfriend in my arms. The great thing about this process is that you can use anything you've seen in movies, videos, books etc. as triggers, which...

(30 Jan '17, 08:00) WeRadiateBeauty

@Grace - you enormous leverage as to the breadth of triggers available to you.

Also, to clarify the Girlfriend in Arms MC, when reading through the MC, I would imagine what my girlfriend would be feeling as I hold her while she has her head and hand against my chest (I would use this to trigger security/safety/trust). Note that I have a separate TS called Girlfriend in Arms TS, which I would use to trigger love/affection (the emotions felt from my perspective).

(30 Jan '17, 08:09) WeRadiateBeauty

@WeRadiateBeauty - "I repeatedly type out the emotion I want to trigger, while simultaneously boomeranging off related emotions when I feel the core emotion trigger beginning to fade" - That's a really clever little trick for getting around the "word numbness" problem - thanks for sharing. My mind is already racing with the possibilities. Perhaps it's time to raid some online dictionaries for lists of synonyms of my favorite emotions :)

(30 Jan '17, 09:37) Stingray

@Stingray - You're welcome :) "Perhaps it's time to raid some online dictionaries for lists of synonyms of my favorite emotions" - If you want a head start, check out this categorical breakdown of emotions.

(30 Jan '17, 10:20) WeRadiateBeauty

I should probably take this opportunity to explain the full Set Grid Alignment approach mentioned earlier for anyone interested... this is what I'd use to get into alignment on the fly or when I feel like a Focus Blocks Vortex Entry might be interrupted (let's say, if I was on the computer at an office job). The full approach is: CTC -> SG -> CTC (CTC being Bashar's "Completing the Circuit" tool)

(30 Jan '17, 10:32) WeRadiateBeauty

If feeling bad, start with CTC on the negative emotion (say: "I feel angry because I choose to believe I must" etc.), and keep cycling through different negative emotion labels that you are feeling (the emotional state will change with each CTC statement, see link above if you need to jog your emotional words vocabulary). After hitting the tipping point of relief, springboard into the "Set Grid" portion of the alignment, where you begin repeating slow energy...

(30 Jan '17, 10:38) WeRadiateBeauty

...trigger words (i.e. peace relaxed ease...), and then you can parlay into fast energy trigger words (i.e. excited eager joy appreciation...) and then top it off with an ROA or CTC on the positive emotion ("I FEEL HAPPY BECAUSE I CHOOSE TO BELIEVE I MUST!").

(30 Jan '17, 10:40) WeRadiateBeauty

Protip #1: For the "Set Grid" portion of the alignment, you can switch between using emotional trigger words and Afformations [sic]. (i.e. peace ease Why do I feel so peaceful? Why do I feel so calm? relaxed ease flow...)

Protip #2: For the CTC portion(s) of the alignment, don't just softly say "I feel joy because I choose to believe I must"--but really YELL IT in your inner voice... "I FEEL INSANE JOY BECAUSE I CHOOSE TO BELIEVE I MUST!!!"...

(30 Jan '17, 10:45) WeRadiateBeauty

...Similarly, with the fast energy trigger words, instead of just softly saying it to yourself, put force behind the words... say them loudly, imagine the word in your mind's eye in large capital letters with lots of colors associated with it, and really get yourself into the emotion!

(30 Jan '17, 10:47) WeRadiateBeauty

@Grace @Stingray @WeRadiateBeauty - Great Q&As. I hope I'm not too late to this cool nerd party. As for the "word numbness", switching emotions is great. That's what Abe do in their grid sessions. They also ask "Why do I like this emotion? What do I like about it?". This helps riding out the emotion longer. One can also ask "How do I know I like this emotion? How do I know I wouldn't mind getting more of it?"

(30 Jan '17, 15:57) releaser99

@Stingray - Going from Slow to Fast Energy emotions feels a lot like going General, then on to Specific feelings when moulding an Abraham Hicks grid, but they feel more meaningful somehow... The distinction of fast or slow is more intuitive. I can feel them physically. I like this! Thanks!

(30 Jan '17, 17:14) Grace

@WeRadiateBeauty - I love the boomerang suggestion to keep the feelings fresh, as a bit of burnout and word numbness in affirmations is something I try to be vigilant about, and this feels similar. That's a smart way to hitch one feeling to another seamlessly...

(30 Jan '17, 17:22) Grace

...Also, as soon as I read "really YELL IT in your inner voice... "I FEEL INSANE JOY BECAUSE I CHOOSE TO BELIEVE I MUST!!!" I had to try it. That felt great, and it tickled my sense of humor so well, I think that will help perpetuate the happiness it gave me. I haven't been able to wipe this grin off my face since I did that. Thanks! :)

(30 Jan '17, 17:23) Grace

@WeRadiateBeauty - "check out this categorical breakdown of emotions" - Thanks :)

(31 Jan '17, 04:45) Stingray

@releaser99 - "As for the "word numbness", switching emotions is great. That's what Abe do in their grid sessions" - Must have missed those usual, good old LOA was filtering out from view anything I wasn't a vibrational match to :) Do you have a link to anything online where they're demonstrating it, or alternatively a date/location of any useful recording?

(31 Jan '17, 04:49) Stingray

@Grace - "distinction of fast or slow is more intuitive" - Yeah, at this time, it also feels a bit more intuitive also. Though I tend to always have an image in my mind that links them together...I imagine a hosepipe spraying water. As I turn the nozzle of the hosepipe sprayer, I can set it so it blasts out a focused jet (specific and fast-moving) or a more sedate broad spray (general and slow-moving). It's up to me as the operator of my pipe to decide which mode is appropriate at what time.

(31 Jan '17, 04:55) Stingray

@Grace - A tightly focused jet aimed at a delicate new plant (an alignment that is just getting going, you could say) could blast it to smithereens. A gentle broad spray would be more appropriate then. But for a hardy well-established shrub or bush or tree (your alignment is secure but needs watering), you can switch the nozzle to the fastest most-powerful jet and everything's still okay...the advantage being that the job gets done quicker because the water is all going to one spot.

