Should Groups come together mentally and help neutralize the ever growing violence/massacres in the world...affecting millions of lives ?

I love comic books... particularly Doctor Strange He was always called in to halt some evil force looking to destroy a world or galaxy. He was just there to maintain a certain delicate balance between "good and evil". He realized both must and will exist, but somehow he was that agent needed to push back evil when it overstepped it's agreed upon boundaries.

With Peace you have War and all things related to war. Then you have "evil" and man made conspiracies at other unseen but far more powerful levels. Collectively as a group, we have great potential...but do you think it's advisable that groups of like minded individuals (such as here on inwardquest)...get together (virtually) mentally attempt to neutralize "upswings' in negativity and violence/destructiveness around the world . OR do you think this goes against the natural order of things... that the universe maintains it's own order...and everything is already in perfect balance with respect to war/peace....good/evil?

I am leaning toward the feeling that everything is already balanced perfectly. But if so, then that makes wonder if The Source wishes to experience those clusters of (pain) experiences, feelings and desires....through those groups of people which it most directly affects ? What is your thought on this ?

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As LeeAnn pointed out, this is already being done by groups all over. However, I think we have to be careful that the emphasis and focus is put on the word 'Peace' and not 'War'. I think it was Mother Teresa who said that if she was invited to an 'ante-war' rally she wouldn't go, but if it was a 'peace rally' she would."Where attention goes, energy flows."

(18 May '11, 13:31) Michaela

I am not sure what you mean by "coming together mentally" you include visualization, prayer and common intent in that phrase? If so, the world has many prayer groups in the mosques, churches, and synagogues praying for the well being of humanity. And putting aside those groups from organized religion, there are also intention groups such as that of James Redfield and his wife (author of Celestine Prophecy and other books) and I am sure many more, so it is already being done. I am unsure if those groups neutalize any disasters, but many believe that they do.


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No matter what, you can only change yourself. You can be a light to the world. You can radiate love and peace and joy, but it is up to others to live in the light or in the dark. As we allow the light of our 'candle' to burn, others can light their candles from our flame, but it is their choice. We spread peace, love, joy or hate, fear, greed, and envy. It is our individual choice to make for ourselves. The best way to teach somebody is by being and example. When we get others to light their candles, the combined light is brighter that one light. This is how we spread peace. It starts with each of us individually to put out the vibration that we want to see in the world. (covering all bases.)


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should many have thoughts of a spiritual/more spiritual nature it would offset some grosser energies,
should culture accept a compassionate disposition as preferrable,
should we refuse to kill,
what is it that would stem world violence?


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