I assure you that the intention in asking this question is completely genuine. I am not trying to elevate the female ego in any way or state that it is superior or claim that I am right. I am just noting something from my own personal perception within my own experience, and I am curious to know if this is indeed a bias perception. I am interested to hear all observations and probably most particularly those of you male contributors.

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Yes, I agree because I've noticed what you say in my own relationships within my circle of friends and in society in general. So yes, as a generalization, males are far more prone to being consumed and thus controlled by egotistical (unconscious) thinking.

And in my view, if we look back at the recent (big picture) history of say 2,000 years, it’s easy to see that it’s been his-story of domination, control, bloodshed and ultimately shear madness. Of course this ego controlled action must have an outlet, even in relatively peaceful times, and you can see it in male dominated corporate business and in the epitome of madness the stock exchange :)

Even when we can see the control an individual’s ego has over them, it’s extremely challenging to point this out to them, believe me I’ve tried and for the most part have given up, because of the very nature of egotistical thinking. The ego always needs to be right, otherwise it reckons it’s somehow less than another and that will never do.

Even on this site we can observe the ego in action in those people who
simply must have the last word, no matter what...

That’s why I maintain that awareness of the action of one’s mind IS the key to understanding and hence moving beyond one’s ego self :)


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Thank you Eddie... I appreciate such a candid honest answer, and I really do believe that until we loosen the tenacious grip we've allowed the ego to have that we'll always try to be 'right' :)

(27 May '11, 22:28) Michaela
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