(31 Jan '17, 05:06) Stingray

@Grace - And the other big advantage is that it's so much more fun blasting a powerful jet of water any water pistol owner will tell you :) In other words, there's a thrill from specificness if your alignment is secure i.e. specific focus from within the Vortex is as good as life gets :)

(31 Jan '17, 05:09) Stingray


There are more of these from the time when they were talking about the Emotional Grid and Grid Work which I think is brilliant. But I had the impression that the majority of Abe people didn't like this concept so much. And I didn't hear them do similiar sessions since 2013 or so. I will add more when I find them.

(31 Jan '17, 06:22) releaser99

@releaser99 - That's great, thank you. I am going to revisit these Abraham Grid Work recordings. I think the Grid concept was difficult for many to get to grips with. It was a visual analogy (delivered in an auditory medium) that felt less easy to instantly identify with as compared to, say, a concept like "Vortex". But this is profound and timeless wisdom, and deserves detailed study.

(31 Jan '17, 07:24) Stingray

@WeRadiateBeauty - I was trying out the "free-flowing peace flow peace" approach and it suddenly popped into my mind that I'd seen something similar to this before somewhere. And, sure enough, there's a related idea in a 1929 book called "The Message Of A Master": :)

(31 Jan '17, 07:30) Stingray

@Stingray - You are welcome.

When using words to produce feelings, I found there is also another way of looking at this tool. It might be interesting to those reading this. Since words are just placeholders for emotional concepts within the mind, we don't have to limit ourselves to single, emotional words. The reason why this works in the first place is because of...

(31 Jan '17, 08:40) releaser99


  1. The intention to feel better
  2. The intention to focus in a general, resistance-free way
  3. The intention to find meaning in a phrase or concept and the intention to express it.

So we can use any emotional words, metaphors, verbs, adjectives etc or a combination of these even if it makes no grammatical or logical sense to an outsider. For example, sometimes I use words like "Yay!" or "easy yay boom!" or "clear hands clouds free" that makes no sense to others...

(31 Jan '17, 08:41) releaser99

... but at the moment I'm expressing it, it makes a lot of sense to me. When I look back at it, say, after a week, it might make no sense to me either. But at the moment of expressing it, it is very meaningful to me. So it serves its purpose and produces the feeling I want. Seeing it this way helps me to be more intuitive and not so analytical about it. And so it works better than being all about the words which are (sometimes momentarily only) placeholders anyway. I hope this makes sense.

(31 Jan '17, 08:41) releaser99

@releaser99 - "But at the moment of expressing it, it is very meaningful to me" - I gave this a try and know exactly what you mean. Was coming out with words/phrases that, logically, did not fit into the general flow of the words but, intuitively, were the perfect next step to push/stabilize the alignment further. I seem to be getting quite a different "flavor" of alignment using this gentle word-based approach as compared to my usual externally-focused "Selective Sifting" system of...

(01 Feb '17, 03:30) Stingray

@releaser99 - ...Positive Aspects, Touchstones etc. Perhaps I'm too used to the other "flavor" at the moment or perhaps I've just turned into a Selective Sifting junkie :) but I felt I reached a point (after about 200 words/phrases) where I couldn't make the alignment any more satisfying specific. So I had to switch to the usual PA rotations and then ramp it up further with the Rampage of Appreciation. Once I got my "fix" of PA/ROA at the end, I felt like the Vortex alignment was complete :)

(01 Feb '17, 03:36) Stingray

@Stingray - "but I felt I reached a point (after about 200 words/phrases) where I couldn't make the alignment any more satisfying specific" - Yes, I know what you mean. It's been a while now since I'm trying to figure out why this is and what the difference between these systems are. I find myself switching between these two once in a while. Not intending to limit you here (because it might be different for you of course)...

(01 Feb '17, 07:08) releaser99

...but my personal experience is that the Selective Sifting is more repeatable and I can push a session further and further and further (if Vortex Alignment is firmly established at that time of my life). When I'm doing the word-based approach I'm more like "take it as far as you can and let it go". Because I can't take it as far as with the Selective Sifting System (even if Vortex alignment is firmly established at this time of my life)...

(01 Feb '17, 07:08) releaser99

...I have to do PA/ROA/RQ to go further from there. But why do I keep coming back to that word-based approach? Because it has "quite a different flavor" as you've also noticed. What I've been noticing since learning about all these alignment techniques (from you mostly) is that not all aligned states are created equal. Some feel purer or stronger than others. And I really like that his word-based approach gives me this really gentle and pure alignment feel...

(01 Feb '17, 07:09) releaser99

...Because it doesn't introduce even the slightest bit of resistance when done gently. I think the Selective Sifting System introduces slight resistance (even if you have to be very sensitive to even notice it) into the alignment. Having said that, as soon as I push myself further and further into the Vortex zone with it, I let that slight resistance behind so it doesn't matter. And the alignment feels very pure again....

(01 Feb '17, 07:10) releaser99

...However, it would be very nice to have a repeatable and fun approach that gives me the purest form of alignment every time. Here is how I distinguish between aligned states:

  • Meditation (very pure, but weak alignment)

  • Appreciation immediately after waking up (very pure and strong alignment)

  • Appreciation after having introduced resistance in the morning (not so pure alignment at the beginning but can make it very pure if I push it further and further. strong alignment)...

(01 Feb '17, 07:10) releaser99


  • Selective Sifting System beginning with FB's (not so pure alignment at the beginning but can make it very pure if I push it further and further, can be very strong alignment. Very repeatable)

  • Word-Based Approach (Very pure alignment, can be weak but also strong depending on unknown factors, not as repeatable)...

(01 Feb '17, 07:11) releaser99


  • Forced Creative Visualization (very impure but strong alignment, can become very pure if the specifics of the visualization can be forced into the mind over a period of time over and over again).
(01 Feb '17, 07:11) releaser99

@releaser99 - That's a very nice analysis of how different methods lead to different alignment "mixes".

"I think the Selective Sifting System introduces slight resistance" - Yes, this has always been the problem with an approach that relies on external conditions as a starting point. The paradox is that you are using conditional feeling good states (based on sifted external conditions) to reach an unconditional feeling good state (Vortex alignment). The upside, as is also the...

(01 Feb '17, 08:33) Stingray

@releaser99 - case with Stuart Lichtman's Metastories (rewritten real memories), is that there seems to be so much more "power" behind something you have perceived, or are perceiving, as "real" with your physical senses. I also find the starting-from-neutral Word-based approach feels so much more pure but, like you imply, I don't think it's pushable beyond where it will naturally go, because trying to do that would immediately introduce resistance to the purity. So perhaps some...

(01 Feb '17, 08:38) Stingray

@releaser99 - ...kind of hybrid approach might be the ultimate winner... starting with the Word-based approach until you intuitively feel like switching over to a Selective Sifting approach to ramp up the power. But, on the other hand, I also find that even though Selective Sifting can start off impure, I can reach some very pure vibrational states with it once the momentum has got going. I think there are a number of different possibilities to experiment with here :)

(01 Feb '17, 08:42) Stingray

@Stingray, @releaser99 - I'm thinking that words are only symbols - in this instance tools to express what feel, so they will be as powerful as whatever meaning we personally assign to them. While that meaning is defined by others, each word has its own life for each of us, depending on our experience with it. I think that explains, for me anyway, why a word-based approach feels pure. Each word is as individual and specific as each feeling each one of us uses the word for.

(01 Feb '17, 10:13) Grace

@Stingray - "kind of hybrid approach might be the ultimate winner" - Yes, this seems to be working in a variety of ways. IMO, the word-based approach doesn't cover all emotional ranges every time, though. That's why I think it isn't as repeatable and reliable by itself. So I can't always go from word-based --> PA/ROA. It's sometimes more like Fb's --> word-based --> (PA -->) ROA. Of course, there is much more possible and probably you will soon come up with some good stuff on IQ :).

(01 Feb '17, 11:32) releaser99

@Grace - "each word has its own life for each of us" - Yes, I think you have a good point there. IMO, the beauty of staying general with words is that we can relate to words as we wish to in our own minds, without having to link them to external meanings of society (or our own specific negative thoughts) though there might be overlaps.

(01 Feb '17, 11:33) releaser99

@Stingray @releaser99 @Grace- I always arrive at great nerd parties when everyone's putting on their coats and heading for the door- but, in my case, perhaps the fact that I have spent 7 years driving here might stop you from rushing out the door in haste, lest I start passing out The Watchtower... (Now there's some really awful reading- I spent one horrible night in the hospital with a roommate from Hell, who was determined to "convert" me- ...

(01 Feb '17, 12:43) Jaianniah

@Stingray @releaser99 @Grace- I always arrive at great nerd parties late, when everyone's just getting up and putting on their coats. But maybe the fact that I drove 7 years to get here might make you stand in the doorway, just for a last chat. I spent one hellish night in the hospital with a roommate hell bent on getting me to read The Watchtower,so I get how y'all might feel about me being here...:)....

(01 Feb '17, 12:58) Jaianniah

@Stingray @releaser99 @Grace- I recommend highly Julia Cameron's Morning Pages from her book The Artist's Way. The idea is to spend a few minutes every morning writing three pages of stream-of-consciousness writing. I add this for the benefit of anyone who might get "stuck" with a problem. When you hit that sweet spot where you cease thinking about what comes out....

(01 Feb '17, 13:13) Jaianniah

@Stingray @releaser99 @Grace- you will be amazed at discovering what was blocking up your thinking, your motives. The results? Try it. I found a map to the party... In my case, better late than never doesn't even begin to cover it... I appreciate so much all the "maps" I have found waiting here for me to read. Much better than The Watchtower, for sure (she adds dryly) Thanks, all. You know who I am thanking, right? Sincerely, the "Fish" in the Ocean.

(01 Feb '17, 13:28) Jaianniah

@Stingray- I only jumped in because you said this: "But at the moment of expressing it, it is very meaningful to me" - I gave this a try and know exactly what you mean. Was coming out with words/phrases that, logically, did not fit into the general flow of the words but, intuitively, were the perfect next step to push/stabilize the alignment further." These morning pages have helped me figure out "blocks" in my thinking. Just trying to be a "fish out of water"

(01 Feb '17, 15:15) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah - Thanks

(03 Feb '17, 04:58) Stingray

@releaser99 - "Fb's --> word-based --> (PA -->) ROA" - It actually hadn't occurred to me to use word-based in any other situation except zero momentum. Because, otherwise, as you point out, you will might end up needing an FB to diffuse the existing momentum first. But in getting involved with the FB, you've already introduced the risk of pollution from external which case, you may as well stick with the standard FB Vortex Entry anyway :)

(03 Feb '17, 05:01) Stingray

@releaser99 - Regarding the built-in power limit to a word-based approach, I think it comes about because of what an emotion actually is - the most general (vibrationally) you can get on any topic is the underlying emotional content of it. The emotion is the last possible "strand" that still keeps you connected to the topic, else you are "off the subject" and are unable to change your vibrational setpoint regarding it. Because the emotion is the most general "thought" on the...

(03 Feb '17, 05:04) Stingray

@releaser99 - ...topic, it follows naturally that in order to get more specific (increase the "power"), the only way is to think a more specific thought...and nothing gets more specific than physical reality itself :) So a physical reality thought (external condition thought) almost by definition will always push you to maximum power levels in comparison to an emotion, if you see what I mean. The risk, of course, with the extra specificness is that of extra resistance so it's a balancing act.

(03 Feb '17, 05:06) Stingray

@releaser99 - And, of course, it should be stated - for any non-nerds reading this :) - that the push for specificness is optional. Law of Attraction will always make an existing default thought (vibrational setpoint) grow of it's own accord. So just by using word-based and leaving it alone, one will automatically get specifics (manifestations) that match those emotions without further effort...a reinvention of Abraham's Gridwork stuff. But it's just so much more fun to push the limits:)

(03 Feb '17, 05:42) Stingray

@ Everyone - A little low on time, but I thought I'd quickly chime in a bit on the discussion.

"Regarding the built-in power limit to a word-based..." - An interesting thing to note is, sometimes just a single word can trigger very strong negative (or positive) states in someone... for example, trying saying "balloon" to someone that has an early childhood fear of balloons (probably due to a balloon popping in his/her face)...

(03 Feb '17, 06:05) WeRadiateBeauty

... We can manually exploit this phenomenon by tuning up the power of these word-based labels. Next time you are in a strong and pure state of an emotion (let's say, Invincibility), you want to consciously anchor it up to the word invincible, so the next time you use that word, you get that anchored momentum push without the risk of introducing resistance because you are pulling in that momentum without having to consciously access those specific thoughts...

(03 Feb '17, 06:08) WeRadiateBeauty

Another thing to note is the ability to artificially strengthen the emotional states, which keeps them pure but also increases strength. Hint: try using the midline to charge up an emotional state.

(03 Feb '17, 06:13) WeRadiateBeauty

Another characteristic of strong aligned states is that you are literally exuding alignment. You may not notice it, but you have an aura of alignment... your positive emotional state extends beyond your body (try taking note of this). Hint: try to artificially exploit this with a weak pure emotional state and see what happens.

(03 Feb '17, 06:15) WeRadiateBeauty

@releaser99 - "Word-Based Approach (Very pure alignment, can be weak but also strong depending on unknown factors..." - I think this has partially to do with your short-term cellular memory. If your cells' current short-term memory is of a strong specific-emotion aligned state, you can tap back into that strong alignment easily with the word-based approach. There is also an interesting paradox when you begin to habituate to an emotion...

(03 Feb '17, 06:20) WeRadiateBeauty

... It is much like habituating to vortex alignment, where you don't quite feel it anymore (see bullseye link above), even though you are there. So that's something to watch for, except it shouldn't happen too much with the word-based approach (unless you are constantly focusing on the same emotion every time).

(03 Feb '17, 06:23) WeRadiateBeauty

@Stingray - You might want to check out this "gridwork" video: Abraham Hicks Emotional Grid The Leading Edge Manifestation Intensive

This specific video seems to come and go from YouTube... I think it goes against the Abraham-Hicks copyright guidelines. Just thought I'd mention that ;)

(03 Feb '17, 06:30) WeRadiateBeauty

@Stingray - "It actually hadn't occurred to me to use word-based in any other situation except zero momentum" - One thing I did a lot before, when I would use the Abraham Grid to mold bad-feeling issues with ME-5 Draft 1... I'd get fully vortex aligned, but still had high priority issues that I hadn't touched. A safety measure I'd employ was to go to each of those issues (each specific FB, for ex.) and do a 68-second word-based gridwork session for it. The gentle intention of...

(03 Feb '17, 06:33) WeRadiateBeauty

...wanting to resolve the issue and the gentle expectation that it'll get better, powered by a gentle emotional nudge with underlying vortex alignment can lead to some pretty miraculous coincidences :).

(03 Feb '17, 06:35) WeRadiateBeauty

Lastly, for non-nerds, be aware that "Grid" has multiple definitions hereabouts. There is the go general to shore up a belief grid process (akin to Focus Wheels, Process #17 in Ask & It Is Given) and there is the go general to find the emotional essence of your desire process (akin to Finding the Feeling-Place, Process #18 in Ask & It Is Given).

(03 Feb '17, 06:43) WeRadiateBeauty

@Stingray - "you may as well stick with the standard FB Vortex Entry anyway" - That's right and you have a point. And it seems to me that the value of building word-based into the standard FB Vortex Entry lies in having more shades of generality and specificness available. With the Grid concept, Abe are presenting four shades of emotion, that is...

  1. Specific negative

  2. General negative

  3. General positive

  4. Specific positive


(03 Feb '17, 09:31) releaser99

...However, I think there are much, much more shades in between similar to shades of a specific color.

alt text

The reason I mention that is because I think the better one masters these shades in practical terms, the smoother the transition between these shades and the purer (i.e. less resistant) the Vortex alignment becomes. That's why we use TS/VR in between FB and PA, for example...

(03 Feb '17, 09:32) releaser99

...And the smoother the process feels, the more fun the process feels. So, I do think that word-based addresses more (or at least other kinds of) shades compared to FB, PA or TS/VR. I can't (yet) say intellectually where these shades of word-based are located in the process and how they act. I just know that they are somewhere between FB and PA mostly. I operate solely from intuition at this time when it comes to using more shades to make the process smoother and more fun...

(03 Feb '17, 09:32) releaser99

...One thing I like doing lately is to go from FB to writing out PA intuitively (instead of reading pre-written PAs) as I can write out more general or more specific PAs depending on where I am at the moment. Even within the ROA process, there seem to be more shades which one can address using the intuitive writing of ROA sentences. It is an interesting vibrational territory that could separate the "vibrational Kung-Fu apprentice" from the "vibrational Kung-Fu Master" I think :)...

(03 Feb '17, 09:33) releaser99

...One impressive example of a vibrational Kung-Fu master is Abraham, as they can easily take a depressed person and smoothly move them to "knowing" on the EGS using all shades of emotion at the right time :).

(03 Feb '17, 09:33) releaser99

@Stingray - "the most general (vibrationally) you can get on any topic is the underlying emotional content of it" - That's a good point. The emotional content seems to be the brightest shade within the "general-positive color".

(03 Feb '17, 10:02) releaser99

@WeRadiateBeauty - "It is much like habituating to vortex alignment". That's a very good point. Even ROA sometimes doesn't feel as powerful when you get used to it. So it shouldn't be surprising that word-based isn't always as powerful as before :).

(03 Feb '17, 10:11) releaser99

"I'd employ was to go to each of those issues (each specific FB, for ex.) and do a 68-second word-based gridwork session for it." - Interesting. Thanks. I need to try that.

(03 Feb '17, 10:14) releaser99

@releaser99 - "as I can write out more general or more specific PAs depending on where I am at the moment" - Interesting! So, let's so you have Alex PA. Is this what you mean:

General PA statement ~~ Specific PA statement

  • He respects me. ~~ He respects me for my knowledge in science.
  • He wants my help. ~~ He wants my help for those interviews.
  • He's got a great vibe. ~~ I really like his vibe when speaking on the phone with him.
(04 Feb '17, 07:56) WeRadiateBeauty

@releaser99 - I've noticed myself (during the early stages of alignment) skimming over some PA statements when reading prewritten statements. I think your point really makes sense and highlights why! I'm going to experiment with having 2 sets of PA statements for each PA sheet.

(04 Feb '17, 08:02) WeRadiateBeauty

@WeRadiateBeauty - "Is this what you mean" - Yes, and you can go even broader or more narrow and address even more shades within the PA range. However, in order to do that, sometimes you need to change the topic altogether. Because having an "Alex PA" sheet is already automatically limited to a definite vibrational range. For example, you can go even more general than "He's got a great vibe" by saying "I like Alex in general"...

(04 Feb '17, 20:05) releaser99

..If this is still too specific, you can go even more general within the PA range by being more abstract and changing the topic to the topic of "friends in general PA" and listing what you like about the concept of friendship. Because "Alex PA" has already a fixed range and is already a specific topic. And if "friends in general PA" is still too specific, you can go even more general and talk about what you like about humans in general ("humans PA")...

(04 Feb '17, 20:05) releaser99

...If this is still too specific, you are probably no longer in the PA range but in the FB range.

alt text

This is just a theoretical example to demonstrate the many shades within the PA range that exist. In practice, of course, you can just use "Alex PA" if you are in the PA range vibrationally and it will work fine. But talking about vibrational fine-tuning, I think this is a valuable concept to understand...

(04 Feb '17, 20:06) releaser99

...Because, the more "right" shades you can intuitively address at the right time, the less friction you create. And the less friction, the purer and more fun the alignment process becomes. So when I'm intuitively writing out PAs, I go general or specific within a specific topic like "Alex PA" or I even expand beyond that if I feel I need to go even more general. So I change the topic to a more general/abstract one by jumping vertically or horizontally through topics.

(04 Feb '17, 20:06) releaser99

@WeRadiateBeauty - "You might want to check out this "gridwork" video" - Thanks. From that "taster", I got myself the full five hour workshop and it's packed full of great insights and examples. Thanks for the tip :)

(10 Feb '17, 01:45) Stingray

@releaser99 - From that workshop mentioned above comes this Abraham quote in response to a questioner asking about doing too much effort to manifest his goals...

"Ask yourself why you want what it is you want. Identify the emotion you are reaching for. Then say, I'm going to give myself 10 minutes to conjure that emotion. Problem solved."

(10 Feb '17, 01:52) Stingray

@releaser99 - "...As you conjure that emotion within you then everything else follows. It takes the effort factor out of it because you use the leverage of the energy that creates worlds."

That is basically restating the Reach For The Emotion method but instead of triggering the emotion by Selectively-Sifting external conditions, they are implying (because it's a gridwork workshop) that you can use a pure word/sentence-based approach from any place of momentum and get to your...

(10 Feb '17, 01:55) Stingray

@releaser99 - emotion purely within 10 minutes. In other words, you don't need to use an FB to diffuse existing momentum first. To me, that feels like a game changer for the Reach For The Emotion method. It's saying you don't need to do any kind of clean-up first to diffuse momentum (which might risk activating resistance that would block the manifestation), just jump right to the Why? of your desire, get to high emotional purity (takes 10 mins max) and let it fly.

(10 Feb '17, 01:58) Stingray

@releaser99 - "the smoother the transition between these shades and the purer (i.e. less resistant) the Vortex alignment becomes" - I like the idea. What keeps coming to mind every time I think about it is an another idea put forward by David Allen (in the GTD/Getting Things Done time/focus system) called Appropriate Engagement. Without "appropriate engagement", you don't feel "locked" into the change you are trying to bring about...

(10 Feb '17, 02:08) Stingray

@releaser99 - ...whether that change is working through your To Do list (as in GTD) or shoring up beliefs and Vortex alignments (as in Abraham work).

(10 Feb '17, 02:10) Stingray

@releaser99 - I got a few opportunities to test out this General -> Specific within PAs. "talk about what you like about humans in general" - For whatever reason, this seems to increase friction (for me at least)... I'll try to explain: when entering Humans PA, rather than it feeling like a more general subject, it feels like a new subject, with little established positive momentum (vs. Alex PA for ex.). I tried this across a couple of different subject areas...

(10 Feb '17, 13:51) WeRadiateBeauty

...& what seemed to work well was to approach PA subjects (no matter how specific) in a very general way (similar to my comment above). So, I'd have something like...

Nancy PA (General)

  • Patient
  • Quiet
  • Nice

Nancy PA (Specific)

  • She offered to drop me off at the airport.
  • She waited so long while I was getting ready.

I know the "taxonomy-style generality" works well with FB statements, so I'll just keep practicing in PA. Let me know if you've got any more tips! :)

(10 Feb '17, 14:08) WeRadiateBeauty

@Stingray - You're welcome!

@Stingray, @releaser99 - Another huge thing that's worth noting is that gridwork is meant to target ALL the "specific" emotions underlying your desire, not just the one you feel is lacking. This is another game-changer. Abraham have said when asked about manifesting a Ferrari (I'm recalling this from vague memory...): when the car is being built, it's being conceived with several vibrational properties...

(10 Feb '17, 14:18) WeRadiateBeauty

...The finished Ferrari vibrationally screams things like: "I can give you the thrill of speed! I can provide you with luxury! I can help you pick up girls!" Although you can use any single one of those properties to take ownership of the manifestation, from their non-physical vantage point, those who most easily expect a Ferrari are a vibrational match to ALL its properties.

(10 Feb '17, 14:19) WeRadiateBeauty

I also find that, when generating emotions, sometimes you don't realize how good an emotion feels (or how much you wanted to feel it/were lacking it) until you taste it. Another big thing that I like about gridwork.

(10 Feb '17, 14:20) WeRadiateBeauty

@WeRadiateBeauty - "those who most easily expect a Ferrari are a vibrational match to ALL its properties" - That does make sense. Though in all the gridwork sessions I've listened to, I've never heard Abraham work with multiple emotions on one wanted manifestation, or even suggest it. So, unless that recording proves different, it seems to me that the same single-emotion-grid process deals with the multiple properties also. For example, let's say the dominant emotion I want from the Ferrari...

(11 Feb '17, 03:19) Stingray

@WeRadiateBeauty - is "thrill of speed" (or whatever the base emotion is there). I then create the grid, perhaps leave it for a week to fill in (i.e. stack up some vibrational matches) and then revisit it. Now my dominant emotion might be "luxury" (since I've become more used to the "thrill of speed" emotion and it feels less lacking to me). Now I work on a luxury-emotion grid until that eventually doesn't feel lacking any more. When I revisit my Ferrari's "What?" & "Why?"* another...

(11 Feb '17, 03:21) Stingray

@WeRadiateBeauty - ...emotion regarding the Ferrari might become dominant as being wanted most. So, over time, I've aligned on all the important (to me) vibrational properties but have still only used the standard single-emotion grid process. All the time with this, I must only be revisiting the Ferrari "What?" and "Why? to enjoy the next emotion (i.e. treat the emotion as the final manifestation) otherwise I'll start polluting my grids with resistance from the absence of the car.

(11 Feb '17, 03:24) Stingray

@WeRadiateBeauty - "Next time you are in a strong and pure state of an want to consciously anchor it up" - I've been thinking for a few days now about why I'm hesitant to do this despite have some knowledge of anchoring. I think I'm a bit clearer about why now. I've noticed for several days that I've been playing with the emotion of "Ease". But it's "Ease" in relation to different subjects and conjured up in different existing states of momentum of thought. What I'm...

(12 Feb '17, 14:31) Stingray

@WeRadiateBeauty - ...noticing is that despite me applying the word label of "Ease" to each conjuring of the emotion, it's actually a subtly different emotion each time. It's like saying something is the color red...there are a vast number of shades (thanks @releaser99) of red that can appear very different to someone looking at them side by side. It's the same with, for example, "Ease". Each "Ease" conjuring feels unique in itself. And I think there's a part of me that doesn't want to...

(12 Feb '17, 14:34) Stingray

@WeRadiateBeauty - ...use an existing "shade" of "Ease" as a starting point...I almost want to acknowledge the uniqueness of each shade of the emotion by starting from scratch each time and feeling the clear (albeit subtle at times) different shades for myself without any pre-judgment of them. Just something I noticed :)

(12 Feb '17, 14:36) Stingray

@WeRadiateBeauty - I just wanted to add, by way of another analogy, that it's almost like wanting to savor the unique deliciousness of that particular distinct emotional blend (like having a unique food dish put together by a top chef) compared to a pre-packaged fast food meal, which the anchoring of a "pre-packaged" emotion seems to feel like. From that perspective, it kind of makes sense what Abraham say that the pleasure of the manifestation comes from the journey towards it rather...

(12 Feb '17, 15:15) Stingray

@WeRadiateBeauty - ...the end result of the physical stuff. In this analogy, that would be like savoring each delightful mouthful of the scrumptious repast (a delicious tour of the tastebuds) as compared to just gulping it all down in one go just to satisfy one's hunger and get the meal over with. Hope that all makes sense :) Just throwing the idea out there in case others experience the same phenomenon at some point :)

(12 Feb '17, 15:19) Stingray

@Stingray - "Ask yourself why you want what it is you want. Identify the emotion you are reaching for. Then say, I'm going to give myself 10 minutes to conjure that emotion" - Thanks. That one made me curious, especially the emphasis on looking at your RQ and then giving you no more than 10 minutes to create a word-based grid. In the past, I tried to push Grid-Work in various ways but maybe tried to push it way too far to see it as a complete process...

(14 Feb '17, 09:49) releaser99

...that addresses every stage of emotional momentum :). So now I tried a different approach which seems to work (at every stage of emotional momentum??). I took out an RQ from my spreadsheet. Then I re-wrote its content to be able to identify the emotion that is missing (because it changes almost every time I re-visit an RQ). And I created a word-based grid. I noticed that after 8-10 minutes of "gridding"...

(14 Feb '17, 09:50) releaser99

...the grid starts to fill in more clearly with more specific words and that more inspired thoughts surface. At this point in the process, it feels really good. So now I could let it go and do something else or take another RQ to repeat the process."Problem solved". But... being somewhat stubborn and nerdy when it comes to vibrational work... what I'm trying now, at this point in the process, is to go back to the RQ and let my inspiration from the word-based grid clarify the RQ even further...

(14 Feb '17, 09:51) releaser99

...with specific sentences about what I want and why I want it. It seems to work like a charm this way. Then I can take that RQ to my kanban board and re-visit it after 3-7 days. I get the same "deliberate manifesting" feel as with your "Death Star Approach" but with the cool gentle process of the word-based grid and without the boring resistance release part. I need to do some more testing to convince myself that it can work at every stage of emotional momentum, though...

(14 Feb '17, 09:51) releaser99

...But it feels right so far. I just wanted to throw that in because maybe it could inspire you to do something similar or better with it.

(14 Feb '17, 09:52) releaser99

@WeRadiateBeauty - "this seems to increase friction (for me at least)" - The example I mentioned was probably a bit oversimplified to make a point. The rule of thumb is that the more conceptual and abstract a topic is for you, the less resistance it contains. The more tangible it is, the more momentum it contains. But since we are all different, it could be that what seems general to you, feels specific to me or vice versa (at different times in life)...

(14 Feb '17, 10:11) releaser99

...That's why I feel a bit reluctant to suggest a specific, how-to-approach. I guess that's also why I'm emphasizing the role of intuition and that there is more to it than I am able to explain right now (i.e. "shades").

(14 Feb '17, 10:12) releaser99

@releaser99 - "maybe it could inspire you to do something similar or better with it." - Here's the process I'm using at the moment and, even in the short time I've been using it - and I hesitate to mention the next bit in public :) - it's been pulling out some impressive (and I'm not easily impressed) manifestational results. Because of that, even with relatively little testing, I'll throw it out here because there's clearly something to it :)

(14 Feb '17, 12:57) Stingray

@releaser99 - It's quite similar to the way you're already thinking. The process is...

  1. Look over the "What?" and "Why?" statements and decide what emotion the "Why?" statements seem to be suggesting that you want to experience today. You redo this every time you revisit the statements. You no longer assume the emotion will always be the same for this RQ.
(14 Feb '17, 12:58) Stingray

@releaser99 - 2. You create the word/sentence-based emotional grid for that emotion from any place of momentum (I've tested this again and again from high momentum and it seems to far within 10 minutes each time) until you feel an emotional "shift" occur and then you can consider that the grid is set in place. Then keep going with the word/sentence-based grid only to enjoy that emotion even more (not because you are secretly trying to manifest anything).

(14 Feb '17, 12:59) Stingray

@releaser99 - (2 continued)...When you feel the enjoyment starting to fade even slightly, or even the slightest boredom starting to creep in, stop immediately.

(14 Feb '17, 12:59) Stingray

@releaser99 - 3. That's it - I've now done everything I need to do vibrationally and I can turn my attention to other things in my life. I keep myself in generally good-feeling states throughout the day so I don't interfere with the newly-launched grid. I don't go back to the "What/Why?" statements because it feels to me there is too much risk of polluting the grid. The natural purity of the emotional grid should contain enough momentum to manifest the vibrational matches...

(14 Feb '17, 13:00) Stingray

@releaser99 - (3 continued)... without further effort (i.e. the grid will fill in by itself). Pushing it further, I think, will affect the grid purity and with gridwork, purity is everything.

(14 Feb '17, 13:01) Stingray

@releaser99 - 4. My inclination is not to revisit this grid for at least a week, maybe longer. The 3-7 days feels, for this method, like it's too much like trying to force something to happen by revisiting it again so quickly. I'll need to do more testing over time to see whether I even feel like revisiting the grids at all on any kind of schedule...I may only revisit if I feel inspired to do so. Too soon to say yet.

(14 Feb '17, 13:01) Stingray

@Stingray - Sounds very good :). I need to try that too. Looks like it's going to be tested a lot soon :).

(14 Feb '17, 13:51) releaser99

@releaser99 - Enjoy :) I forgot to mention that I don't stop myself revisiting any "What/Why?" and generating (or regenerating) an emotion at any time I feel inspired to do so. I take the inspiration as being an indication that there is something to be gained from doing so

(14 Feb '17, 15:09) Stingray

@releaser99 - Another idea for this leading-edge IQ comment thread...the "What/Why?"--> Word-Based Grid approach seems to work well for subjects where you don't have much previous resistance-filled momentum built up. But what to do about subjects that already have some bad feelings about them, or some bad-feeling physical manifestations about them?

(19 Feb '17, 05:30) Stingray

@releaser99 - Here, the "Why?" statements seem to become variations of "I want to feel better about [the bad-feeling thing]" and there's a danger of choosing to enhance bondage-based emotions like "Freedom" (from the imprisoning thing), "Peace" (because I'm fighting turmoil), "Flow" (because I'm feeling blocked) and so on. It's not the words used to describe the emotions that are the problem, it's the resistance that has already been introduced into the vibrational frequency...

(19 Feb '17, 05:31) Stingray

@releaser99 - ... because you're subliminally focused on what you don't want (which has built-up momentum) instead of what you do want. So the insight came today for a way around this. And that insight was to use the previous (confusingly-titled) Abraham Grid method to get up to General Positive first. And when in General Positive, the positive non-resistant emotion you are really chasing seems to become clear.

(19 Feb '17, 05:34) Stingray

@releaser99 - So the method is to start with Specific Negative on the subject, move up to General Positive and then move into ultimate purity by launching a Word-Based Grid based upon the positive emotion that you can feel surfacing in General Positive. More testing required but it looks promising at the moment.

(19 Feb '17, 05:35) Stingray

@Stingray - "Here, the "Why?" statements seem to become variations of "I want to feel better about [the bad-feeling thing]" and there's a danger of choosing to enhance bondage-based emotions like "Freedom" (from the imprisoning thing)" - Yes, exactly. It seems that then you aren't in the vibrational proximity of knowing what you want and why you want something. Then it all feels like "because I don't want the thing I don't like".

(19 Feb '17, 07:34) releaser99

When you are too far down the EGS, you are basically in the "specific negative" territory (See "How does the Grid relate to the Emotional Guidance Scale"

(19 Feb '17, 07:35) releaser99

I've watched the Abraham DVD mentioned above. And they seem to do what you are suggesting (i.e. trying to move to "general positive" first). It's on the 4th DVD, "Creating the Ideal Body Weight", around the 50-minute mark. What they are also doing there is to try to completely bypass the resistance. In my experience, this is something that seems to work if you can quickly bypass it within 17 seconds or so.

(19 Feb '17, 07:35) releaser99

The way to do it is to ask "Why do I want to feel x" or "What happens then (when I get that)?". As you have mentioned when someone asks what/why when there is too much momentum, the answers don't represent what you really want. For example, I might want to become a karate black-belt.

(19 Feb '17, 07:36) releaser99

If I feel "general positive" about this topic, my answer to what/why could be "I want to have the skills that look so good when someone is doing a karate show on stage... because I want to feel inspired and feel like everything is flowing when I'm performing...". But if I feel "specific negative" instead, my answer could be "I want to be able to punch everyone in the face who just annoys me, especially Alex because he is an idiot... because I want to feel relief and peace" :).

(19 Feb '17, 07:36) releaser99

So the way to bypass this answer and get to what I really want is to ask myself quickly "Why do I want to feel (relief and peace)?". Next, the answer might be "because I want to feel free". Then again, "Why do I want to feel free?". The answer might now be "because I want to do what I love to do which is performing karate skills on stage... because I want to feel inspired...".

(19 Feb '17, 07:36) releaser99

However, that can be tricky at times because the momentum could suck you in and then you are basically back to clearing methods :). But it's worth trying and experimenting with it I think :).

(19 Feb '17, 07:37) releaser99
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I recommend symbol healing.

As always, clearly note how the situation you don't approve of makes you feel, in detail. Notice body sensations, emotions, and thoughts you get from this.

Then, ask yourself to come up with a symbol that represents these feelings. You most likely will like the symbol about as much as the feelings, which is to say, not at all. But, now you have a clear, universal and unmistakeable representation of what it is you want to change, in a language that literally every living thing is able to understand, including the deep layers of your being that make up most of your vibration.

Then you change the symbol until you like it. Fiddle with it, slowly, carefully, easily, and notice the changes in your feelings. Tweak it. Or start over and make more radical changes. If anything along the lines of "I would like to change it in this way but I can't" comes up, do it anyway; you can, on the imagination level.

Once you have a symbol you are comfortable with, you imagine the original symbol transforming into the new symbol as many times as it takes to get a feeling of an inner shift, and for the symbol to no longer tend to revert to the original one.

Do this three times a day, for a week, and record notable results.


answered 12 Dec '16, 04:37

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Hi @cmc, I very much enjoy this method ... I find that the two most powerful healing symbols are the circle and the equilateral triangle. Whenever feeling ruffled imagining a jagged looking drawing that gradually transforms itself into a circle or a triangle can work wonders :)

(18 Dec '16, 05:14) jaz

@jaz Great that works for you! The method as I described it is different, though: You do not get the symbol and then change it into a predefined shape. You look which part you feel drawn to, and how you feel drawn to change it, and keep going until it feels like you're done. This is the most important part: You let your higher self guide you through your emotions to what shape the symbol should end up in. If it ends up a triangle that's fine, but you don't start with that in mind.

(19 Dec '16, 05:05) cmc

Hand the situation over to your Inner Being.

"I do not know what anything means."

If, in the process of surrendering and living your life moment by moment, you get upset for any reason or your peace is disturbed in any way, it is helpful to remind yourself, "I do not know what anything including this means. I do not know how to respond to it. But, I will not use my own past learning as the light to guide me now." (ACIM) After stating this, completely release it by saying "God, You decide for me" or "God, You take care of this for me" and it is done.

Ho'oponopono is appropriate here.


answered 14 Dec '16, 05:01

Delphine's gravatar image


Also I think this practice, described by a woman who is clearly very tuned in, could be helpful. The situation may be giving you the opportunity to face down and release your fears/energy blocks--a natural and desirable part of our evolvement.

(17 Dec '16, 01:58) Delphine

I know you are an avid reader. If you aren't already familiar with Judith Orloff m.d., you may be interested in her thoughts on the subject of 'surrender' & intuitive healing. Did you ever read "The Power of Surrender" or "Emotional Freedom"?

(21 Dec '16, 22:20) ele

Hey @ele, just now saw your response.

No, I haven't read Judith Orloff, will keep in mind. Today I was guided to re-read this, which also is much about acceptance and surrender. I found it here, posted by Stingray I think...? Ken Keyes Jr. has been very influential for me:

(25 Dec '16, 17:58) Delphine

From the book:

"Try to remember that it's always your emotion-backed demands that are really the practical cause of your own unhappiness.
The art of happiness means learning to be with and to work and play with the cast of characters you've brought into your life, [by choice or by providence.] Retreating won't do it. Coming on like a ten-ton truck won't do it, either. Emotionally accepting and patiently working with life situations will get you the most that's gettable!"

(25 Dec '16, 18:03) Delphine


"Remember that a lot of human suffering is caused by the mind that takes offense at what's happening. You don't have to respond to ANYTHING by taking offense. You can learn to forgive yourself-- and others."

I am reminded of what Abe says: "That which offends you only weakens you." Yup.

(25 Dec '16, 18:04) Delphine

I'm familiar with both the book & Ken Keyes.

"That which offends you only weakens you." Yup" True & why we always say 'judge less'. Have I offended you ?

(27 Dec '16, 14:37) ele

"Judge not lest ye be judged." One of the most profound and least understood Bible quotes.

I wonder if this means we ought to do away with the court system...

"Have I offended you ?" No. Why do you ask?

(27 Dec '16, 16:47) Delphine

I wasn't actually thinking of that quote. All I meant was life tends to be easier when you judge less.

(27 Dec '16, 18:53) ele

I wasn't assuming you were referring to the Bible quote. It is one I have turned over in my mind a lot. There are jewels amid the Bible dross.

Another from Ken Keyes that feels apropos:

What you've got to learn if you want to create a happy life is to turn up your love even when you're not getting your way!! You'll have to practice this. it doesn't come easily-- except with dogs... If you can train yourself to make your love as unconditional as that of most dogs, you'll have it made!

(27 Dec '16, 19:19) Delphine

There are many bible passages and quotations I like too.   

I like the quotes you selected very much, especially the last one.   Thanks.

(29 Dec '16, 22:38) ele
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Don't Worry, Be Happy !

link text

It's been almost 3 weeks. I trust all is well and you are feeling better :)

Happy !

link text

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answered 20 Dec '16, 02:58

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edited 31 Dec '16, 16:40


Hi @ele, thank you so much for caring. :-) At the moment there is a little hiatus, I hope it lasts. Thanks again!

(02 Jan '17, 01:30) Inner Beauty

@Inner Beauty :D You're Welcome !

I think everyone who read your question is wishing you well. I'm glad you are feeling better :)

"little hiatus" and you're also getting your sense of humor back as well :)

(02 Jan '17, 15:31) ele

Inner Beauty, I am going through something similar, with a roommate. I posted about that here. What I've concluded is that the situation is a catalyst.

(09 Jan '17, 03:50) Delphine

I came to this conclusion while exploring the teachings of the Law of One.

(09 Jan '17, 03:53) Delphine

From the LoO glossary: "Catalyst = a stimulus for growth, something that presents a challenge and an opportunity to learn a lesson." What I am getting from LoO is that attracting catalyst could mean the opportunity for transcendence and fast-track growth. I think what I am learning from this situation is, unconditional love and accepting the unacceptable. You too perhaps?

(09 Jan '17, 03:54) Delphine
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